I have missed you, I will always do!

January 9, 2009 at 10:07 am (Uncategorized)


Dear Dad,

It has been almost three years now. I still can’t believe you’re in a garve, away from me and your dearest family. So many new things occured after you left. You died 4 months before I moved to my new job.  3 new kids came into our family. I am sure you remember that F my sister was pregnant in her 8th month when you passed away. She was devastated after you left. She got pregnancy diabetese and the baby was in a critical situation. She didn’t care though because she cared about you only and only you! Peach came to life a month after alive and kicking. I cried a lot when she was born because you wanted to see her a lot.

She looks like you in her fair complexsion. She has your small rounded face and deep bright eyes like yours. Her hair is even soft like yours.

My nephew Mohammed came to life a year after you left. I am sure you would have loved him a lot because is so lovable, huggable and kissable. He has a great sense of humor exactly like yours!

Maryam is the latest edition to our family with her round black eyes , thick eye lashes and the most seductive laughter ever!

Peach mom is pregnant in her 4th month now, can you believe it! Oh, just a few days ago, we discovered that Maryam’s mom is pregnant as well. Maryam is still young I know, she has just started walking, I know you would have said that but it just happened!. Let’s hope it’s a baby boy this time so that she can stop.

No dad, I am still single ;). I haven’t met Mr.Right yet you can say. Do you remember when you said that my dowry will be million Riyals because I am so precious!! Do you remember telling my mom that since I was loved by your dad the most, I must be loved by everybody as well whenever she had a fight with me! Do you remember how I used to put the prayer carpet to my grandad before he even asked for it!?

Oh, M my eldest brother has finally agreed to enter the golden cage. We proposed my cousin K. The engagemnet will be in two months and we have been crazy making up ideas for it. Ahmed my brother is graduating to be a Nutrition soon and R my sister is growing up so fast!

I know it has been three years already. I admit, I finally accepted the idea of your departure and that you’re no longer here. But still, I can’t mention your name and talk about you even if I have the strongest desire to talk about you. I keep you anonymous though everybody knows I mean you! I just can’t utter the words!

Your room is still closed since that day. I can’t even look at its door when I pass there. I am still unable to sit on your armchair in the living room neither touch it. I just can’t daddy.

I gave your watch and glasses to my youngest sis R the day you died. She is really attached to them. I haven’t seen her so attached to something in my whole life ever. They still hold your smell, your touches and everything about you.

Mama is back into smiling again. Gosh, I love seeing her laugh. I even allow her to cut jokes on me whenever I go shopping just because I enjoy her laughters. She misses you the most I am sure. 40 years of marriage will never be forgettable.

I honestly didn’t believe that things will change after you left. But the thing that didn’t change is that I still consider you my biggest role model ever. You’re the book that has been nourishing me with life and will always do.

 I still miss you waking me up in the very early morning to go and have breakfast with you. I miss your knocks on my door the most whenever you know that I am upset. Your patting on my hair telling me that you love me and care about me will never be erased from my memory.

I really miss you, I miss rubbing your back when you take a shower telling me you can’t reach the buttom of your back. I know it was a line and that you just wanted me to spoil you. You deserved it alot my sweetheart.

I miss applying shampoo on your hair and making strange hairdos with it which make us both laugh hysterically. I miss ironing your thobes and perfuming you every Friday while getting ready to go to the mosque.

I would do anything, anything, anything it takes me just to have you back..!!



  1. Zara said,

    *tears* *tears* *tears*
    I’m speechless. I’m sure your dad knew all these. I love your dad too by the way you describe him.

  2. His Sweetheart said,

    Thank you babe..

  3. Hning said,

    You bigl-oad-of-mush!

    Thank you for writing that. When I wasn’t skipping lines (when it was damn too hard to read because something lumpy in my throat kept choking me halfway to tears), I was mixed between jealous and happy that you have such sweet memories, have had such a enviable relationship with your dad.

    He must be so proud of you.

  4. His Sweetheart said,

    Thank you munchkin. Your words are very precious to every ear!

  5. Mina said,

    Oh habibti that was so sad…i cried all the way through it…
    Such a wonderful letter to your dad, the way you described everything bout him — I loved it wallah.

    Im sure your dad knows all of this and he is greatly missed sweetheart:(

    May Allah have mercy on his soul and grant him Jannah:)

  6. bliss said,

    awww shway and i’m gonna cry 😦
    even though he has passed away, i’m sure he’s so proud of having an amazing daughter like you.
    and it’s so beautiful that you all shared such memorable things together..

    allah yr7amu o y’3ferlu

  7. Gone Bonkers. said,

    your dad was a father bkel ma3na alkalma .. cherish every word you wrote and those you did not write, keep his memory alive and pray for him.. i know the loss is hard, i know we can’t just pretend to be normal again … but the memories help a lot in mending our hearts and moving forward..

    Allah yer7amah w y’3afr lah w yskaneh a3la aljannat…

  8. eshda3wa said,

    allah yr7ama eb ra7mita elwas3a ya rab

    winshallah ull meet again fee janat elna3eem

  9. His Sweetheart said,


  10. His Sweetheart said,

    You’re a real bliss!

  11. His Sweetheart said,

    Gone Bonkers
    Inshalla I will. Thank you sweetheart

  12. Venus said,

    such a enviable relationship with your dad.
    ماأقول غير مالت علي وعلى حظي المنسدح <_<

    wallah, i laughed @ the 2 last lines,cried at ur memories,
    am sure he is proud of u ^________^

    OK! lets go staright to the point!!!
    dont get married till u find Mr. right ^^”
    i know a girl who reached 35, she found “herself” 3anes !!
    she married a guy without having any passion towards him, only coz she felt that she is old !!! and she must through herself b4 ppl tal abt her 3noosa more and more
    what a nice way <_<
    pardon me ^^: مب جني غيرت الموضوع وتفلسفت <_<

  13. His Sweetheart said,

    ameen ya rab!

  14. His Sweetheart said,

    YES, you’re lol

    Take it as an advice, strengthen your relationship with your dad before you regret it!

  15. Venus said,

    its a long story, no use of it <_<

  16. Tara R. said,

    That was a lovely tribute to your dad. He sounds like a wonderful father.

  17. libero-anima said,

    aaaawh huni you got me tearing up ! .. =)

    allah yer7amah inshalah .. and i hope that the days that are yet to come could be easier for you .. =) .. wallah yejma3 men bainkum fel ferdoos el a3la ya rab =)

  18. His Sweetheart said,

    Tara and libero-anima
    Thank you girls

  19. vixenfatale said,

    ba3aad 3omree wallah…. ; * * *


  20. His Sweetheart said,

    thank you 7ayatee 😉

  21. DeSeRt RoSe said,

    What you wrote was so touching, I could’nt help myself from crying! It’s so heartwretching!

    Allah yirhamu wi yighfirlu, and make al fidoos manzilu! Ameeen ya rab 🙂

  22. His Sweetheart said,

    DeSert Rose
    You reminded of the song Desert Rose! I will download it right away lol

    Thank you sweetie, thank you, thank you 😉

  23. Hannah said,

    …..You made me cry …..It was soo touching..

    I instantly send an email to my dad….I Love him with all My Heart…Abuya..Iam going to Saudi Sooooon…..

    Allah will Bless you “His Sweetheart”…Yes..He is a True Role Model

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