Figure will not be repeated

January 7, 2009 at 7:22 pm (Uncategorized)


The title is broken English I know. However, I kept it this way on purpose because it wasn’t written by me so, it’s copy rights ;D.

A former student of mine came to my office yesterday telling me about her assignmnet. It was an essay and the topic was the following: Write an essay about a tutor you admire and explain why.

She said that I came to her mind the moment she read what is it about. She loved to share it with me to tell me that I am her biggest role model ever and that her dad gets jealous from me. I was out of words, merely speechless. I found myself hugging her and thanking her for everything.

I went home and the 1st thing I did was checking my email. I started reading it and suddenly it was raining cats and dogs. I was really touched by her sweet words and her simple way in writing which meant the world to me.

Her name is Noor and she is the sweetest thing ever. I want to make it memorable and so I am posting it here.

                                           Figure will not be repeated

      During our lives we meet many people; some of them pass in your live without leaving any memories about them or any impact. Unlike some people that you will never forget them, they forced you to remember and admire them to the rest of your live . One of these people in my live is my tutor Sawsan.

    She has a beautiful way of teaching us and make us love to learn. She taught us how to depend on our own selves . And she know how to make the lesson fun not boring by letting us participate , answer , discus issues and talk freely  with her in  the class so we don’t feel in the time with her.   

    Away from teaching she is like our friend, sister and likewise a mother. And if any one of the student ask her for advice or want her to lesion to her problem she will lesion and try to help. It is enough for me to see her smile to feel comfortable. 

     At the end I wish that some one will admire me and wrights about me . 

                      I couldn’t but reply ;D

Dear Noor,
               It’s true no one have written about you but I am sure you’re  loved. I myself admire how amazing your spirit is, how wonderful your character is, and how cooperative and loving your soul is. I can never forget your enthusiasm in my classes. You were and you’re still one of a kind. Though you’re considered an old student of mine but you still come to my office to greet me and make me happy by telling me about how good your grades are. I was really touched reading your sweet words about me. I am glad I made that lovely impact on you sweetheart. It’s you and you’re colleagues who make me this way trust me.
P.S. I will always be there for you
Thanks millions

P.S. I admit I hate my work but those girls make it the world to me  



  1. foreverlostnalone said,

    thats cute!

  2. Another-Penelope said,

    wooow whatta great student, really made me smile too !
    omg I can’t believe im commenting to a teacher omg omg this is huge im shy (A) LOOL ,
    I just want to know , ur a teacher from university? and is it ok if a student graduated from bachlor and be a teacher of university or must finish masters first? I’ll be future teacher too ^_^

  3. His Sweetheart said,


    Thank you

  4. His Sweetheart said,

    I haven’t started my master yet. It’s O.K but not with all courses where I work.

    Don’t be shy lol

  5. the antidote said,

    thats sooo cute, she should get an A

  6. ummadam said,


  7. HishMaj said,

    Thats sooo sweet!!!

    I am always amazed by the amount of letters and cards my mother (also a teacher) gets by the end of the year. But at the same time, I dont remember doing a similiar thing to any of my teachers who taught me during the 12 years I spent in school !!! So bad of me!!

    by the way, what does “figure will not be repeated” mean?

  8. HishMaj said,

    oh I get it now….!!

  9. Gone Bonkers. said,

    after reading that i’m proud of you even more! girl, you got it .. you know what, people may perceive you not in the way you perceive yourself.. they see something you don’t see and to them you’re either admirable or not.. the impression you give is important and the concern too … so no wonder she chose you..

    hey, a few weeks of reading your posts and already i’m fond you, then what if its one on one and i see you, and talk to you .. you deserve it!

  10. Naseem said,

    This is so inspiring…

    I had the same experience when I and my relatives and friends were discussing whom our role-models are? and when my younger brother turn came he said its ME! I can’t explain how happy I was.

    I realized that when I take few seconds to thank someone or just to say how important he/she is in my life, it will make them so happy the way you did “his sweetheart”

    continue this spirit… you should be proud

    very nice topic 🙂

  11. His Sweetheart said,

    The Antidote
    I gace her an A+ last semester. I am not teaching her this semester 😉

  12. His Sweetheart said,

    You should have done it 😉

  13. His Sweetheart said,

    Gone Bonkers
    It will be my pleasure sweetheart 😉
    You live in the Eastern Region, right?

    We can arrange lunch together one day 🙂

  14. His Sweetheart said,

    That’s so cute.
    I am sure your heart was filled with joy just like mine 😉

  15. libero-anima said,

    aaaaaaaaw that’s really sweet of her .. and im sure that u are a great person that’s why she wrote about u ..=)

  16. His Sweetheart said,

    Thank you sugar 😉

  17. bliss said,

    awwww that was so sweet of her 🙂

  18. Zara said,

    I’m jealous, I thought I am the sweetest thing you have ever met =( I’m possessive Susu, I want you to just love me LOL, kidding!

    OMG she is just so sweet, i felt so warm by her words. Susu, your the most dedicated lecture in the whole school and I’m sure of that. I’m so proud to have you as my twins, sweetie! I’m sure in the future there are more and more students will come to you like Noor =) coz no job is better than a teacher who delivers knowledge to people.

  19. His Sweetheart said,

    Thank you babe 😉

  20. His Sweetheart said,

    You are the sweetest thing as well 😉

  21. Amu said,

    thats really touching and cute! Its strange and nice to see our old students coming back to us in good words 🙂 thats when you feel that you have done something good for the society! Keep It up!

  22. His Sweetheart said,

    It is 😉

    Thank you!

  23. Gone Bonkers. said,

    girl i’d love to .. but i’m waaay east as in Bahrain 🙂
    one day we’ll get to see each other ensha’Allah my treat!
    in the meantime we can keep in touch or get to know each other better by other means if you like, like email or a chat..

  24. Venus said,

    yaaaaaaaaay! how sweet, ur post made me ^______________^

    u gotta be an excellent student when u were a uni student,
    coz ur soo young, its only the old ppl am surrounded by in my Coll. <_<

    c ya very soon

  25. His Sweetheart said,

    Gone Bonkers
    Definitely, my pleasure sweetie.

    Check out your email 😉

  26. His Sweetheart said,

    Thanks hun 😉

  27. Nani_37 said,

    Feels great to be appreciated 🙂

  28. fadiosis said,

    where do u work again 😛 ?? that it awesome :D..
    i loved u even before i see u… GOD bless you 😀

  29. His Sweetheart said,

    A uni teacher hun

    Thank you sweet thing 😉

  30. His Sweetheart said,

    Well said 😉

  31. fadiosis said,

    really ??? which uni 😛
    loooooool… malgooofa 😛

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