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January 5, 2009 at 8:08 pm (Uncategorized)


I have been tagged by sweet Zara to write about  the ten honest things about me and tag another seven lucky bloggers.

1. I am a very frank person. I say whatever I see right even if the situation forces me to lie! My openness shocks people. Some consider it rudeness but hey, I don’t need to change me for their sake!!

2. I get emotional so easily. Any touching thing can make me cry. Everybody made me a chewing gum when I cried the moment our maid came hugging me saying goodbye. Call me sensitive, I will say “Honored to be,”! Sensitiveness is what makes people white-hearted.

3. I detest Egyptians. Wait, not all for I have a good Egyptian friend of mine who is pure. However, I hate their lies and hypocrisy. It’s an honest tag, right ;D?

4. I am a very optimistic person. I love to build my future with my own hands, never leave it for the way it is to be. I am very good at encouraging people not to give up and teach them how to be sanguine.

5. I am a country girl, proud to be lol. I hate the shake it, shake it music!

6. I have the widest imagination ever. My imagination is my getaway whenever I feel blue. They say dreams are for free so, why not seize the chance ;D

7. I am very romantic by nature. I am my friends escape for romantic steps and gifts as well. My hubby will be the happiest guy ever. He better watch out not to piss me off because I get easily upset.

8.  I tend to hide my feelings and keep quiet whenever someone upsets me. I choke with my own words and become unable to express my feelings. When I want to open up to my friends, I firstly text, make sure they read it and replied and then I can discuss it later.

9. I am junk food freak ;D. American fastfood is my best lover lol. Oh, I hate rice especially kabsa.

10.  Stary cats scare me the most. I freeze when seeing them next to my door. I stay like a baby doll inside my car for 20 minutes sometimes waiting for them to leave.

11. I know it says 10 but I feel like writing this. I forget and sometimes forgive those who have wronged me. Oh, I have a svery strong memory but at the same time a very losuy one when it comes to unimportant memories. My mind tend to erase things that have no value to me which piss my friends a lot lol.

I tag

Bliss, Hind. Mina, Nani-37, vixen, Fatima, another penelope




  1. Another-penelope said,

    oh hey widest imagination darling;) hehehe loved the honesy list but hey what makes you get scared of stary cats? @@ i wanna know Deeper:P

    8) ur my type ! hehehe.

    1) Is my type too:)

  2. Zara said,

    *Hugs* *Kisses* *Cookies* *French fries*
    Oh my god, I love you. I share lots of things with you. 11 is so me, I have a strong memory but i always forget the unimportant one, i leave all the space for things that deserve me to remember!

  3. Mina said,

    Hey sweety, saw the tag, was reading yours and we have alot in common…hehe

    I too am a hopeless romantic and I’m very emontional:P

    Lol the egyptian thing was funnny though haha…

    Oh don’t eat too much junk food its not good for you hun its all processed…

    I see your a country gal, what does one say when they hear that — Yeee ha!!!

    Love ya

  4. Venus said,

    Me the first :d

    heeey yooo ! finally, u did the tag thinge ^^
    #1 SOOOO good, i liked this fact abt u..
    #2 lol, ur so right ! D:
    #5 A BIG LOL
    #9 same as me :ddd
    #10 i can feel u :ppp
    c ya very soon

  5. Venus said,

    Me the first :d

    heeey yooo ! finally, u did the tag thinge ^^
    #1 SOOOO good, i liked this fact abt u..
    #2 lol, ur so right ! D:
    #5 A BIG LOL
    #9 same as me :ddd
    #10 i can feel u :ppp
    for those who hv been tagged, all the luck o shedoo 7ailkum :DDD
    c ya very soon

  6. Gone Bonkers. said,

    i honestly thought we were opposites but i can really relate to you.. i’m very very emotional, i love fast food too, i text before calling, i practically live in lala land -the land of my dreams-

    but i do wish i could be frank and view life as “glass half full” like they say .. keep being who you are, girl, never change ..

  7. His Sweetheart said,

    Another Penelope
    Go Go frank girls lol

    Well, about the cats, there isn’t really any reason behind it. I used to like them, not like them but pass by them and give them food sometimes. but all of a sudden they started to give me the creep!

  8. His Sweetheart said,

    LOL Zara
    We are VIPS, aren’t we ;D?

  9. His Sweetheart said,

    LOL. I waill wait for your post ;D

  10. His Sweetheart said,

    Thank you sugar 😉

  11. His Sweetheart said,

    Gone Bonkers
    Zara and I are twins who were seperated from birth, is there there a possibility that we were triple and you were the third ;D?

  12. Zara said,

    LOL look at Venus sisso, she is so excited! Yea maybe Gone Bonkers is the third and we might be triplet, LOL =D. I hate stary cats too, the colors of their eyes and their piercing stares creep me out! The reason they stare at you might be they thought that you wanna feed them but you don’t coz you always feed them. That’s why they got freaking pissed and stares at you! I totally agree with Balqees(Queen B), she hate cats and she used to write in one of her post that cats are evil and she even drew the comic, LOL.

  13. His Sweetheart said,

    They always say that cats with one color are possessed ;D

  14. bliss said,

    i hate cats, they’re really scary 😐
    faj2a saro they gather around fe 7oush baitna, and every time i go out lazim ykonoon infront of me!
    and at night they start making these creepy voices :O
    and do some really naughty stuff lol

  15. Gone Bonkers. said,

    Hissweetheart & Zara omg!!! could it be? you’re my new found family!! ;D

  16. Hind said,

    My God it’s like you’re talking about me! 😀
    2, 3 (to some extent lol), 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9! Haha, do I still need to do the tag? 😉
    I’m kidding, once I find the 10 things about me that I haven’t already posted in my blog lol.
    Have a fun weekend 😀

  17. His Sweetheart said,

    Allah ye3eenech wallah!!

  18. His Sweetheart said,

    Gone bonkers
    It might be true ;D

  19. Another-Penelope said,

    hahaha yea, jeeesh that’s weird i thought something huge than that but hey face it,they’re cute to stare at anyone:P

  20. His Sweetheart said,

    What can I do Penelope ;D

  21. vixenfatale said,

    thanks for the tag babe, i know im very late, but i will do it : )

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