I am Loving it

January 3, 2009 at 7:39 pm (Uncategorized)

I was hungry the other day, it was lunch time and I don’t eat rice by nature.
So I was thinking about what to order. I had many places in mind but was
thinking about the fastest in delivery. “Mcdonald’s it is,” I said. So, I grabbed
my mobile and started searching for their toll free number. I called and heard a feminine voice!!

I hung up and was like which number have I dialed!!

I called again and the same voice answered. This time I was sure it’s the right number!!
So, I was like “Hello, am I calling Mcdonald’s or what”!!
The girl:” Yeah, wanna order,”?!
Me: “@-@,”!!
The girl: “What’s your order please,”!!
Me still in shock, throws the phone at my sister and ask her to listen to the voice,”
My sister: “What, who is it,”!?
Me: “I swear I don’t know,”!
My sister: “What, you’re the one who called,”!
Me: “I know but I am sure I dialed Mcdonad’s number,”!!
My sister throws the phone at me “Deal with it,”!!
Me: “Hello,”!
The girl “Yes, this is Mcdonald’s, how can I help you,”!
Me: “Big Mac please with extra french fries,”
The girl: “O.K, thank you calling,”
Me: “You’re welcome and sorry for making it long,”!!

I hung up and shouted “Mcdonald’s has started hiring Saudi girls,”!!
I can’t believe it, does it mean Saudi is developing!! Is it no more teaching and medicine now?!

I was rally happy and decided to call later and tell her I am proud of her courage but I fell asleep lol

P.S. I  am loving you more now Mcdonald’s 🙂

P.P.S Thanks for everyone who asked bout me in my absence. This problem of getting into my wordpress lines is getting on my nerves!

P.P.P.S I will be doing the tag soon Zara ;D

P.P.P.P.S. I have missed ya!



  1. Ahmed said,

    Most probably they are hiring girls to take orders at a call center or from home, but definitely not in the restaurant and definitely not in Riyadh.

  2. His Sweetheart said,

    I guess that’s right Ahmed but still, it’s remarkable!

  3. Krysal said,

    That is so good to hear,thanks for making my day,yayaaa.

  4. Venus said,

    lol,@ u
    waiiiiiiiiit is that right that the gurl who is macdonald is a saudi gurl????
    thats marvelous gurls, u rock………….

  5. Nani_37 said,

    That’s AWESOME .. finally an acknowledgment that saudi girls can work in restaurants, even though i agree with Ahmed, but hey, everything starts somewhere right ? .. I feel really optimistic 🙂

  6. Lili3 said,

    WOAH I want to see some of that here!. seriously XD perhaps if no one will do that, i would!(but my mom wont let me 😦 )

  7. Zara said,

    I missed you so much sweetie! LOL @ your reactions and throwing phone to each other! Yea finally girls got to work in other area =P Glad to know that and Inshallah in the future will be more and more developed! Sometimes I pissed at KSA government, sometimes I like it…Opps I’m confused but most of the time I’m pissed at the government!

  8. Zara said,

    PS waiting for your lists soon. I bet Venus sisso is jumping in her chair waiting for the list now. Why don’t you change into blogger?

  9. Mina said,

    Well done KSA!!!

  10. His Sweetheart said,


    You’re most welcome

  11. His Sweetheart said,

    yep, yep,yep ;D

  12. His Sweetheart said,

    It is sweetheart. Yet to come hopefully ;D

  13. His Sweetheart said,

    I have always felt jealous from a dear Palestinian friend of mine whenever she worked in Mcdonald’s in the summer :*(

    It would be very cooooooooooool working there lol

  14. His Sweetheart said,

    I am sure Venus is heheh

    I have always thought of moving to blogspot, one thing kills me in wordpress other than the lines, I can’t get to know who updated like the way you blogspotters can. It’s a real agony for me to click on each individual to see whether she/he has updated it. I miss a lot this way!!

    Moving to blogspot means losing all comments, right 😦

  15. His Sweetheart said,

    It’s well done FINALLY but it’s well done anyways lol

  16. eshda3wa said,

    oh wanasaa

    good for her!

  17. His Sweetheart said,


  18. Gone Bonkers. said,

    its a step! and this is just the beginning … to a bright future ensha’Allah

    btw, i just finished downloading Passengers, i took my sweet time and sorta lost interest, is it really that good of a movie?

  19. Venus said,

    yaa sweet,
    if u move ur blog there, i think ur gonna lose,
    but for me; lucky me; maktoobblog have a new system,
    which make me transfer all my posts to another site but;
    جاري تعديل الخدمة بعدهم يطورونها
    so stay here sweet ^^

  20. His Sweetheart said,

    Gone Bonkers
    Well, my sister watched and disappointed me saying it’s a normal movie!

  21. His Sweetheart said,

    Seems so ;D

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