New Year Resolutions

December 29, 2008 at 8:27 am (Uncategorized)


Ummm, I don’t know from where to start. 2008 is considered the worst yeasr ever for me. I don’t recall my cheerful spirit and ambitions as low as they were in 2008. I am talking workwise in this post because familywise, it was great.

Familywise, this year was one of a kind thanks God. I got over my wedding panic attacks. I started having these panic attacks after dad’s death. I attended 2 weddings only in the passed three years. I went there just because my mom asked me so. I felt obliged to go since my mom is the only thing left for me after dad. I had two panic attacks 5 minutes after I entered those weddings. Call me selfish but I couldn’t bear happiness in people’s eyes when my dad is in his grave. Afew weeks ago, I attended my cousin’s wedding. I was afraid that I will end up with a panic attack where I feel breathless and unable to talk. Thanks God, it went O.K. I stayed there for almost an hour. I was sitting all the time but that’s a great accomplishment by itself. 

Oh, my relationship with mama became stronger for I was dad’s doll all the time. I admit I wasn’t close to her but that doesn’t mean we weren’t in good terms. I have always loved her and now I love her more and regret not being close to her in the past.

It was a happy year also when my brother finally decided to get married. He is in his late 20s but he didn’t want to get married earlier because of dad’s death. Since he is the eldest, he became the responsible about us. You can imagine how hard it would be for a guy who became all of a sudden responsible about a big family. The gorcery agony is enough by itself. He proposed to my cousin who is a very beautiful and bright girl. The marriage will be next year and from now we started thinking about the wedding cermony and the dresses we will wear and and and.

 There was sad event that overwhelmed. Ahmed, my sweetest brother was diagnosed with diabetes. We were all shocked for he is just 22 years old! He has never complained about it nor had its symptoms.I didn’t even believe it for Ahmed is to be a nutrition and he cares a lot about food. Mama was devastated the most. That kept her sleep deprived for months, she is till now! Mama knows what is it to be diabetic for she is diabetic and dad was diabetic as well and suffered a great deal.

Workwise, it  is the suckiest thing ever! Ask me how many times I decided to resign, I will tell you “Do the math,”!! I am not racist but there is this one nationality that I detest the most. I am not going to tell you what is it but it’s the country of liars and hypocrisy! Sadly, I am damned to work with them 24/7!! I can’t bear liars and hypocrites and abra kadabra I woke up to find myself surrounded by a flood of lies! I am afraid I will turn double faced myself.  I really wanna leave them. I know they will suffer a lot after I leave  for I know every tit and tat there and my students are so attached with me. However, I don’t wanna leave them and have empty pockets! I want to guarantee a better workplace before I spit on them and leave them lol. But the question is, where!! I have searched for may places but still!!

I won’t write a wish of list but I just hope for my higher degree to be pursued soon, find a better job opportunity that is not wrapped with lies, and the last thing which  is engraved in my heart to come true ;D

Looking forward to a better and fruitful 2009 only if God says so 🙂

Happy New Year everybody 🙂



  1. Venus said,

    hi sister sweet,
    that’s too much to bear !! * hug you 7ail*
    abt ur father, am sorry,

    يارب توسع له قبره وتقيه من عذاب النار وعذاب القبر
    وترزقه فسيح جنااتك يااااااااارب
    o allah yeshfee ur brother, he is soo young to be suffered from diabetes,!
    yarab yeg3al fee zawaj ur bro. kel el baraka o el sa3ada ^^ *hugs* *kisses*
    wanna attend ur bro. wedding @@

    i think that the country ur talkin abt is the same that we do hv here in our coll.
    niiiiice! u wanna continue ur higher degree,wow great! ur master or phd ^^
    all the luck wallah,
    hope that 2009 will fill ur heart with joy and happiness,
    i think i wrote too much @@
    pardon me

  2. bliss said,

    i’m so sorry to hear about your father. allah yr7amo o y’3ferlo o yd5lu fasee7 jannatih

    2008 was very messed up for me
    there were some good things about it 7amdilah, but there were ALOT of bad things aswell.

    enshallah 2009 will be better and even more brighter
    *crosses her fingers*

    o 7atta law ma kanat, I WILL MAKE IT BETTER ‘3A9B!! 🙂

  3. Zara said,

    Gosh what a year you’ve been through. Mine i can’t even recall coz it was too much to remember. I’m someone tend to forget things easily, LOL! I’m so sorry to hear about you father and no your not selfish at all, i understand how you feel and these people should understand you too. For god sake, you just lost your dad and the wedding is next, you need at least to catch a breath! As for Ahmed, i hope he is getting better. No worries, he is still young and he will be really fine! At last but not least, for works, Inshallah you will get a better job than living with a bunch of fake people and liars! I will open champagne and celebrate your last day at work with you! This is what sisters are for =P Lets not forget to spit and fart together to that bunch of liars and walking out of the place with our princess butts LOL, eww i sound gross =P

    PS I’m not making a list either, come what may and I’m not afraid to embrace it, i live only once in a life time =)

  4. hissweetheart said,

    My MA isnhalla

    Thanks for the sweet prayers of yours 🙂

    *hug you 7ail like you say lol*

  5. hissweetheart said,

    I thought about a spit but a far is looooooool why not ;D

  6. hissweetheart said,

    Inshalla it will be a blissful year for you honey 🙂

  7. Gone Bonkers. said,

    الله يرحم الوالد ويغفر له ويجعل مثواه اعلى جنة مع المحسنين والمبشرين بها ..

    وعسى الله يفرج ضيقتك .. ويجلي همك .. ويشرح صدرك .. ويفرح قلبك .. ويسعد ايامك .. ويوفقك دنيا وآخره .. ويجمعك بأهلك في الخير .. ويشافي اخوك الصغير .. ويوفق اخوك الكبير ويكمل عليهم سعادتهم .. ويصبر والدتك ويهون عليها ويشرح خاطرها

    جعلها سنة خير عليك …. فيها يتحقق مرادك بإذن واحد أحد

  8. hissweetheart said,

    Gone Bonkers
    Thank you for such comfy prayers

  9. Another-Penelope said,

    allah yer7ama.

    Dearish past is past,just get over it even though its hard but try atleast, life’s goes on…

    Happy new year;)

  10. hissweetheart said,

    Ameen 🙂

  11. Mina said,

    Happy new year…

    May Allah have mercy on your dad, and reward him on all his good deeds…

    And may Allah also bring you much happiness in the new year

    Love Mina

  12. PaLoMiNo said,

    “Ummm, I don’t know from where to start. 2007 is considered the worst yeasr ever for me. I don’t recall my cheerful spirit and ambitions as low as they were in 2007. I am talking workwise in this post because familywise, it was great.”

    Sheno ma7d la7th? ;p U ment 2008 mooo? not 2007 ;p

    well not a big deal 😉

    ya rab 2009 etkoon sanat khair o sa3da lich ya rab 🙂

  13. libero-anima said,

    aawh huni im soo sorry to hear about ur dad …

    allah yer7amah w y’3aferlah w yeskeneh fasee7 janateh inshalah …

    and i’m really sorry to hear about ur brother .. i know it would be very hard for him .. allah ykoon fe 3oonh inshalah ..

    my mom always tells me .. allah a7yanan yble 3badeh laneh y7eb yesma3hum yd3oonleh .. so dnt take this in a negative way .. maybe allah yba ychoof kaif bate9bereen fe hal mawa8ef ..

    and i wish you all the best in work sweety ! =D the most important thing is to do something u love ..

    allah ywafegch and i wish you all the best sweety ! =D

  14. hissweetheart said,

    Thanks munckin

    You have been missed wallah!

  15. hissweetheart said,

    You’re such a detective mashalla ;D

    I will edit it now, 2007 was good 7aram lol

    7ayatee enti, thanks ;D

  16. Errant said,

    sweet one, i wish you a life full of happiness and success and red roses ..

    i’m happy that you overcame your sadness over your father death, i know that it’s a pain that can never be healed .. but at least you could get accustomed to .. just keep praying for him , that’s the best you can ever do for your father .. and inshallah you’ll be gathered again in paradise you, your father, and all of your loved ones ..

    p.s. i dunno how can you contact me, i mean it’s not likely that i’d give my e-mail in public .. lol

    if it’s ok with you, gimme yours and we can talk then .. and i’m so eager to hear your song ..

    best regards,

  17. LonesomeSoul. said,

    oh ggggoooossshhhhh
    i didn’t know bout ur father,, please forgive me
    i feel terrible …
    may Allah rest his soul in peace
    please forgive me and except my late condolences, dear..
    i’m sad … i bet you went through hell…

  18. Hind said,

    No one seems to have liked 2008 that much :\ aaah I’m so glad it’s almost over! 😀 inshallah inshallah 2009 is going to rock! 😀

    Good luck with everything, I hope things will get even better and brighter 🙂 and happy, happy new year ❤

  19. hissweetheart said,

    I know you won’t give it in public but I didn’t know how to ask about it lol

    I will write mine in your blog O.K

  20. hissweetheart said,

    That was 3 years ago, we weren’t in touch with calls and texting like we are now.

    Thanks sweetheart 🙂

  21. hissweetheart said,

    For all of us, ameen!

  22. Naseem said,

    May god bless your father’s soul and my he find the heavens doors open for him

    I am sorry to hear about your father… god be with you and your family.

    2008 was a bad year for me, I broke up with my girl after 4yrs of relationship, financially bad year for my parents.. and many others… I only achieved my fitness target which I am happy for…

    My resolutions for 2009 are, learn a new language, become a PADI diver, save money, visit a new country, and ohh yes, save more money again and stop spending 😛

    Happy new year to you 🙂

  23. hissweetheart said,

    I don’t recall anyone telling me 2008 was a good year lol

    I am sorry for all of your losses.

    Happy and fruitful new year to you too 🙂

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