What’s with number 6!!

December 24, 2008 at 3:52 pm (Uncategorized)


Last Wednesday was my students English exam. I am used to not sleeping a day before their exam, can you believe that!! I worry about each one of them and the hallucinations take over the place!

I know my girls very well so I was thinking about every individual of them, the grade they will get, will they be disappointed after the exam or have a cheerful smile drawn on their faces!

I gave them a class before the exam and set them free 30 minutes earlier so that they can review. I explained to them a new type of writing which is called “Narrative Writing”. They njoyed it since girls usually like descriptive writings that get them inside the story and make them feel, touch, see and listen the characters themselves.

It was a story of a guy who was watching a movie at the theater and was heading home after. when he was going to take the elevator to reach his apartment, he noticed a blond guy behind him hiding his face and walking quickly. The man suspected him but thought it’s the effect of the horror movie he has just watched.

He reached his floor and started heading towards his apartment when he noticed a pool of blood in front of his neighbor’s apartment. He freaked out and started moving backward. He could have jumped a foot when a hand touched his shoulders. Before he turned to see who is it, he started linking the blond guy who has hiding his face to the pool of blood!! “It was the killer, he must have killed Mrs.Manz my neighbor he said,”!!

He gathered his strength up and turned. His face became blue, it was Mrs.Manz.!! “You didn’t step into the tomato sauce, did you,”? ” I was carrying my sister’s homemade tomato sauce when the elevator stopped all of a sudden and then I dropped it,”!!

The girls went out lauging and their yellow faces turned into red because they laughed so hard at their wild imagination and the idea of the serious killer they saw in the story!!

The class was over but before they left I said “Girls, if you didn’t get high marks, it will be a real pool of blood inside the lab not a tomato sauce I promise,”!! ;D

40 minutes passed and the results started to show on the computers screen!! I couldn’t utter a word!! 6, 6, 6, 6, 6.5 were dominating!!

It was out of 20 and the highest was 16!! I kept silent but was really shocked!! One of the A students came approaching me. She said “Ms, Please kill me the 1st,”!!

What’s wrong with students these days!? Why are they so careless!? Don’t they get the meaning of a mid-term exam or studying in general?! Back in my days, B+ was a real put down for me!! I remember not eating, not talking, not sleeping during examinations becuase my awaiting future is all about them!!

I am used to giving bonuses and activities that can make up some of the bad grades but I don’t feel like doing it now!!

I am disappointed and frustrated, I feel I haven’t done anything when I have done everything to them!!



  1. Venus said,

    hi sweet,
    I know my girls very well so I was thinking about every individual of them, the grade they will get, will they be disappointed after the exam or have a cheerful smile drawn on their faces!

    they r blessed coz they do hv such a wonderful teacher! (hug u 7ail)
    i mean u do care abt their studies more than they do care @_@
    i ‘ve never been blessed in 12th year in high school with such a teacher @.@
    EXCEPT ONE TEACHER;u remind me one of my saudi teacher, she used to teach me th ereligion subject,
    ahh, i missed her so much @_@ she was so popular among the teachers in the teaching community in (AbuDhabi)!!! coz she is a very successful women,& that what makes other teachers feel jealousy from her , ma3ahum 7ag!
    her way in teaching is similar 2 ur way,
    u know; she used to chat all the time and tell us so many sawalif that is related it 2 the lesson, so all the girls had already memorized the lessons in class & there is no reason 4 a revision at home! + getting high marks in her subject
    just try 2 be patient! hal banat; u gotta be patient with them, welcome 2 the new generation @_@
    am an impatient person, that’s why i didn’t choose the English Literature as a major even i love it,
    nice blog ^___^
    am a talktive person, pardon me @@

  2. hissweetheart said,

    Thanks Venus
    Oh, I am a university teacher not a higschool teacher 🙂

  3. Bee said,

    What a wonderful teacher u seem to be 🙂 i like this kind of teachers 😀 they even become our friends when we graduate and always stay in mind…missed u by the way 😀

  4. Venus said,

    w0w great!
    ur so young ^^
    all the luck ^^

  5. Zara said,

    Mashallah you’re a lecturer, marrrraa cool =D
    OMG i wish i have a lecturer who is so devoted and dedicated like you. You have done what you should do, if the students didn’t do well, at least you have tried your best to provide them with everything they needed for the exams. Students these days are “relax” type and tend to do their things at the last minutes, did i mentioned that i was one of them, LOL =S. Now i have learn my lesson coz year by year the exam getting harder and much effort should be put in my studies, i realized that i should put more effort in my studies…Grrr, i can’t wait to graduate!

  6. Gone Bonkers. said,

    our teachers used to remind us before every exam the percentage of grade thats based on it.. can’t really say we bothered, but in your case maybe they need a serious talk, or better yet, a pep talk to give them a push .. like a one-on-one to help them open up to you.. Good luck sweetheart!

  7. hissweetheart said,

    Thanks sugar

  8. hissweetheart said,

    Missed ya too hun!

  9. hissweetheart said,

    Gone bonkers
    I have tried everything trust me! the problem is that their finals is in January!!

    I am giving them a short quiz nexct week with the silliest reading comprehension passage that gaurantees 10 marks in their packets!

  10. hissweetheart said,

    Inshalla you will graduate with the highest GPA sweetie ;D

  11. Nani_37 said,

    I think this is an endemic. I have the same problem, I can seem to be able to do any studying, I don’t know what’s wrong. I am not as good academically as i used to be in school, i know i have to just suck it up and do my best, but something is preventing me.
    But, for you as a teacher, i think you’re doing an amazing thing for your students. It’s only natural for you to want them to score good marks, but, then again, you should be happy for making them love what their studying and opening the door or excelling for them. Don’t overstress yourself.

  12. hissweetheart said,

    Thank you sweet thing. I really appreciate such words 🙂

  13. fadiosis said,

    u know english was always fun for me..
    languages in general but i haven’t learn anything but english and arabic… so there..
    though it’s actually as u said… back in 12th grade when i got 14.75/15 i used to frown :S and the same syndrome u mentioned above..
    >>>>tara marra m3 nafsi..
    but.. since u’re really working hard for them… i guess it’s really frustrating :S..
    7abbbooooooo (HUG HUG :D)

  14. hissweetheart said,

    *hug you back*

    Thank you sweet thing!

  15. fadiosis said,


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