December 21, 2008 at 3:44 pm (Uncategorized)

First and formost, awwwwwwwwwww!! For God’s sake!! What’s happening with wordpress lines!! why is it so difficult for me to log in?. why do I always get that stupid message saying “Sorry internet explorer can’t display the webpage”!! Eveything else is working God damn it!!

O.K. After shouting, I can start lol

See this cute, adorable, choco, vanilla, strawberry babay, that’s my niece Peach akka “Khokha” ;D


I have this cute and adorable niece of mine. Her name is Peach and she is almost 3 years old. She is the sweetest, loveliest, and the most eatable thing ever.

Her mom went out with my mom and I asked them to let her stay with me since it was old outside and she is just a baby.She sat beside me eating cheese chips that I bought myself when this conversation took place:


Peach: “Auntie, eat,”
Me: “Ok, sugar, and the never ending feeding starts,”
Me: “Mama, please eat it, it’s for you. I have just eaten my breakfast,” LOL mama starts her lectures everytime I say I just had my breakfast. I eat my so called breakfast at 2 hehe, not even brunch I know lol
Peach: “Auntie, I love it, from where you got it,”
Me: “Safeway honey, if you love it, I will buy you one whenever I go there,”
Peach: “Auntie, eat,”
Me: “Mama, put it in your stomach, I am full sweetie,”
Peach acting so innocent raising her sweater and putting the chips on her stomach” Auntie, it doesn’t go inside,”
Me with a wide smile on my face and my mouth wide open because I really wanted to eat her “Sweetie, when you put the food in your mouth and start chewing it, it goes inside your stomach,”
Peach still unable to comprehend: “It doesn’t go inside auntie,”
Me perplexed, I hate not answering kids nor lying but how can I explain it, ummm “Open your mouth and i will show you,”
Me: “Look munchkin, *putting one chip inside*, I have put it inside, now chew it,”
Peach chewing: “I ate it auntie,”
Me: “O.K. Open your mouth now and show me where is the chips,”
Peach: “I ate it,”
Me: “When you open your mouth and don’t see it inside, it means it went down all the way to your stomach,”
Peach “No, it doesn’t go inside, she takes another chip and tries to put it inside her stomach again,”
Me: “If you were able to put it inside your stomach, please tell me,”

I gave up. I didn’t know how else to convice her that it does go to her stomach. Thanks God, I didn’t reach the stage that it goes below the stomch and blah blah blah,”!!

Oh, I just remembered this. Once my evil bro was messing around with Peach. He told her that rain comes out from eyes when she cries when it is supposed to come out from the sky.  She kept on crying for an hour just to make  it stop when it was actually raining cats and dogs lol

Peacho, God bless your soul sugar cane 🙂



  1. Venus said,

    hi siso0o,
    am the first ^_________^
    about the wordpress, ya, i do hv the same problem with maktoobblog, just go to ma blog, & u will find that there is a link btw the blog and under the link, whenever i need to add u as a friend, in ma links roll, i don’t why the hell it won’t add it, my page is like messed up, i will try 2 fix it again, & ya, i’ve been tagged ^^” go there,
    sis, ur niece is a LOL,kaaaaaaak!
    i do not like kids but i do wanna bite her ^^
    ربي يحفظها لكم
    She kept on crying for an hour just to make it stop when it was actually raining cats and dogs lol
    LOL, my stomach is hurting me coz of laughing ,
    lovely blog, i kept askin myself, why ur not updating? so it was network problems ,
    as always @_@

  2. hissweetheart said,

    The 1st is the sweetest ;D
    Peacho is eatable I admit 😀

    Can you believe I have 4 posts in drafts, never was able to post one except today because of the wordpress lines!

  3. Mina said,

    Awwww Mashallah….

    So adorable:)

  4. Zara said,

    Ya nasssso.Wallah shklk mrra mashallah katkooot yizaaaaninnn mozZzZa mashallah allah ye7fa’9o leekom ya rab! Why does she has to say those sweet words, grrrr i feel like pinching her chubby cheeks and kiss her so hard :* Can you send my kisses to her? Please sweetie please =P

  5. Venus said,

    awww, whut the hell? with wordpress service @_@
    ok! wanna ask u a favour, go take a general look in ma blog: here is the question, whenever i log on i saw the top of the blog is in the bottom @_@ & when i log on from another computer i saw that the blog is in the top of the blog!!! tell me what u see plz
    such a pity conversation @_@

  6. hissweetheart said,

    The kisses will be delivered as soon as I grab her cheeks, promise ;D

  7. hissweetheart said,

    Whenever I click your link, I get the maktoobblog webpage not yours!!

    What is wrong?

  8. The Sea is a Woman said,

    الله يحرسها … ما شاء الله
    kids say/do the darndest things… this’ll be a cute story to tell her children someday!

  9. hissweetheart said,

    The sea is a woman

    Definitely, loads of stories!

  10. hijabee said,

    Lolllllll, I will try to put chips in my stomach maybe I will get lucky lol

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