Saudi Mentality!

December 18, 2008 at 11:14 am (Uncategorized)


First and foremost, I have nothing against Saudis especially guys since I talk and will be talking about them in my blog here, O.K. everybody ;D? I am 100% Saudi and proud of it but the things Saudi guys do get on my nerves!! I can’t bear such ill behaviours!

Today I was in my car heading home while listening to MBC FM. There was this radio show that comes with a new subject everyday. Today’s topic was about “Mentality of Men and Women, whose scale wins”?!

So, people started sending messages and calling telling their opinions.

The 1st: “Women have no mind at all except for their blah blah blah,”!  Oh yeah,then guys have what for God’s sake I burst out!!

The 2nd: “Men are everything in this world and without them the world is nothing,”! Oh, yeaaaaaaaaaah!! I didn’t know that! Howcome my dad didn’t tell me that I said or he was from different planet where women are considered human beings!!

The 3rd: “Women think with their emotions,”!! Saudis, please cut me some slack and stop saying this stupid thing!! Say it again while looking at a mirror and you will see how stupid you sound saying it I shouted!

The 4th: “Allah says that a testimony of two women is a testimony of one man which means that women have a man’s half brain,”!! I really hate those who use their own interpretations of Quraan just to go with their own beliefs!! Sickooooo!!

The 5th acting cool “I will say they are everything since my wife is next to me,”!! What a typical Saudi, scared of your wife that she will throw you out of the bedroom!! Go get a life for God’s sake!! No, it wasn’t funny at all but showed how stupid you ARE!!

The 6th: “Things are changed nowadays, women are a major part in this society. The world is nothing without them. This was the only guy who used his mind when he said “Men should just think for second that who brings men to life?! Women!! So, how on earth they consider women nothing and unimportant in this society!! Honestly, this guy comes from the 5% of Saudi guys that I respect!!

The 7th: “Women and the kitchen are one, they just care about what shall I cook today, oh I made that sweet a week ago, I need to search for new recipes,”!! Were you awake when you said that Mr.Saudi jerk?!! O.K. hear me out!! I am a Saudi woman and I don’t go to the kitchen and I don’t ever recall making a complete meal by myself!! So, please classify me and tell me to which category I belong?! Oh, if you will say Salon girl then put this as an earring in your sexy ears, I am not crazy about salons and all that girly stuff. I am beautiful enough with out make up or artifical tan and hair colors. Now, you classify me please, your majesty!! Take your time please and let your honorable mind work for a while!? I can’t wait to know the class I belong to?!

Dear Saudi guys out there,

I  don’t want to say that women are everything snd sound so girly but women have an important role in this world. Women are your mothers, wives, daughters and everything else. Being a male dominant society doesn’t mean you are free to mock on women saying they don’t have minds! Since you brought up this issue, I have a few questions for you. I know your minds don’t function well so I am giving you a month to answer. I am not in a rush O.K.!!

Do guys who walk with their sun glasses on inside malls or at nights have a bit of mind?! Don’t they know the difference between the sun and the moon?! Let me remind you, that’s something we learnt in KG classes. If you didn’t go to kindergarten, it was there in 1st grade science classes!

Do guys who still use bluetooth to satisfy their dirty desires have a bit of mind?!

Did that guy who asked me to have a ride in his car when I was waiting for my driver has a bit of mind?! Oh, please don’t tell me it’s me and that I seduced him and that trashy things!! I am adult enough to do these stuff!!

Do those guys who appear on screen holding their mobile phone chasing the interviewer everywhere have a bit of mind?! Kids have mobiles these days!! Oh, my 9 years old nephew has a mobile newer than mine and has never boosted about it!

As I said earlier, I am giving your valuable mind a month to think of answers that will convince and make me re-think about you having a 5 years old mind!!

The stage is yours, oh for a month I am reminding you again ;D

Thank you my dear blog, I am relieved now ;D



  1. Aafke said,

    Hè, hè, hè, you mean you give them 500 years? Because that’s the minimum time men need to adjust to reality, some are still like that overhere; they just don’t dare to speak so openly anymore… :mrgreen:

    What do you mean with guys holding mobile phones chasing interviewers?

    I like the photo. especially the text ”Not for public use” superimposed :mrgreen:

  2. Zara said,

    Wooohooo! Hands up; legs up support you! I will come back to comment more! Oh my god, i LOVE you!

  3. Zara said,

    Phhheeewwww! I’m back with a cup of coffee in my hand. How could i read this amazing post without having my daily doses of caffeine =P True true true *speechless* *touched* I always knew one day someone from the women side will voice up! LOOOL at all the questions! A month is not enough doll, they need up to years coz they have 5 years old mentality =P Oh my god, the ‘they’ I was referring to did not include my hubby and all the good people i know =D For the f*** up Saudis out there, you suck more than you should! I knew a few of you who really as stinky as a mud loving hippos! For god sake, for your better future, change your attitude and your words!

  4. Another-Penelope said,

    it is true not just saudi guys, some men all over the world would think like that or maybe much worst than we ever thought !
    wtf you guys got out from mother’s stomach for 9 months, can’t you guys imagen how 9 months could we hold on just to get you out to this world, so you’re now in the world and welcome ! but don’t ever say like that to any women even though u met the most stupidish woman ever in your life but don’t think as she is like us “women”, even men can be more stupid than us, I mean GOSH CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT IN MY UNIVERSITY THAT MEN GRADES ARE MUCH BELOW THAN WOMEN AND I realized how stupid their mind that the midterm was fucking easy and ours much higher grades than them :/ why so proud while you are giving us your opinion in wrong and awful, I didn’t know that your mind is that low :/ ok I admit I’am angry really by how ridiculous they have said :/ jesus !

  5. A Global Citizen said,

    Idiocy .. Wish it was curable!

  6. Lili3 said,

    I would like to point out that it is also the mentality of Emaraty Guys, Omany Guys, and I’m sure of this by experience so nobody better tell me that I’m wrong, and Im pretty sure the other country guys have the same mentality.

  7. Nani_37 said,

    It’s quite awkward how some minds think, but the thing is, some men have the stupid conviction of trying to standout not by excelling at something, but by stepping on the heads of their competition, which unfortunately, due to the senseless clash between the two sexes, include women. And a lot use the saying ” wara2 kol rajol 3a6’eem emra2a “, which i agree with to some extent, but they keep forgetting that there are great women too, and i believe that them too have men that were normal enough to support them while trying to achieve that greatness. What i’m trying to say is WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME TEAM, so we shouldn’t try to compare men and women, because it doesn’t revolve around gender, but about the qualities of the person, and whatever one lacks another will complete. So, we should stop demeaning each other and try to show the best quality of one another.

    I think i got a little bit carried away. As for the retarded actions of some, NO COMMENT !!

    cool blog 🙂

  8. magicrealism said,

    *applauds with delight*
    I remember people jumping at my face when I was putting some feminist articles in my old blog. they kept saying that the Saudi mentality changed, and that it’s rare to find a guy who thinks of a woman as an object. now you proved to them that this particular mentality is still roaming the country …encouraged by the stupid governmental laws derived from traditions rather than religion

    I’ve held discussions with those idiots for one year and half, and the end result was catastrophic. I’ve lost all hope in reforming those mentalities, and now I suffer Androphobia thanx to them. oh and I need to tell you also that I was called secular, liberal, and finally an infidel for speaking the forbidden words (women rights)
    then they dare complain about non Muslims calling our religion anti-feminist, totally forgetting that it was their mistake.

    here’s a topic you might find interesting:

  9. sealedpearl said,

    الحمدلله إني مو سعودية
    No offense intended..

  10. Venus said,

    hi sweety,
    i missed ya, & ur blog, I’m under pressure right now coz of studying @__@
    “Women think with their emotions,”!! Saudis, please cut me some slack and stop saying this stupid thing!!
    they just adore this fact @_____@ whenever they talk about such issues!

    “I will say they are everything since my wife is next to me,”!! What a typical Saudi, scared of your wife that she will throw you out of the bedroom!! Go get a life for God’s sake!! No, it wasn’t funny at all but showed how stupid you ARE!!
    yal 5awaf mn mertah kaaaaaak,

    : “Women and the kitchen are one, they just care about what shall I cook today, oh I made that sweet a week ago, I need to search for new recipes,”!
    Me the GREAT! i don’t cook & idon’t care abt the damn recipes @_@ i hate cookng a9lan!
    sweet; this is most of the 5alije guys mentality!!
    دام انه شباب بهـ العقلية عيل
    راح يزيد اصراري اني ماأتزوج من
    such freakin werido……@_@
    i enjoyed reading the blog,
    you rock sis ^________^

  11. Venus said,

    check ur e-mail ^^
    now this is 4 sure , ur gonna find it ^^

  12. hissweetheart said,

    Have I ever told you that I love you so much ;D?

    You rock I swear, oh, I forgot you’re Virogo , that’s why ;P

    About men chasing interviewers, well my dear check any Khaliji channel when there is a show about an interviewer roaming in malls asking some questions and look at the background. You must find Saudis looking at the screen and making phone calls if not pretending as if Saudis only have mobiles!!

  13. hissweetheart said,

    *jumping on Zara’s bed holding her hands singing “Saudi men except Fahd, you suck, suck, suck, suck :D*

  14. hissweetheart said,

    It’s OK sweetie. Shout as much as you want 🙂

    Oh, I know it’s the mentality of every Khaliji guy out there!

  15. hissweetheart said,

    A Global Citizen
    I ditto you!

  16. hissweetheart said,

    I know sweetie though I have always thought it’s more in Saudi!

  17. hissweetheart said,

    Just the way I think 🙂

    Thank you and welcome to my little world ;D

  18. hissweetheart said,

    Thank you munchkin 🙂
    Oh, this issue will never be solved. Jerks will be jerks!!

    I will definitely read your post and get back to you ;D

  19. hissweetheart said,

    None taken 🙂

  20. hissweetheart said,

    I missed your comments sweet thing. I really wish you the best of luck ;D

    Oh, they think we are dying to marry them lol

  21. hissweetheart said,

    Oh Aafke,

    I used the pic in purpose just to tease the Saudi guys out there. Even if it’s not for public use, I will use it. Hope it is a lesson for you not speak about us in a demeaning way ;D

  22. Zara said,

    *Jumping up and down on the bed with his sweetheart*
    Aww don’t you just love that song ❤
    That is unfair, since Venus have it, i wanna have your email too! I wanna bug you all day long =P!

  23. hissweetheart said,

    Girl, I love you so much ;D

    I will email you with my email O.K. Add me so that we can chat some time about stupid Saudis ;D

  24. hissweetheart said,

    I finally got it ;D

    I will get back to you after watching it ;D

  25. Venus said,

    if you like it, forward it 2 zara,
    lo0ol, zara, ur gonna laugh from ur bottom of ur heart,
    enjoy it sweet ^_____________^

  26. Venus said,

    Oh, they think we are dying to marry them lol
    one more thing;
    u seem single ^^ GOTCH YOU,
    i’ve read ur profile and it says ur 26 yrs old,
    when i told the people around me that i wanna get married at the age of 27 or above,
    my friend’s father were like: you think u r an American girl”

  27. hissweetheart said,

    Loved it and forwarded it to Zara ;D

    LOL, try your best to enjoy your single life!!

    There is nothing like freedom ;D

  28. Nefertiti said,

    Well, I think one Saudi man (or is he actually Egyptian?) who is the epitome of a gentleman is SAMI ZEIDAN!! woohooo!!

    *says Nefertiti while spraying Sami’s name as the graffiti*

  29. Mina said,

    Tag your it…

    Omg this is some long post, Inshallah will be back soon to read it:)

  30. The Sea is a Woman said,

    hissweetheart .. i read this post and went to bed .. i dreamt that you were leading a strike/riot somewhere and i was there but i’m not sure what i was doing :S .. and i woke up with my hands extended upwards like i was pushing something!

    gotta love this blog 😀 ….. you speak the truth … have a good one!

  31. Zara said,

    LOL we should release our tension on the stupid Saudis, gggrrhhhh Saudi guys you better watch out, here comes to evil twins =P! Oh my god, before i forgot, i have an experience to share here, once i was on my way home from uni and there was one stupid Saudi guy disturb me when i walk home. I think he was drunk or something and he keep on calling me from behind. I ran home and when i reached home i felt stupid, LOL =D Also there was a bunch of guys who keep on calling me ya bint ya bint in the uni compound and i just stare at them fiercely and they all just shut up and look away like there was nothing happen =P. Oh and not forget, the Saudi guys living down stair of my apartment in uni always shout at me to have shisha talk with them, and when their mom come for visit, they act like a goodie goodie baby boys, wallah they are so stupid =P

    PS Pity you sweet heart, now i got your email, I’m gonna bug you all day long like a baby, hehehe!! Check out that comment tab in the Saudi woman post again, i already re post it and double checked =P

    PPS i was checking on the British accent on youtube yesterday and British accent HOT! I’m thinking of marrying a British one day, LOL =P Ohh did i just mentioned marry?

  32. hissweetheart said,

    Someone mentioned his name, I will youtube it and hear his accent ;D

  33. hissweetheart said,

    waiting for you to get back hun ;D

  34. hissweetheart said,

    They are afraid from their own mama lol
    Seeeeeeeee! I told ya, the British accent rock ;D

  35. Venus said,

    ya sweet;
    a9lan i don’t wanna get married ever @_@
    bas as it’s an impossible notion that will never happen,
    am trying 2 enjoy my freedome ^___^
    c ya

  36. fadiosis said,

    hahahahahaha… wallah i can’t stop laughing.. u have the talent..
    i was angry in the beginning but then i laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaughed…
    kkkkkkkkkkkkkk. u know this saudi mentality is incurable.. OMG !!
    and zara .. i think the only way to treat a saudi guy properly.. is by looking at him as a chair or table.. !!!!!!! u don’t talk to a table, do u ?? looking at those stupid guys would make them feel they’re something.. well treat them like nothing which they’re :)..
    aaaaah… this blog is reeeeeeeeeeeallly reaaaaaaaaaaaaallly reeeeealllly nice …
    i think i’m gonna stay single forever.. and they’re write on my grave “the girl who didn’t wanna marry a saudi guy”… LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  37. youngMuslimah said,

    nice post, but its just not saudi guys, many men have this stupid mentality.
    u want my take on it?
    well Allah says in the Qur’an ‘and male is not like the female’. so we are NOT equal. a man cant give birth for instance :p Allah made men and women to COMPLETE each other and NOT COMPETE each other. we have different roles in the society and neither of us can do w/o each other.

  38. hissweetheart said,

    Single till death, you will change your mind girl ;D

  39. hissweetheart said,

    Well, I talked about Saudis in specific because they are on my face 24/7 lol

    I know, stupidity is epidemic especially in the male gender ;D

  40. izzy said,

    like i said…kingdom of saudi freakabia and walking penises.. thats all i gotta say.. its a good thing i dont listen to that dumb show to begin with bec half the callers are the sad lonely freaks at home with too much time on their hands to actually bother calling that many times til they put them on air. i mean, i’d call a show to voice my opinion if it was actually a strong intellectual thought that could change the way some ppl think, but to call to say “women only care about what to cook next” – i mean HOW – WHAT -WHY?! . he wasted all that energy and time and money to call and say THAT? I mean.. no comment. and if he’s describing his wife then it only represents what kind of woman he chose to marry – which brings us back to..thats right..the walking penis!
    urrrgh! and its not a stupidity epidemic.. i think its in their GENES! we need some sort of genetic mutation!!

  41. hissweetheart said,

    It’s freakarabia, exactly as you called it!!

    I don’t listen to this show neither Arabic shows or whatsoever but it was my driver and his mbc thingy lol

    Due to him, I wrote this post that made me burst on Saudis lol

  42. Naseem said,

    well said and a nice reply to those Saudi’s and all closed minded men

  43. hissweetheart said,


    Merci ;D

  44. hissweetheart said,


    Merci ;D

  45. Iranian girl said,


    i like one saudi or emaraty guy ! tall! educated ! handsome ! btwn 30-35

    good looking
    i am cute and pretty girl

  46. maria said,

    i am a latina… Latin American..In my culture, for the most part, men adore women and women love Men> We both know one cannot live without the other> plus The men are raised to respect and honor women .for example their mothers and sisters and aunts. they know they come from a woman.. If it were not for a woman they would not exist>>

    Brothers protect their sisters>> i used to get mad at my brothers whenever as a teen they saw me talking to a young man, they would interject>>> hey ! you know that’s my sister right?! and off my crush would go! and i would yell at my brothers to mind their own business… because i liked that guy! but all in all , i think no gender is better then the other>> men and women complement each other quite well. what one lacks, the other balances it out>> viva la difference!!!!!!!

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