Saudi accent!!

December 12, 2008 at 4:37 pm (Uncategorized)


I so hate it when….Wait, wait, wait. Start from the beginning. I don’t wanna sound aggressive lol. But how to start because I was really bothered then, still I am!! Ummm, I guess people are used to traditional beginnings. So, here we go.

As known Saudis are 2nd speakers when it comes to English. Many of them astonish you when you get to hear them using English. They sound like Americans and some prefer the UK accent. Since American accent is the easiest, Saudis tend to use it often. British accent is somehow difficult but amazing and so elevated I can’t deny it *can’t hide how much I adore it*.

If  people usually have crush on other people, get ready to hear mine, I have a crush on the British accent, on every guy or a lad who uses it. I love BBC for your sake people. I have had my own UK channels because of YOU though my TV has been off for months now, maybe 7 or 9. I have been meaning to turn it on but I don’t know why I am too lazy to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I am active number one ever but somehow I lost my passion towards my TV. OOOPS, off track Susu, get back to the right track. Rewind, rewind, oh yeah.

So, after telling you what Saudis prefer when it comes to using English, I came across this guy while I was ordering some food to go when we were having dinner at a shopping mall.*I love saying food to go, I donno why lol*

 P.S. Before telling you the conversation that took place between the Saudi guy and the cashier guy, I have to tell you that I speak American accent perfectly to the extent that native speakers question my nationality. I do know how to talk using British accent, not so well because I am affected with my Americanism lol. Moreover, my friends say that American accent suits me more and that British accent is for arrogant people lol. I am not praising myself here but I am just telling you that to tell you that what I heard was neither American nor British accent but merely Saudi accent ;D.

Ready, steady, go ;D

Location: London Fish and Chips

Day: Sweet Wednesday

Time: 8 PM

The Saudi guy: “Good afternoon”

The Cashier man and I : “@-@”!!

The cashier man politely: “Good evening Sir,” “Remember the time people”!!

The Saudi guy:  “Who are you,”?!

The cashier man: “@-@, Ummmm, Ummmm, I am Carol Sir,”!! “He meant how are you by the way!!,”

The Saudi guy whispering  and laughing: “I tell him who are you and he says his name,”!!

The Saudi guy again : “What’s the best mail you have here,”?

The cashier guy: “Ummm, what Sir,”!!!

The Saudi guy :” Mail, mail, mail,”!!!

The chashier guy goes and asks another guy at the back.

The other guy comes in and greets the Saudi guy :” What is it you need sir,”?

The Saudi guy: “What is the famous mail here,”?!

The other guy looks at the cashier guy surprised “silence, silence, silence”. “Umm, I am not sure Sir but I guess it’s called The Saudi Post,”!!

The Saudi guy: “What!?, the mail here, here at your restaurant,”!!

P.S. Saudis egos arise when a girl corrects for them since we live in a male dominant society. Ask me about it, I have 5 brothers!! That’s why I kept silent though I got it from the first minute he spilled it!! I also wanted to see where it ends!!

The other guy went to the back, consulted a third guy and came back smiling a mischevious smile after whispering into the cashier’s man ears.

The cashier man trying so hard to prevent a laugh from appearing: “All the meals are famous here, it’s London Fish and Chips sir, do you prefer chicken or sea food,”!!

My order was ready then and so I left but my mind was there!!

We were sitting in the families side, open and mixed since my brother was with us. I joined our table with my face still yellow. “What’s wrong my bro asked, anybody said anything to you,”!! “Erggggh, you and your Saudi mentality,” “Why it should be always a guy saying something to a girl!! Why not the opposite, I can knock guys dead if anybody dared to say anything to me,”!!

We were 4, my 2 sisters, my bro and I with one extra chair. We started eating and chatting when this guy approached saying :”Excuse me, can I have this share,”!!

I raised my head and was like OMG!! Not again!!



Yes, it was the same guy!!


I am psping a lot here lol, bear with me please ;D

P.S. I am not making fun of people and their accents AT ALL. I just wonder and it’s a deep thorough wondering how people so confidentaly use broken English!! If they have all of this confidence, why not go and learn the proper English!!



  1. Another-Penelope said,

    oh LoooL I laughed oops !
    I like when people speak broken english it’s just so cute and funny:P

  2. Venus said,

    hi sweety,
    i’ve read ur last comment, ya i was a hidden reader coz i didn’t hv a blog at that time, account,idon’t like being anonymous or wuteverrr! ^^”
    excuse me, but ur sawalif is a ……. LOL,^_____^ & wanna hear ur accent ^^

    abt the accent; here is the reason; ppl often know that the guys are much more clevere than girls in studying, like guys; they got 2 central cells in their minds that make them think and talk at the same time however, we the girls; we can only talk or think seprately! coz we only got one central cell
    << she was a science girl lol, Ok! what that has this 2 do with ur blog!!!
    i meant that the guys are excellant in everything except ENGLISH! most of the guys that i know are very week in the English language and that is related 2 the school i think,
    we got the same problem here with emiratie guys @_@;i was in al massera “national day” n there were 2 girls who wore like an emo style, anywayz;
    bunch of guys through a comment through their ears n the reaction of the 2 girls was like; LOSERS, one the stupid guys who didn’t get the meaning of the word!!! was like;
    did u hear guys wut that stupid said about us? she said; a bad thing abt our mothers, she is insaulting our mothers @___@
    ok!! here i was like; totally OMG! he didn’t get what she meant and totally get the wrong idea@!$^%
    your Saudi mentality <<lol, u remind me of michele in banat el riyadh book,u got the same thinkin hehe..
    Okey one final thinge ^^”; u gotta hear this mp3 bluetootgh,n listen to the different arabic -english speakers, it’s such a lol, u dunnt wanna miss it,
    it’s in ma e-mail & dunno whut the hell with it??? i wanna forward it 2 u coz it won’t download @___@
    i wrote an essay ^^”

  3. Venus said,

    one of the stupid,*
    what has this 2 do with ur blog*
    correcting mistakes ! am eating some letters @_@!

  4. Lili3 said,

    ROFL my cousin said once to the cashier girl ‘Squeeze me please” LOOOOOOOOOOOL
    This is a saying I love LOL
    “I love when the 5aleejy talks englyzy” and by englyzy I mean the britsh accent(which is HOT)

  5. Aafke said,

    Woehahahaaa this is funny! Ah come on, why not laugh about it? It’s not as if you put up his name and phonenumber! 😀

    I love the photo btw.

    PS You may imagine all my comments spoken with a very english, English accent 😀

    PPS But I’m not arrogant.

  6. Ex-clamation Mark said,

    I know exactly what you mean, I have the same problem at my uni -_-

  7. Zara said,

    LoooooooooooooooooooooooooL! * tears*
    The guy is hilarious! Why he doesn’t use Arabic?
    I totally understand the whole situation happened and i have came across a lot of them with this Saudi accent, looooool. The most common term is when they order Pepsi, they said “bebsi* instead of “pepsi” or they wanna borrow pendrive, they said “bendrive”. Oppsss 7araaaam on me laughing at people =P bs they are so funny, right?

    Mashallah you have 5 brothers??? I wanna have a brother too, we are just me and my other two sisters and we fights! Ggggrrhhhhh =(

  8. Magicrealism said,

    no way! 😀
    If one of my students talked like this guy, I would’ve killed her on the spot
    Generally, males are bad at learning languages. Females pick any language faster than guys.
    Having an American accent means that you use English most of the time, and you can’t help using it, so let me ask you this: Have you ever come across people (Saudis to be specific) who would look down at u whenever u switch to English involuntarily?
    I’ve had so many troubles with the Saudi population accepting this. “use Arabic!” they command me most of the time as if I could help it.
    what I’m trying to get at is this, most of the Saudi population hate learning any other language…and they have very strong animosity towards English in specific. whomever hears them would think they’ve mastered their mother tongue when in reality, they’re as bad at it as any other non-native speaker.
    P.S. I love the British accent too. It’s intoxicating 🙂

  9. Khalid said,

    Hahahahahhaha. I’m leaving this comment at “sefen”PM. I “lofe” “shocolate” “fery fery” much. Could you bring me one “sefen-up bleaz”. Sorry I’m late, I was “barking” my car.

    The above was the very common mistakes with Arabs in General. We don’t have the sounds /p/ /v/ and /ch/ in Arabic. Actually I’d say, Arabs learning English tends to have better pronunciation than some other nations. This is not my own comment though. ESL instructors have this common belief.

    OK, This might sound frustrating, but usually no matter how fluent the 2nd language learner is, always there will be influence from their mother tongue which can be traced. Yeah, native speakers might say to a person, “you speak good American English” but in reality when the 2nd language learner record his/her voice in a high quality microphone and then the recorded sound is analyzed in a phonetic specialized software, the differences will show up. According to a recent study done on a Saudi guy who is an advanced learner, the sound “r” was pronounced with a bit of trill. American-speaker they don’t trill their “r” . Also, some vowels (specially back vowels ) if I still recall, were pronounced with shorter pitch compare to the American-speaker. Anyway, Pronunciation is not the feature that determent the fluency of a speaker. There are many 2nd learners who know about the 2nd language more than the natives of that language. To have a sense of how tests are conducted , check this link

  10. hissweetheart said,

    If you were an English teacher like me, you won’t love it ;D

  11. hissweetheart said,

    I have sent you my email sweet pie 🙂

    Oh, science girl, you rock mashalla ;D

  12. hissweetheart said,

    I just understood the meaning of squeeze me LOOOOOOOOOOL

    Oh Lili3, squeeze me lol

    >>>I don’t know but I feel that I am using a dirty word lol

  13. hissweetheart said,

    I loved the pic too. It’s a picture of Jubail college graduates.


    >>>>>having a crush on Aafke now ;D

  14. hissweetheart said,

    Ex-clamation Mark

    Oh sweetie!! That must be irritating!!

    Try your best to keep your language un-affected ;D

  15. hissweetheart said,

    5 brothers other than my sisters. We are a big fmaily mashalla. It’s great when it comes to gatherings ;D

    Oh, because of the 10000000000000000 people saying Bebsi, I have started to feel it’s Ok to pronounce it this way!!

  16. hissweetheart said,

    I am being descibed as arrogant, full of air and vanity blah blah blah just because I use English like 97% in my life simply because I can express myself more in English. I do use Arabic but I usually shift into English after 3-5 sentences because it’s easier for me. And I don’t care about them because I don’t see myself arrogant at all.

    So, you are a teacher, which grade level do you teach?

  17. hissweetheart said,

    I can’t beat a linguist like you, you know that lol

    And LOOOOOOOOOL@ fery fery. I get to hear words like “facation, superfisor,faseline and many a lot as well.

    P.S. Thanks for the website. I will be checking it when I get back from the hospital

  18. Aafke said,

    hissweetheart, you are welcome to listen to my dulcit tones on g-talk anytime 😉

  19. hissweetheart said,

    O.K Aafke
    We will decide on a date then ;D

    You get to hear my American accent and I get to hear your British accent ;D

  20. bliss said,

    LOL!! yeah i know what you mean.
    my cousin was telling me when she was in college, a 6i3sy girl came right up to her friend and said “how much?” *pointing at the other girls watch*
    my cousins friend was a bit shocked, cause she was wearing a rolex o marra kanat mista’3riba why a person would ask that .. 3eab. so she was like “ummm…what?”
    the 6i3sy girl sighed and said “elsa3a kam?”
    lol 6yb min el bedaya lesh ma galat! lazim titfalsaf bil english.

  21. Errant said,

    That was a funny story .. I totally agree with you .. about using broken English .. but I don’t what is the relation between Saudi and broken English. I mean mostly Saudi people try to speak English with an accent. and they try to do that very hard .. as i realized from everybody around me .. I mean if we want to relate accent with a nationality it should be Egyptian or Pakistani .. they really really have a very hard time speaking English with an accent !

    No offense Egyptian or Pakistani people .. but I’ve never met a Saudi instructor who doesn’t have an accent, BUT every Egyptian or Pakistani instructor I met has a very ppor English pronunciation !

  22. Venus said,

    did u recieve it or not ^^”
    coz i’ve sent it 2 u.

  23. Ansam said,

    LOL you are too funny hehehehe

    Same goes for:
    *safan up
    *home weerk

    LOL it annoys me too

  24. eshda3wa said,


    he listen like he speak london very good

  25. hissweetheart said,


    Kill me

    Ho much ;D?

  26. hissweetheart said,

    I am relating it to Saudis because I get to hear i from them. I am a teacher, as me about it ;D

    Oh, the Pakis and the Egys are a different story ;D

  27. hissweetheart said,

    Nope seetheart. I just checked my email. Nothing from you 😀

  28. hissweetheart said,


    Sank you, Sank you ;D

  29. hissweetheart said,

    That’s hilarious lol

  30. Sous said,

    you know, i sometimes wishi i can remember these things to write them down after they are over, never never been able to though, thanks for cracking me up!!!
    the most famous one i always laugh at is when saudi men driving their cars ask..
    Where can i bark??
    go bark wherever the hell you want loser:P

  31. hissweetheart said,

    Oh yeah, go and bark guys ;D

  32. Venus said,

    what the hell? i sent it 2 ur e-mail, which is called notification @ holason or something , ?? @___@ ok send ur mail again, and write it, don’t link it, waitin sis,
    really wallah, ur gonna hear saudi, egyption, yemani,sudani accents talking in English

  33. hissweetheart said,

    I wrote it in yours hun

  34. Nefertiti said,

    Somehow to me no matter how cute the guy may look, if he speaks with a funny accent and makes me cringe, it’s a real turn off. What I notice is that average Saudi men that I’ve met speak with American accent and twang, but with extremely broken English.

    Speaking of Saudis with polished English and accent, one person’s name rings loudly in my head – SAMI ZEIDAN of Al Jazeera English. Not only does he possess excellent gentlemanly manners, he’s cute to boot! 😀

  35. A Global Citizen said,

    British accent gets on my nerves

  36. hissweetheart said,

    I haven’t heard nor seen Sami Zeidan before! I am eager to hera him talking now!

    Welcome to my blog sweetie!

  37. hissweetheart said,

    Global Citizen
    Please tell me you’re back girl!

  38. fadiosis said,

    hehehehehhehehehhheehehehehheehhehehehhehehehehehehhehehehhheehehehehheehhehehehhehehehehehehhehehehhheehehehehheehhehehehhehehehehehehhehehehhheehehehehheehhehehehhehehehehehehhehehehhheehehehehheehhehehehhehehehehehehhehehehhheehehehehheehhehehehhehe… wallahi this is so true.. the thing that hurts the most that they think they’re right and everyone else is wrong.. I mean seriously if u can’t speak english just DO NOT USE IT.. i don’t use it when i feel that i’m gonna (akallej) :P:P.. nice topic to talk about.. love it =D

  39. fadiosis said,

    and ya i have 5 bros too.. i really totally extremely feel you 😀

  40. A Global Citizen said,

    I’m not back into blogging, dear. I just continue checking your blog once in a while.

    Btw, I added your e-mail to my Google talk a long time ago.. Hope to see you sometime online and probably chat for a while.. 🙂

  41. A Global Citizen said,

    One question,

    Why am I associated with this blue, chubby creature?

    I’m not chubby, and certainly not blue!

  42. hissweetheart said,


    Exacltyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! They say it utloud thinking it’s correct fluency when it’s raddish lol

    Oh, guys and their egos!! You know it well since we have the same number of brothers ;D

    Welcome to my blog sweetie!

  43. hissweetheart said,

    Global Citizen

    LOL I will chnage it for your sake ;D

    Oh, I think you have my gmail email which I use for checking my email only. I will email you with my hotmail email!

    Can you chat with an MSN email by using gmail?

  44. LonesomeSoul. said,

    so lovely

  45. hissweetheart said,


    Can’t believe you’re here girl!!

    I have missed ya girl!!

  46. 2dew said,

    i’ve read some of ur commentries… never thought in a million years that these are ur writings where did u hide all that girl…. and how on earth did u flunk essay with all that talents… girl u hit me in the core

  47. hissweetheart said,

    I am really flattered sweet thing!
    You know, i have beel always a smart ass that’s why Top5 loved me back in college lol

    But you know that those elders we were forced to deal with never encouraged us to show our talents 😦

    Oh, about the essay thing, I will never ever forgive her on that!! You remember her excuse of making me flunk it?! She said I wrote about something totally different!! Dr.Layal read it and told me it’s impeccable, no flaws at all but I can’t go against the teacher!! I

    have been teaching essay and have been described as perfectionist thanks God but never illtreated any of my students!

    Let me see you a lot girl 🙂

  48. рома филатов said,

    May i say somthing to you bitc*

    Dont increase ( يعني لا يكثر )
    You are soooo racial for not respecting your self at first & your people
    But why being angry from you ?
    At last you are a saudi ( all of saudies are racial people)
    Saudi are always trying to follow western people ( actually english isnt fit you too even in a written form )
    And males are dominant everywher its the forces of nature ( الله يخس أبليسك )
    At last please you might fart keyboardly via a txt file and not sharing it with the rest of humanity ( human beings are having enough shit )

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