Wednesday Diary

December 5, 2008 at 11:00 pm (Uncategorized)


I have planned a week earlier to go shopping in Wednesday’s  morning with my friend Noura. We decided to meet at Starbucks first, spend some quality time before we head to shop.

It was a chance for me to drink my White Mocha, my favorite hot drink ever at Starbucks. So, we met there and had an hour chatting and listening to our favorite music.

Wait, wait, wait. I forgot to tell you something. When I first entered Starbucks, the guy in charge had a big smile drawn on his face. Well, let me tell you. this guy has been in love with me since last year. It started when my work moved to an area very close to Starbucks. It was my daily morning routine to stop by him to get my White Mocha. It wasn’t only him serving there, there was this Lebanese guy who keeps on telling me every time he sees me ” I have seen you before, I know you,”. All what I did was drawing a sarcastic smile meaning yeah yeah yeah, what an old rusty rotten trick!!

I stopped going to get my White Mocha myself because I was sick for a while. A student of mine offered to pick it up for me. So, while she was there one day, this guy approached her saying “Where is that beautiful girl who comes with you”? Is she OK?!.

Samar, my student was shcoked!! She didn’t know how to re-act and so she left with silence surrounding her. 3 days later, she confessed that to me. I had mixed kinds of feelings!! He being so dare to say so and moreover saying it before my student!! I had this flashback later of his jealousy looks whenever that Lebanese guy served me or had a chat with me. I also remember how his conversations were longer than the usual and how making my mocha took longer time than being done by the Lebanese guy. I ignored him, I didn’t re-act nor stopped going there but whenever I went there, a friend of mine would go to order.

That day, he saw me and smiled a very big smile. I was wearing my sunglasses, I thought it would be hard to recognize me. Before I uttered a word, he said “White mocha, medium size, right,”!!

At 9: am we went shopping. While we were checking the stores, my mobile peeped with a message from a friend of mine telling me that she is shopping at the same place I was in. I was like awwwwwwwwwwwwww, I can’t believe it!! I started searching for her number wanting to call her when Noura asked me not to do that saying “Let’s find her ourselves to make it a joyful surprise,”. We were looking everywhere but no avail. Then, I decided to call her. The moment I told her that I am at the same mall, she started screaming and ran looking for me.

I was at Vavavoom that time looking for men and women perfume. The salesman told me that they just recieved new Gucci for men. I smelled it, it was breathtaking and very seductive. WRAAAAAAAAAAP it I said, I am taking it. He gave me the shocking news later that it is not priced yet!! I was like “WTF”!! Why did you show it to me in the 1st place then,”!! I went to the man in charge and expressed my anger who did nothing saying that it is not systemized it!!

The salesman offered me another option which is The One for men. It’s DG by the way. The women’s fragrance is adorable, different from the 1st version of The One. I asked him to spray some of it so that I can smell it but he said that the tester is finished. I was like “Simple solution, go and grab another tester,”!! He was like “Sorry, I can’t,”!! I exploded then!! When I went to the cashier to pay, a long line was waiting. When it was my turn, the operation was void!! So, sweet Sawsan, go to any teller machine and withdraw some money. I saw a near one outside and inserted my card in it. Everytime I entered the number of money of money I wanted, a message appeared saying that I have to withdraw 100 and above!! I was like what the hell is going on!! I am typing 900 whoch means 9 and two 0s!!! A voice from behind me said “It might be out of money,”!! I was like “Are you serious,”!! He said yeah!! I took 2 steps to the back and saw the same guy approaching it. I was surprised!! He was a banker responsible about filling it with money!! There were 4 bags of money next to him. FOUR FULL BAGS OF MONEY WITH NO SECURITY AROUND!! Is it only in movies that they come in metallic cars with 4 police men surrounding them!! So, go to the next teller machine he said and so I did!!

Back to Vavavoom to pay for the perfumes. I decided then to call my friend because I gave up looking for her. I called and she came in no time. We hugged and shouted like stupid lol. It has been a while since we met. While I was paying, I heard a voice from behind me calling me, I turned and was surprised to see a third friend of mine!!! Hugging scene should be repeated here ladies and gentlemen hehe.

So, we got seperated later because everyone of us came with s hopping spree list. Noura and I headed to Pizza Company to have our lunch. It was prayer time so, we were allowed to eat from the salad buffet and order drinks only. Noura went first while I was waiting for my turn. When she came back, I was meaning to go there but something stopped me!! There was this Philippino lady who came with 3 friends of hers. She filled her salad bowl, went to her friends’ table and gave each a few spoons of salad. She looked to the right and left making sure there is no waiters around and ran to fill her bowl for the 2nd time which is totally against the law!! I was mute with a wide opened mouth that time!! What shocked me more then was that she came back for the 3rd time  to the salad bar!! She filled it twice, what does she want this time!!?. What she did made me speechless!! She grabbed some kind of row fish with HER FINGERS, licked her fingers and went to her seat!! Remember, I was sdevastated!! Noura was really pissed off. She said she won’t keep silent. Let them call her spy, so what!! She called the manager and told him the whole story!! He went to that lady asking her about what happened. She couldn’t lie of course and was muttering nonsense words. The manager came back to us saying that the plate she touched will be tossed away and replaced with a new one. I was still disgusted and apologized for not being able to go to the salad bar because that scene of her licking her fingers was replayed in my mind all the time. Our order came,  hot dog pasta for me and shrimps pasta for Noura. Both were very appealing.

With stomachs filled with yummy food, we went to an optical shop to buy men sunglasses for Noura. Sunglasses hunting wasn’t so easy and the shopkeeper got irritated with us asking him to try whatever sunglasses we choose lol.

Trip was over and we went outside looking for a taxi. Noura and I usually perefer to ride a car with an Indian or a Pakistani guy rather than a Saudi. Reasons are varied. We don’t trust Saudis, I don’t know why. We don’t feel free talking before them. So, we started looking for our catch but couldn’t find any. I saw an old man with a white beard next to a taxi and asked Noura to ride with him. I have always felt secured arround old people. We went inside his car and then a young Saudi man came asking us where is our direction. We told him it’s Starbuck, Khobar. Then he apololgized saying that the old man doesn’t know that place. We left thanking both and then the old guy asked us to go with the Saudi young man and assured us that he is a decent man. Noura rode first. when it was my turn, I was stopped by a man in his 40s nagging and complaining over my head telling me that I am supposed to ride his car. I was like WHT!!! Says who!! He was like “My car is 1st,”? “So what your car is 1st I said,”!! He started muuttering unaudible words saying I have to ride his car. He really pissed me off and then I shoved him off saying “It’s none of your business whom I ride with, understood, leave me in peace please”!!!

The Saudi guy was laughing when I entered the car. He told me later that this is the issue of drivers. They do fight everyday and for silly reasons. I don’t wanna say if I were him because thanks God, I am blessed being employed with a good job but they shocld think twice before doing such things. People won’t take rides with them if they act rude or forced themselves upon them! It’s really scary and such acts would make people fear them rather than being comfortable with them!!



  1. Zara said,

    Wow your Wednesday was like an adventure, full of ups and downs =P. Someone had a crush on your hun *looking at his sweetheart in a lovey lovey way* but i think he is going too far asking from Samar about you, be careful of yourself. Lolz @ the ATM and the perfume stores, i always face that whenever I’m in a rush. It’s real about the metallics cars and four police men around them coz i saw them here in my university in Malaysia. About the Philippino, arghhh i hate what she is doing, she is so greedy and gluttony. She disgusted me. I would never eat from the same plate where she had touch even if they change the food into a new one, like you, this scene would play in my mind, over and over again in a disgusting way. Wallah pity for the shopkeeper,lolz! Al7umdulilah, for your good job and you won’t compete with anyone to get pay. I really appreciate with what i have too after reading your post.

  2. HishMaj said,

    Amazed at how all of these happened in just one single day! I would be really pissed off.

    Its pretty much the same for most of us when it comes to buying sunglasses or be it just clothes. But then I wonder, if the salesman is being paid for it, then what is wrong?

  3. Aafke said,

    Waw! what an exciting day!
    With this kind of life it’s easy to fill a blog!
    It’s so interesting for me to read about your day so far away.

    I once ordered lunch for me and my sister in a croissanterie, and I just happened to see in the mirror they were busy with what would hopefully our order. So I looked around and scanned the other side of the room, and I saw one of the girls take a sip from a glass of coke, (I had oredered coal!!!) and WIPE THE RIM AND PUT IT BACK ON A TRAY!!!!
    Hell, I had ordered a coke! That tray was not leaving my sight!
    And lo and behold: a waitress brought that order to our table!!!!
    I said I didn’t want it and told her why, and she came on to me ”I must have imagined it!”’!!!
    Now I found the whole action disgusting enough, but to be accused of making things up is the ultimate insult!
    I went up to the counter and told the girl in question I had seen what she had done, and she confessed.
    Never went back there of course….

  4. hissweetheart said,


    Are we twins or what lol?

    It’s true it was too busy but I loved it to the fullest 😉

  5. hissweetheart said,

    I think he is being paid to give advice and recieve your money not to be a lab rat lool

  6. hissweetheart said,


    Ewwww. It’s like biting your sandwhich or stealing french fries. If the Philippino denied, I don’t know what I would have done!!

  7. vixenfatale said,

    wow! such an eventful day : )

    aham shay the dude with the money bags ;/ jeez chan 5athaitay one lol

    no price tag?? argh sij ya3ni shako ewareeech!! aaah!

  8. eshda3wa said,

    a lot of commotion over taxis!

    they can get so mean

  9. hissweetheart said,


    Yeah, you see!! They were 4 full blue bags with only a string closing them!!

    Alaa my friend was getting broke then and was dying to get one set of money even if it was riyals lol

  10. Zara said,

    Lolz…Lost and found—> The long lost twins!

  11. hissweetheart said,


    We should file a case against our kidnappers ;D

    Don’t you agree?

  12. Zara said,

    Lolz yea, totally, absolutely agree =D

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