My Favorite songs p2

December 2, 2008 at 7:10 pm (Uncategorized)


I am finally able to log in in my blog *hugging my blog so tight*. I swear I have missed it!! Just the idea of not being able to comment on my bloggers and read the comments I have recieved is really frustrating!!

My bloggers, I am really happy you enjoyed my music collection. I have always heard some comments about it being so sad, tearjerking, pessimistic but I have never given a damn ;D. So, I am here to thank you for your wonderful talka bout it. You made me happy *horray, horray* ;D


Daniel Bedingfield- A kiss without commitment


                                               Dolapdere Big Gang -Can’t take my eyes of you,


Elliot Yamin- Wait for you


Elton John-Tonight


Lionel Richie-Hello


Faith hill-Breathe


Ray LaMontagne – To Love Somebody


Hold you in my arms – Ray Lamontagne


 Jesse McCartney – Leavin’


Kenny Rogers-Buy me a rose


Leann Rimes – How Do I Live


Michael Bolton- How am I supposed to live without you




Outlandish-Calling you


Richard Marx-Now and forever


Richard Marx- one more time


So far I am exhausted. i guess we need p3. don’t you agree :)?


P.S. I have missed ya ALL




  1. Zara said,

    Aww most of them are my favourite also, I used to listen to Lionel Richie- Hello back in my first year in Uni. Those were the days! Thanks for sharing and i seriously love them all. Btw, you have been tagged by me =P, check out how to do Meemz tagged, lolz =D

  2. hissweetheart said,


    You’re the best ;D

    thanks for the tag. I will check it 🙂

  3. Errant said,

    YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED !! he he he

  4. hissweetheart said,

    Errant, thanks munchkin 🙂

  5. Mina said,

    We want more!!!
    love Lionel Richie, and that song by elton john is so sweet….love your taste:)

    Glad to see you back hun, missed ya its been so quiet without you:(

  6. hissweetheart said,

    Sweet Mina

    You know my taste very well. Lionel Richie and Elton John’s songs are my favorite ever!!

    *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* and *hugs* 😀

  7. Miss-Informed said,

    You lost your password?

    Welcome back hehe 🙂

  8. hissweetheart said,


    It’s ironic I know but what does it mean ;D?

    Thanks for the welcoming

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