I am happy, happy, happy. No, flying out of happiness ;D

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My dear bloggers,


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of those who read my previous post and prayed for me. Thank you fo those who commented and thank you for those hidden readers of mine. Afew hours ago, I heard the best news ever regarding my work “hopefully the best as I wish”. Our new manager is a a very nice guy that I know. He got somehow into our university and was really supportive. My friend and I had this feeling that he will be our boss but he never confesses. Today, it was finalized horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrray ;D

*crossing fingers* Thanks God!

Did I say earlier that I love you?! Even if I said it, I will keep on saying it over and over ;D




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New Year Resolutions

December 29, 2008 at 8:27 am (Uncategorized)


Ummm, I don’t know from where to start. 2008 is considered the worst yeasr ever for me. I don’t recall my cheerful spirit and ambitions as low as they were in 2008. I am talking workwise in this post because familywise, it was great.

Familywise, this year was one of a kind thanks God. I got over my wedding panic attacks. I started having these panic attacks after dad’s death. I attended 2 weddings only in the passed three years. I went there just because my mom asked me so. I felt obliged to go since my mom is the only thing left for me after dad. I had two panic attacks 5 minutes after I entered those weddings. Call me selfish but I couldn’t bear happiness in people’s eyes when my dad is in his grave. Afew weeks ago, I attended my cousin’s wedding. I was afraid that I will end up with a panic attack where I feel breathless and unable to talk. Thanks God, it went O.K. I stayed there for almost an hour. I was sitting all the time but that’s a great accomplishment by itself. 

Oh, my relationship with mama became stronger for I was dad’s doll all the time. I admit I wasn’t close to her but that doesn’t mean we weren’t in good terms. I have always loved her and now I love her more and regret not being close to her in the past.

It was a happy year also when my brother finally decided to get married. He is in his late 20s but he didn’t want to get married earlier because of dad’s death. Since he is the eldest, he became the responsible about us. You can imagine how hard it would be for a guy who became all of a sudden responsible about a big family. The gorcery agony is enough by itself. He proposed to my cousin who is a very beautiful and bright girl. The marriage will be next year and from now we started thinking about the wedding cermony and the dresses we will wear and and and.

 There was sad event that overwhelmed. Ahmed, my sweetest brother was diagnosed with diabetes. We were all shocked for he is just 22 years old! He has never complained about it nor had its symptoms.I didn’t even believe it for Ahmed is to be a nutrition and he cares a lot about food. Mama was devastated the most. That kept her sleep deprived for months, she is till now! Mama knows what is it to be diabetic for she is diabetic and dad was diabetic as well and suffered a great deal.

Workwise, it  is the suckiest thing ever! Ask me how many times I decided to resign, I will tell you “Do the math,”!! I am not racist but there is this one nationality that I detest the most. I am not going to tell you what is it but it’s the country of liars and hypocrisy! Sadly, I am damned to work with them 24/7!! I can’t bear liars and hypocrites and abra kadabra I woke up to find myself surrounded by a flood of lies! I am afraid I will turn double faced myself.  I really wanna leave them. I know they will suffer a lot after I leave  for I know every tit and tat there and my students are so attached with me. However, I don’t wanna leave them and have empty pockets! I want to guarantee a better workplace before I spit on them and leave them lol. But the question is, where!! I have searched for may places but still!!

I won’t write a wish of list but I just hope for my higher degree to be pursued soon, find a better job opportunity that is not wrapped with lies, and the last thing which  is engraved in my heart to come true ;D

Looking forward to a better and fruitful 2009 only if God says so 🙂

Happy New Year everybody 🙂

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Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!!

I don’t know what to say!! Should I shout, sing, laugh or cry, I have no clue!!

This movie is one of a kind!! I don’t think I will watch such a great movie with a well written plot in years!!

I wish I could nominate it for Amy, Oscar and even Noble if I can do that!!

I don’t know how many times I got a shocked!! Once, no twice, no thrice, definitely none of the mentioned above!!

Everytime I think it’s this thing, the action gets twisted to an unthinkable thing!! The writer and the director have done the BESTEST job ever!!

I would stand up and take a bow for them I swear!!

I so wanna tell you the story  because I have this foot-in-the-mouth-disease but I just can’t! I don’t wanna ruin the suspense of watching this super AMAZING movie!!

You better watch it!! I am telling you WATCH IT!!

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December 25, 2008 at 6:13 pm (Uncategorized)

I was napping when I woke up on my biggest toe being bitten, it was a mouse!


I took the picture of the mouse to show you guys!!

 The mouse was only my niece Yum Yum akka Maryam ;D


Apparently, she was practicing since her teeth are brand new ;D. However, no serious damages occured since I was wearing my bear sucks ;D

P.S. If you look at the picture closely, you will notice that she was trying to bite her biggest toe just the way I taught her!

Monkey see monkey do ;D

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What’s with number 6!!

December 24, 2008 at 3:52 pm (Uncategorized)


Last Wednesday was my students English exam. I am used to not sleeping a day before their exam, can you believe that!! I worry about each one of them and the hallucinations take over the place!

I know my girls very well so I was thinking about every individual of them, the grade they will get, will they be disappointed after the exam or have a cheerful smile drawn on their faces!

I gave them a class before the exam and set them free 30 minutes earlier so that they can review. I explained to them a new type of writing which is called “Narrative Writing”. They njoyed it since girls usually like descriptive writings that get them inside the story and make them feel, touch, see and listen the characters themselves.

It was a story of a guy who was watching a movie at the theater and was heading home after. when he was going to take the elevator to reach his apartment, he noticed a blond guy behind him hiding his face and walking quickly. The man suspected him but thought it’s the effect of the horror movie he has just watched.

He reached his floor and started heading towards his apartment when he noticed a pool of blood in front of his neighbor’s apartment. He freaked out and started moving backward. He could have jumped a foot when a hand touched his shoulders. Before he turned to see who is it, he started linking the blond guy who has hiding his face to the pool of blood!! “It was the killer, he must have killed Mrs.Manz my neighbor he said,”!!

He gathered his strength up and turned. His face became blue, it was Mrs.Manz.!! “You didn’t step into the tomato sauce, did you,”? ” I was carrying my sister’s homemade tomato sauce when the elevator stopped all of a sudden and then I dropped it,”!!

The girls went out lauging and their yellow faces turned into red because they laughed so hard at their wild imagination and the idea of the serious killer they saw in the story!!

The class was over but before they left I said “Girls, if you didn’t get high marks, it will be a real pool of blood inside the lab not a tomato sauce I promise,”!! ;D

40 minutes passed and the results started to show on the computers screen!! I couldn’t utter a word!! 6, 6, 6, 6, 6.5 were dominating!!

It was out of 20 and the highest was 16!! I kept silent but was really shocked!! One of the A students came approaching me. She said “Ms, Please kill me the 1st,”!!

What’s wrong with students these days!? Why are they so careless!? Don’t they get the meaning of a mid-term exam or studying in general?! Back in my days, B+ was a real put down for me!! I remember not eating, not talking, not sleeping during examinations becuase my awaiting future is all about them!!

I am used to giving bonuses and activities that can make up some of the bad grades but I don’t feel like doing it now!!

I am disappointed and frustrated, I feel I haven’t done anything when I have done everything to them!!

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To the only Zara, “Happy Anniversary” ;)

December 22, 2008 at 5:52 pm (Uncategorized)


is Zara‘s  1st anniversary 😀


Is there anniversaries song like it is in birthdays?! ;D. I wanna sing, I wanna sing lol

Zara doesn’t know that I am writing a post for the sake of her lovely eyes but yeah, I am 😉

Zara, you are one of a kind. It’s true I have known you for a while but you’re such a sweetheart, tender, lovable,huggable,kissable, and an honorable girl!

Fahd, I don’t think you will be reading this post but this is for you,

Zara is a gift from God! She is a rare gem that can be found at the bottom of wide and deap occeans. She is lucky to have a lovable and an understanding man like you. I know she nags a lot about kids and her desire of having a baby 24/7. I don’t blame her because she wants to have your baby, a baby from your own flesh that will carry your name and make you proud of Zara. Trust me, it’s rare to find women who cherish babies like her. No doubts, Zara will be the greatest mom ever which might even make you regret not having a baby from the 1st month of marriage lol

Zara, I know it might sound cliche but I feel that I have known you since ages

To Zara and her fondness of children, these are my gifts for you in your special day  ;D





 P.S. another gift has been sent to your email munchkin ;D

P.S. Being bugged by your emails is the sweetest thing ever. Please, don’t stop  ;D





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December 21, 2008 at 3:44 pm (Uncategorized)

First and formost, awwwwwwwwwww!! For God’s sake!! What’s happening with wordpress lines!! why is it so difficult for me to log in?. why do I always get that stupid message saying “Sorry internet explorer can’t display the webpage”!! Eveything else is working God damn it!!

O.K. After shouting, I can start lol

See this cute, adorable, choco, vanilla, strawberry babay, that’s my niece Peach akka “Khokha” ;D


I have this cute and adorable niece of mine. Her name is Peach and she is almost 3 years old. She is the sweetest, loveliest, and the most eatable thing ever.

Her mom went out with my mom and I asked them to let her stay with me since it was old outside and she is just a baby.She sat beside me eating cheese chips that I bought myself when this conversation took place:


Peach: “Auntie, eat,”
Me: “Ok, sugar, and the never ending feeding starts,”
Me: “Mama, please eat it, it’s for you. I have just eaten my breakfast,” LOL mama starts her lectures everytime I say I just had my breakfast. I eat my so called breakfast at 2 hehe, not even brunch I know lol
Peach: “Auntie, I love it, from where you got it,”
Me: “Safeway honey, if you love it, I will buy you one whenever I go there,”
Peach: “Auntie, eat,”
Me: “Mama, put it in your stomach, I am full sweetie,”
Peach acting so innocent raising her sweater and putting the chips on her stomach” Auntie, it doesn’t go inside,”
Me with a wide smile on my face and my mouth wide open because I really wanted to eat her “Sweetie, when you put the food in your mouth and start chewing it, it goes inside your stomach,”
Peach still unable to comprehend: “It doesn’t go inside auntie,”
Me perplexed, I hate not answering kids nor lying but how can I explain it, ummm “Open your mouth and i will show you,”
Me: “Look munchkin, *putting one chip inside*, I have put it inside, now chew it,”
Peach chewing: “I ate it auntie,”
Me: “O.K. Open your mouth now and show me where is the chips,”
Peach: “I ate it,”
Me: “When you open your mouth and don’t see it inside, it means it went down all the way to your stomach,”
Peach “No, it doesn’t go inside, she takes another chip and tries to put it inside her stomach again,”
Me: “If you were able to put it inside your stomach, please tell me,”

I gave up. I didn’t know how else to convice her that it does go to her stomach. Thanks God, I didn’t reach the stage that it goes below the stomch and blah blah blah,”!!

Oh, I just remembered this. Once my evil bro was messing around with Peach. He told her that rain comes out from eyes when she cries when it is supposed to come out from the sky.  She kept on crying for an hour just to make  it stop when it was actually raining cats and dogs lol

Peacho, God bless your soul sugar cane 🙂

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Saudi Mentality!

December 18, 2008 at 11:14 am (Uncategorized)


First and foremost, I have nothing against Saudis especially guys since I talk and will be talking about them in my blog here, O.K. everybody ;D? I am 100% Saudi and proud of it but the things Saudi guys do get on my nerves!! I can’t bear such ill behaviours!

Today I was in my car heading home while listening to MBC FM. There was this radio show that comes with a new subject everyday. Today’s topic was about “Mentality of Men and Women, whose scale wins”?!

So, people started sending messages and calling telling their opinions.

The 1st: “Women have no mind at all except for their blah blah blah,”!  Oh yeah,then guys have what for God’s sake I burst out!!

The 2nd: “Men are everything in this world and without them the world is nothing,”! Oh, yeaaaaaaaaaah!! I didn’t know that! Howcome my dad didn’t tell me that I said or he was from different planet where women are considered human beings!!

The 3rd: “Women think with their emotions,”!! Saudis, please cut me some slack and stop saying this stupid thing!! Say it again while looking at a mirror and you will see how stupid you sound saying it I shouted!

The 4th: “Allah says that a testimony of two women is a testimony of one man which means that women have a man’s half brain,”!! I really hate those who use their own interpretations of Quraan just to go with their own beliefs!! Sickooooo!!

The 5th acting cool “I will say they are everything since my wife is next to me,”!! What a typical Saudi, scared of your wife that she will throw you out of the bedroom!! Go get a life for God’s sake!! No, it wasn’t funny at all but showed how stupid you ARE!!

The 6th: “Things are changed nowadays, women are a major part in this society. The world is nothing without them. This was the only guy who used his mind when he said “Men should just think for second that who brings men to life?! Women!! So, how on earth they consider women nothing and unimportant in this society!! Honestly, this guy comes from the 5% of Saudi guys that I respect!!

The 7th: “Women and the kitchen are one, they just care about what shall I cook today, oh I made that sweet a week ago, I need to search for new recipes,”!! Were you awake when you said that Mr.Saudi jerk?!! O.K. hear me out!! I am a Saudi woman and I don’t go to the kitchen and I don’t ever recall making a complete meal by myself!! So, please classify me and tell me to which category I belong?! Oh, if you will say Salon girl then put this as an earring in your sexy ears, I am not crazy about salons and all that girly stuff. I am beautiful enough with out make up or artifical tan and hair colors. Now, you classify me please, your majesty!! Take your time please and let your honorable mind work for a while!? I can’t wait to know the class I belong to?!

Dear Saudi guys out there,

I  don’t want to say that women are everything snd sound so girly but women have an important role in this world. Women are your mothers, wives, daughters and everything else. Being a male dominant society doesn’t mean you are free to mock on women saying they don’t have minds! Since you brought up this issue, I have a few questions for you. I know your minds don’t function well so I am giving you a month to answer. I am not in a rush O.K.!!

Do guys who walk with their sun glasses on inside malls or at nights have a bit of mind?! Don’t they know the difference between the sun and the moon?! Let me remind you, that’s something we learnt in KG classes. If you didn’t go to kindergarten, it was there in 1st grade science classes!

Do guys who still use bluetooth to satisfy their dirty desires have a bit of mind?!

Did that guy who asked me to have a ride in his car when I was waiting for my driver has a bit of mind?! Oh, please don’t tell me it’s me and that I seduced him and that trashy things!! I am adult enough to do these stuff!!

Do those guys who appear on screen holding their mobile phone chasing the interviewer everywhere have a bit of mind?! Kids have mobiles these days!! Oh, my 9 years old nephew has a mobile newer than mine and has never boosted about it!

As I said earlier, I am giving your valuable mind a month to think of answers that will convince and make me re-think about you having a 5 years old mind!!

The stage is yours, oh for a month I am reminding you again ;D

Thank you my dear blog, I am relieved now ;D

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Jack is back!!!

December 17, 2008 at 5:07 am (Uncategorized)

                                                                              Real or fake!? You decide!

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¤(`×| OnLy YoU CaN SiLenCe YourSelF |×´)¤‏

December 15, 2008 at 8:15 am (Uncategorized)

        Your voice can be silenced by your own shackles..

                       Break open.. Declare yourself..

                            Speak for yourself..










P.S. I am terribly sick with infected tonsils and stomach ache. My brain has been shut down till a further notice.

Missed ya

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