The doctor’s visit

November 24, 2008 at 7:27 am (Uncategorized)



Since Winter has started here in Saudi Arabia, I have started to take naps simply because time moves very slowly and I just sleep to pass some time.

I have decided to go for eyes check up yesterday and skip the napping thing. It was the only suitable day since it’s off for my brother. I left home at 3:30 since the hospital is 20 minutes away. The story started then.

I went to the reception to open a file. There was a guy before me who took a very long time nagging over a cancelled appointment. I was just waiting when I discovered that two men came and started talking to the receptionist ignoring the fact that there is a lady and moreover waiting in the queue!! Is the period of gentlemen over or what!! Why on Earth do we have queues then!! why it’s Saudis only who act rude and never organized God Damn it!! Because I am too polite to say something, I let them take my turn and waited for their majesty to finish.

My brother came by that time after he found a parking lot and finished my papers for me. My number was 15 so, I went to the waiting room.







P.S. I forgot my headphone and I wasn’t carrying a book so, I leave it for your imagination to feel how lonely and bored I was.

 At 5:00 PM I was finally called

I went with a nurse into a check up room and then the same symphony I hate was repeated “right, left, down, up”. I wasn’t surprised but I was choking when I wasn’t able to identify the direction!! I felt I was getting blind and I kept on saying I don’t know instead of trying!! The pictures were fuggy!! Oh, when I put my head into that thing while she was taking pictures of my pupils, I was so happy to see a picture of a road and a parachute inside. It was lovely however, I was able to tell what’s in the picture after 10 minutes maybe lol

So, back into the waiting room





The nurse came asking for my glasses. 5 minutes later she brought it back telling me that I will be called for Dr. I don’t know what his name is lol.

Back into waiting






I was called and went inside his room. He asked me some questions on whether I feel my eyes are dry, itchy or anything else related to that. I told him that I am not complaining from any but I came because I feel that my eyesight is getting lower. He told me that I will be sent to the consultant later.

So, I kick my ass out of there and back into the grey leather chair at the waiting room






After half an hour of waiting, that Philipino nurse with her white uniform and soap smell calls for me. I start heading to Dr.I know his name this time lol “Osama”. She asks me to sit till his nurse calls me.






Finally, they call me and I go inside. I sit on his leather chair and start the same symphony over and over. I can’t deny that he is cute and lovely lol. He told me then that I have to change my glasses because my eyesight got changed. He asked me to go to the Optical Shop that belongs to the same hospital, make a new glasses and come back to him.

So, we go there and the search for a new good looking frame starts. What the heck was going on with Armani, Chanel, and Prada!! 2000-4000 SR for a frame only!! And it wasn’t that good after all!! If it had some diamonds and was 4000, I would have bought it but crystals that might fall and leave the design stupid!! Why should I spend half or all of my salary on it!! Moreover, all of the ones I liked were exactly like the one I am wearing now, totally back, thick frames with the brand name engraved on the sicks sides!! So, I decided to wait to check for my insurance company and how much they will be paying me for my glasses. I asked for my current glasses lenses to be replaced with the new lenses the Dr prescribed. My current glasses is 5 months old after all and one of my favorite possessions as well.

It was Isha prayer time, the longest break ever. So, my brother and I headed into the damned waiting area again because we were promised that the lenses will replaced after prayer.







Back into the optical shop at 7:30. I sit inside checking on the frames again. They come back to me telling me that the glasses will be ready after 5 minutes.





15 minutes passed

The man comes with the most delightful news. Madam: “Sorry the lenses got broken while trying to insert them”. We are out of it now and will be provided with the same measurement in two days!!




  1. bliss said,

    oh my god that’s just TOO ANNOYING!!
    the same thing happened to me when i first bought mine, they were frame less.
    they told me to come pick it up after two days, and when i did, they told me that it got broken while trying to put the lenses on. so i came the next day to find that they STILL haven’t finished it yet ughhhh
    i got it the day after that FINALLY! eash hatha ta3theeb :/

  2. Bee said,

    wooow i would have killed him if this happened to me :-S i hate waiting …but in ur case it’s not just waiting it’s waiting 35 times :-S , and all this time wasted at doing nothing…am sure now u will think 100 times before going again for a checkup 😛

  3. ummadam said,

    Is that your only brother? What will you do once he gets married?
    I never knew Saudi men were rude inlines with women. I thought the men were just like that with non-Saudis, because usually if I were at the end of the line (I’m American we stand in line the brits ‘que’…lol) then they would usher me to the front. I really thought it was just Saudi women who were rude to other women until recently. I was in McDonalds and when my turn came to place the order a woman came on the side of me and handed the casheir her money and tried to place the order. I took the money and gave it back and told her to get in line. While she was asking me “what line?” The Saudi man behind me screamed his order and the cashier started putting it in the registar. I was so shocked and pissed that I screamed at him. I asked him what did he think he was doing. He apologised and said, no problem and told the man to take my order. The man refused to take my order, he was clearly scared. My husband who was sitting down with the kids could hear me screaming and came to see what was going on. He asked the Saudi man did he disrespect his wife. The man was humiliated and embarrassed and kept saying I’m sorry no problem. I was so mad, I said , It is a problem because now this man won’t take my order until he takes yours. I end up leaving saying that somebody should report to the McDonalds corporate office in America how their customers are treated.

  4. Mina said,

    OMG i woulda been furious….I have very low tolerance to those sort of situations no matter how cute the docotor is:P

    I woulda been so rude walahi I cant stand waiting 4 that long suprised you did wow!!!

    Your very patient:)
    Haha your a geek like me lol we have more and more things in common:P
    But that was a long process subhanallah I would kicked the doctors ass if I waited that long:/
    over here you juz visit the optical express and voila its done within a few days and if you need to replace the lens it takes a few minutes and your good to go…

    I currently have a pink incrusted with jewels prada glasses — which according to my lil sis makes me look like a granny:(

    but I need a check up and need a cool black set to make me look mysterioues lol since I always look like a meanie and never so much smile at people.

  5. hissweetheart said,

    Poor we glasses wearers lol

    They make us feel that we are in Guwantanamo lol

  6. hissweetheart said,


    I have missed ya sweet thing.

    And yeah, that made me overlook going there again!!

  7. hissweetheart said,

    Um Adam
    Yes, it’s a very bad habbit around Saudi men and women not regarding non-Saudis but everyone as well. If they went in line after you, it might be for the sake of looking at your ass!! I am not generalizing here but it’s very common!! It’s not only Mcdonald’s, it’s epedimic everywhere!!

    Oh, my brother is not the only one but he is the eldest. The bread owner after my dad. He is the one who got engaged recently. I don’t know what I would do without him 😦

  8. Aafke said,

    Ah, the joy of hospital visits…
    Never go to a hospital without two books, an MP3 player (at least 2 GB) and provisions, food drink, etc.

  9. hissweetheart said,


    Ignore your sis. Pink is really nice as glasses especially!! Go for the thick black frame like mine and you will never stop wearing it!! It will even change the way you look into a well educated and sophisticated lady lol I hear that a lot loooool

    Proud to be geeks *you and me* LOL

  10. hissweetheart said,

    LOL Aafke
    I could have finished 300 pages a book I swear!!

    LOL@ the 2GB music.

    I am thinking of buying this new 140 GB Ipod ;D

  11. Errant said,

    oh god .. it happens all the time .. I HATE waiting ..

    but you know what thank God it wasn’t a dentist queue you were standing in .. otherwise you’d be like ..

    you hearts beata faster n faster
    scared to death

    and when they call your name you’ll be like ..
    ya wailyyyyyyyyyyyy

    so i guess ..

    is a better scinario after all .. right?

  12. Rachel said,

    I would have been sooo upset!!! We all have to remember to be prepared for doctor as no matter what time our appointment is getting in is another story.

  13. ummadam said,

    May Allah protect and preserve your brother..aameen!

    O if want his walima to be fun, invite Amanda. She is Walima Queen!

  14. hissweetheart said,

    That would have been tripple killing ;D

  15. hissweetheart said,

    First, let me tell you that I am a fan of your name ;D. I truly love it

    Consider it a lesson and that I am a good student who memoried it well. i have o be fully prepared for such things!!

    Welcome to my sphere sweetie ;D

  16. hissweetheart said,

    Um Adam
    I would definitely want it to be fun and you’re all invited ;D

  17. eshda3wa said,

    oh my god!

    all that for an eye check up!!!

    allah y3eeenik!

  18. hissweetheart said,


    Yes, it is!!!

  19. Zara said,

    Ouch, that’s a long day.I know exactly how you feel,how *speechless* you were when you found out that the long day turn out into nothing. Lolz @ Saudi is rude and ver organized =D, this is KSA, embrace it.

  20. Zara said,

    *error* Lolz @ Saudis are rude and never organized =P

  21. hissweetheart said,


    True, true, true ;D

    Welcome abroad sweetie ;D

  22. ren_crow said,

    Ahh i’m so glad I have perfect 6/6 eye vision and don’t need any glasses. All that waiting sucks though.

    btw nice blog 😀

  23. hissweetheart said,

    Mashalla, keep it up girl ;D

    *blushing* thanks sweetie

  24. Lili3 said,

    @_@ that must have been really stressful! you poor thing 😦

    I don’t go to the doctor for my eye check up, I just go to the optical shop, where they do the test which only takes 5 minutes, and they have the Armani-Gucci-G&D-Dior for only 2000SR. What I’m wearing right now is SAFILO Brand, an Italian brand for 2000SR(with lenses), its fully crystallized and the company can supply you any fallen pieces anytime for no costs at all, but I never needed that since it has never fallen!(which is huge deal, I’m a very pushy person around objects and always destroy them by mistake 😦 )

    You just need to find a trustful shop for your optical wear, that is much better than the hospitals :S

  25. hissweetheart said,

    I am used to such optical shops but I decided to go for a change and consult a doctor at a fancy hospital and this was the result of me trying to spil myself ;D

    Now, I wanna see your glasses lol

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