November 20, 2008 at 9:07 pm (Uncategorized)



I mentioned how upset I was in my previous post regarding my work problems. Well, the main reason was the B I A T C H we are forced to deal with. I a sure you remember the story of changing my classes timing into Thursdays which was merely done to piss me off. Something new happened yesterday. 

I heard that my coordinator contacted this psycho asking her to make arrangements regarding the Thursday classes. I didn’t know what did he mean by that and decided to wait and see. 15 minutes after I finished my class, I got a call from a teacher who works with us asking me what’s going on?! I was like ha, with what!! She answered me saying that the bitch called her and informed her that 3 additional classes will be hers “THURSDAY CLASSES” ;D

2 of my classes and 1 which is my friend’s class were given to her since we complained saying that we won’t attend the classes at all. I was happy that I won but sad because I will miss my students for I wanted to finish this course with them. I really missed seeing her face back then!! So, the idea of resigning is still in my mind but is kinda delayed till another notice “getting another job”. I am really lost. My family is divided when it comes to this problems. Some say leave and others say don’t!! Who should I follow!! God only knows!!

I will wait for an approval from a certain place I applied at and this will decide it all. I chose it because it’s kind of a charity institute. It deals with the poor slice mostly. I really love working at such places and I really hope to get this chance.

Thanks everybody for your support and prayers.

Love ya all  




  1. ruhsablogger said,

    the underlined lines indicate a hyperlink. Somehow the whole post is acting like a link to the photo at the beginning. you’ll need to adjust the html or reformat the link.

    btw, your job situation is unfortunately not uncommon. unless you don’t need a job and are only doing it for fun/to pass the time, you should consider keeping it until you have another one. a bird in hand is worth two in the bush 🙂

  2. hissweetheart said,

    I don’t know about it, it appears and disappears like this and I see myself forced to use it!!

    *A bird in hand is worth two in a bush* I used that in my class today and I definitely believe in it!!

    Thanks a lot sweetie and welcome to my humble blog

  3. Mina said,

    Awww some good news finally, for now anyways:)

    Inshallah your application will be accpeted and you can move on Hip hip horray!!!

  4. hissweetheart said,


    thanks *hugs*

  5. Aafke said,

    I’m glad things are looking up for you!
    Your whole post is a hyperlink now, you could try: – edit- hightlight the text, click the hyperlink icon – click break hyperlink

  6. hissweetheart said,


    Thanks sweetie.

    And thanks again for the tip *it worked *

  7. asoom said,

    Ooohhh that really sucks you have to be around someone like that, good luck!

  8. hissweetheart said,


    Thanks Munchkin

  9. ren_crow said,

    Wow your boss is evil. Good luck on getting a nicer and better paying job inshallah!

  10. hissweetheart said,

    He is not bad at all but he has higher authorities controling him.

    Thanks hun

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