What I have been up to!!

November 15, 2008 at 9:27 pm (Uncategorized)


What is my mood?

Really shitty. I have cried a lot today. After I had a very fruitful meeting with my coordinator about how bad the situation is at work, he promised that everything will be restored back as it was. He really lefted my spirit up when he said that he should stand up and take a bow for me. He called me the pride of his country and a vivid example of a hard working Saudi female.

Why my happiness didn’t last?

Everything he promised me of, vanished in one night!! I was really devastated for I thought he is the shoulder to lean on. What I am talking about is the dirty sicko female who was hired to supevise all of the employees at the females department. To give you a brief idea on her, it will take me million pages to write about.

I have worked, known, heard about this person for two years now because our work dealt with her institute to provide us with teachers. We were shocked to see lousy, lazy, old, and uneducated teachers. My colleague and I know her very well. My 1st boss suffered a great deal from her for she used to call him million times a day. He told us once that her hubby came to him begging him to answer his wife’s calls because she is mentally ill and is refusing to take her pills!!

It’s only her sickness but she has been working in a very dirty way whether morally or educationally. Just put yourself in my shoe and try to picture with me. If you were me, recieved million complains about her and had to report them and now all of a sudden she is your boss, what the hell is your relationship going to be!!

You guessed right, enemies!!

This is exactly what is happening. She has tried everything to ruin our reputation but failed. The latest thing she did was changing N and I classes timing without our approval. She said the reason is the small size of the class. However, the real reason since she is sicko is because she wanted the class to be her office!!

She has changed the timing of 13 classes just because she hates us for being praised and well known among everybody!! Remember, my coordinator promised that all the classes timing will be as it is, no changes at all. I felt a glimpse of happiness then.

I was shocked to read an e-mail from him today telling me that I have to follow the new timings. He wasn’t the same guy I met and felt comfortable with at the meeting!! He asked me to abide by the changes ignoring the fact that I am a human being and my yes or no is a priority. What the fuck is wrong with people these days!! They didn’t consider my refusal neither the students’!!

He asked me to cooperate forgetting his words in the meeting that I am the most cooperative person he has ever met!! Can you imagine how humilated I felt by that word specifically!! I was really stunned!!

The changes moved all my classes to Wed and Thurs. She did that in purpose because she knows I don’t work in Thursdays. Because I respect him, I agreed but suggested that instead of giving my Thursday classes to another teacher, I would take them in Wed as well. That should be welcomed and considered as a nice gesture as my parents have taught me, right!! However, his reply was like a stab in my back. He asked me to follow the arrangements that were made and then closed his email saying “Case closed, please”!!

Is this what we call cooperation Dr?? Is this the way the pride of your country gets treated!! Are you the same person I met!? Which kind of brain wash did she do in you!!?

There isn’t anything in this world called either this way or not!!? I am sorry, I am not a kid. I do understand this world and the work environment even better than 20-30 years experienced employees!! I replied in an angry way instead of my always-nice-talk telling him that I shouldn’t get the blame on because I am caught in the middle of disorganzation!! I also told him that there is no way that I ignore my family gathering in Thursday for the sake of work even if I cherish it to death. I asked him to let that sick find a substitute for me regarding the Thursday classes as she suggested and let him just be ready for my girls’ reaction!! I ended it saying, don’t worry about next semester, only God knows what’s going to happen!!

At the beginning of these problems, I have decided to continue this semester and then resign. Now, I am just ticked to explode at any moment and I might say goodbye very soon even it meant me being jobless!!

I really can’t bear such filthy environment. I hate it when I go to home upset and weary which makes everybody sick worried about me. I don’t care about payment or a well known place. I just seek organization and a healthy atmosphere!!

This is for today. I don’t know what is happening tomorrow. I am not positive anymore. I stopped believing the saying that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No, the tunnel’s end has collapsed!! There won’t be light at all. I am never pessimistic but I can’t lie and say things will be better niether you do because you can’t feel what I am passing through!!

P.S. Please, pray for me. I really need every single prayer!!



  1. Nader said,

    ضاقت فلما استحكمت حلقاتها…………… فرجت وكنت أظنها لا تفرج

    Be patient, sister. We all have hardships and difficulties in life. In fact, life would be so bring without these hardships.
    I am sure that, since you have pure good intentions, and since you are a hard working and sincere person, you will be just fine. Allah, (InshaAllah) will destine you the best.
    I will include you in my prayers.

  2. ummadam said,

    After every difficulty comes ease. May Allah make things easy on you. That picture is soooo funny!

  3. hissweetheart said,

    I haven’t read Arabic since ages but this line of a poem touched me !!

    Inshalla, I believe that whatever is happening is for my best. Don’t get the wrong idea of me complaining and being so black. Thanks Allah after all

  4. hissweetheart said,


    Ameen. I wish the ease is either kicking that villian out of my work to make it cleaner like before or me leaving 😉

    As for the pic, I foud it full of agony. I don’t know why you thought it’s funny but I have to tell you this, you succeeded in drawing a smile on my face 😉

  5. Sous said,

    Wow, God give you strength, i know it must be tough!
    just be patient, and something will work itself out, evil never wins;)

  6. hissweetheart said,



    Thanks a lot sweet thing 😉

  7. Mina said,

    I think everyone else has said it sis, truely with hardship comes ease, juz hang in there…Allah does not burden you with more than you can bare…

    Inshallah you are always in my duaa’s.

  8. hissweetheart said,


  9. Mina said,


  10. Mina said,

    *kisses* to you my darling

  11. Aafke said,

    It seems as if she has some hold over him. Or he is too chicken to speak to you eye to eye, so agrees with you and then he goes back on his words when he is safely behind the computer.

    How can she be hired to supervise when there were so many complaints against her allready? Isn’t that really stupid?

    As you have planned to leave, I think you can mind about the situation, and the inconsistent behaviour of the man you talked too. In a polite manner, but so as there can be no misunderstanding: The new supervisor is destroying the organisation, chasing away the good teachers who will be able to find other jobs. I’m sure the really grotty ones will lump it, because they won’t find it easy to find another job. That the new supervisor purposefully tries to sabotage family life of teachers, that the man you spoke for doesn’t hold his word but changes 180 degrees within a few hours.
    Always stay polite.
    The students will bear the real burden for this.
    Find another job, and take the students with you!

    It’s a horrible situation, and I hope as this door closes, a door to a better workplace will open for you!

  12. hissweetheart said,



    You’re so sweet I swear!! I really wish for things to get better. I have been applying in many places so, hopefully, I will get a hold of something,,

    Thanks darling

  13. Errant said,

    i’m so sorry to hear that .. another job problem .. you know i have someone like that who works with me , but she is not married lol so no we’re not colleagues .. ha ha .. anyways, she does take pills .. exactly the same .. it is so depressing and soul destroying ..

    i understand .. but who knows maybe this way is better for you .. ask God to give you the best and prevent what maybe worse ..

    again, this is life .. nothing is easy .. may God help us all ..

    please smile .. 🙂 .. yes just like that .. thanx

  14. hissweetheart said,

    Have I ever told you that you’re the sweetest!! ;D

    As for those sickos, with all due respect, they shouldn’t be mingling with normal people. It’s disheartening for real!!

    You won, you made me smile ;D

    thanks for you *hugs*

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