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First of all, I am so sorry for not blogging for a while ” a few days I know but I hate it it because it wasn’t my fault”. Whenever I logged in, the stupid message of sorry this website can’t be viewed appears!!! Damn, nothing is wrong in all the websites I check excpet my blog!! Really frustrating!!

What pissed me off more is that whenever I call my brother who is expert in these stuff, the message disappears and I become able to log in!! Embarrassing, right!!

So now, I logged in tra ra ra ra of course after my brother came and abra kadabra, nothing is wrong at all ūüėÄ

My post today is about a collection of some of my favorite music since music is the food of soul. My friends say that they understand my personality more by listening to my music. One thing to know about me, I love to share my favorite music to the people I love and you are some of them of course. so, here we go :).

Craig David-Rendezvouz

Anna Nalick-Just Breathe

Craig David-Spanish

All Out of love- Air Supply

Sade-By Your Side

Bryan Adams- To love a woman

Chantal Kreviazuk

Chris De Burgh- Always on my mind

Collin Raye- Love me

David Archuleta- You can


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The doctor’s visit

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Since Winter has started here in Saudi Arabia, I have started to take naps simply because time moves very slowly and I just sleep to pass some time.

I have decided to go for eyes check up yesterday and skip the napping thing. It was the only suitable day since it’s off for my brother. I left home at 3:30 since the hospital is 20 minutes away. The story started then.

I went to the reception to open a file. There was a guy before me who took a very long time nagging over a cancelled appointment. I was just waiting when I discovered that two men came and started talking to the receptionist ignoring the fact that there is a lady and moreover waiting in the queue!! Is the period of gentlemen over or what!! Why on Earth do we have queues then!! why it’s Saudis only who act rude and never organized God Damn it!! Because I am too polite to say something, I let them take my turn and waited for their majesty to finish.

My brother came by that time after he found a parking lot and finished my papers for me. My number was 15 so, I went to the waiting room.







P.S. I forgot my headphone and I wasn’t carrying a book so,¬†I leave it for your imagination to feel how lonely and bored I was.

 At 5:00 PM I was finally called

I went with a nurse into a check up room and then the same symphony I hate was repeated “right, left, down, up”.¬†I wasn’t surprised but I was choking when I wasn’t able to identify the direction!! I felt I was getting blind and I kept on saying I don’t know instead of trying!! The pictures were fuggy!! Oh, when I put my head into that thing while she was taking pictures of my pupils, I was so happy to see a picture of a road and a parachute inside. It was lovely however, I was able to tell what’s in the picture after 10 minutes maybe lol

So, back into the waiting room





The nurse came asking for my glasses. 5 minutes later she brought it back telling me that I will be called for Dr. I don’t know what his name is lol.

Back into waiting






I was called and went inside his room. He asked me some questions on whether I feel my eyes are dry, itchy or anything else related to that. I told him that I am not complaining from any but I came because I feel that my eyesight is getting lower. He told me that I will be sent to the consultant later.

So, I kick my ass out of there and back into the grey leather chair at the waiting room






After half an hour of waiting, that Philipino nurse with her white uniform and soap smell calls for me. I start heading to Dr.I know his name this time lol “Osama”. She asks me to sit till his nurse calls me.






Finally, they call me and I go inside. I sit on his leather chair and start the same symphony over and over. I can’t deny that he is cute and lovely lol. He told me then¬†that I have to change my glasses because my eyesight got changed. He asked me to go to the Optical Shop that belongs to the same hospital, make a new glasses and come back to him.

So, we go there and the search for a new good looking frame starts. What the heck was going on with Armani, Chanel, and Prada!! 2000-4000 SR¬†for a frame only!! And it wasn’t that good after all!! If it had some diamonds and was 4000, I would have bought it but crystals that might fall and leave the design stupid!! Why should I spend half or all of my salary on it!! Moreover, all of the ones I liked were exactly like the one I am wearing now, totally back, thick frames with the brand name engraved on the sicks sides!! So, I decided to wait to check for my insurance company and how much they will be paying me for my glasses. I asked for my current glasses lenses to be replaced with the new lenses the Dr prescribed. My current glasses is 5 months old after all and one of my favorite possessions as well.

It was Isha prayer time, the longest break ever. So, my brother and I headed into the damned waiting area again because we were promised that the lenses will replaced after prayer.







Back into the optical shop at 7:30. I sit inside checking on the frames again. They come back to me telling me that the glasses will be ready after 5 minutes.





15 minutes passed

The man comes with the most delightful news. Madam: “Sorry the lenses got broken while trying to insert them”. We are out of it now and will be provided with the same measurement in two days!!


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I mentioned how upset I was in my previous post regarding my work problems. Well, the main reason was the B I A T C H we are forced to deal with. I a sure you remember the story of changing my classes timing into Thursdays which was merely done to piss me off. Something new happened yesterday. 

I heard that my coordinator contacted this psycho asking her to make arrangements regarding the Thursday classes. I didn’t know what did he mean by that and decided to wait and see.¬†15 minutes¬†after I finished my class, I got a call from a teacher who works with us asking me what’s going on?! I was like ha, with what!! She answered me saying that the bitch called her and informed her that 3 additional classes will be hers “THURSDAY CLASSES” ;D

2 of my classes and 1 which is my friend’s class were given to her since we complained saying that we won’t attend the classes at all. I was happy that I won but sad because I will miss my students for I wanted to finish this course with them. I really missed seeing her face back then!! So, the idea of resigning is still in my mind but is kinda delayed till another notice “getting another job”. I am really lost. My family is divided when it comes to this problems. Some say leave and others say don’t!! Who should I follow!! God only knows!!

I will wait for an approval from a certain place I applied at and this will decide it all. I chose it because it’s kind of a charity institute. It deals with the poor slice mostly. I really love working at such places and I really hope to get this chance.

Thanks everybody for your support and prayers.

Love ya all  


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What I have been up to!!

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What is my mood?

Really shitty. I have cried a lot today. After I had a very fruitful meeting with my coordinator about how bad the situation is at work, he promised that everything will be restored back as it was. He really lefted my spirit up when he said that he should stand up and take a bow for me. He called me the pride of his country and a vivid example of a hard working Saudi female.

Why my happiness didn’t last?

Everything he promised me of, vanished in one night!! I was really devastated for I thought he is the shoulder to lean on. What I am talking about is the dirty sicko female who was hired to supevise all of the employees at the females department. To give you a brief idea on her, it will take me million pages to write about.

I have worked, known, heard about this person for two years¬†now because our work dealt with her institute to provide us with teachers. We were shocked to see lousy, lazy, old, and uneducated teachers. My colleague and I know her very well. My 1st boss suffered a great deal from her for she used to call him million times a day. He told us once that her hubby came to him begging him to answer his wife’s calls because she is mentally ill and is refusing to take her pills!!

It’s only her sickness but she has been working in a very dirty way whether morally or educationally. Just put yourself in my shoe and try to picture with me. If you were me, recieved million complains about her and had to report them and now all of a sudden she is your boss, what the hell is¬†your relationship going to be!!

You guessed right, enemies!!

This is exactly what is happening. She has tried everything to ruin our reputation but failed. The latest thing she did was changing N and I classes timing without our approval. She said the reason is the small size of the class. However, the real reason since she is sicko is because she wanted the class to be her office!!

She has changed the timing of 13 classes just because she hates us for being praised and well known among everybody!! Remember, my coordinator promised that all the classes timing will be as it is, no changes at all. I felt a glimpse of happiness then.

I was shocked to read an e-mail from him today telling me that I have to follow the new timings. He wasn’t the same guy I met and felt comfortable with at the meeting!! He asked me to abide by the changes ignoring the fact that I am a human being and my yes or no is a priority. What the fuck is wrong with people these days!! They didn’t consider my refusal neither the students’!!

He asked me to cooperate forgetting his words in the meeting that I am the most cooperative person he has ever met!! Can you imagine how humilated I felt by that word specifically!! I was really stunned!!

The changes moved all my classes to Wed and Thurs. She did that in purpose because she knows I don’t work in Thursdays. Because I respect him, I agreed but suggested that instead of giving my Thursday classes to another teacher, I would take them in Wed as well. That should be welcomed and considered as a nice gesture as my parents have taught me, right!! However, his reply was like a stab in my back. He asked me to follow the arrangements that were made and then closed his email saying “Case closed, please”!!

Is this what we call cooperation Dr?? Is this the way the pride of your country gets treated!! Are you the same person I met!? Which kind of brain wash did she do in you!!?

There isn’t anything in this world called either this way or not!!? I am sorry, I am not a kid. I do understand this world and the work environment even better than 20-30 years experienced employees!! I replied in an angry way instead of my always-nice-talk telling him that I shouldn’t get the blame on because I am caught in the middle of disorganzation!! I also told him that there is no way that¬†I ignore my family gathering in Thursday for the sake of work even if I cherish it to death. I asked him to let that sick find a substitute for me regarding the Thursday classes as she suggested and let him just be ready for my girls’ reaction!! I ended it saying, don’t worry about next semester, only God knows what’s going to happen!!

At the beginning of these problems, I have decided to continue this semester and then resign. Now, I am just ticked to explode at any moment and I might say goodbye very soon even it meant me being jobless!!

I really can’t bear such filthy environment. I hate it when I go to home upset and weary which makes everybody sick worried about me. I don’t care about payment or a well known place. I just seek organization and a healthy atmosphere!!

This is for today. I don’t know what is happening tomorrow. I am not positive anymore. I stopped believing the saying that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No, the tunnel’s end has collapsed!! There won’t be light at all. I am never pessimistic but I can’t lie and say things will be better niether you do because you can’t feel what I am passing through!!

P.S. Please, pray for me. I really need every single prayer!!

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Married men, shame on you!!

November 11, 2008 at 3:06 pm (Uncategorized)



I have written a post earlier about “Married Women” which arouse lots of cotroversy among many bloggers. So, enough with women and welcome to men and their endless¬†problems!!

Not you singles, I am refering to those married or those who act-like-married-men.

Marriage is a very big word which contains lots of honorable meanings underneath it. I¬†am not married yet, but I have read, seen, known, watched a lot about this strong commitment being called “Marriage”. It’s a symbol of commitment, awareness, responisibility, and most importantly FAITHFULNESS.

The word “faithfulness” can be defined this way:


  1. Adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, cause, or idea; loyal.
  2. Engaging in sex only with one’s spouse or only with one’s partner in a sexual relationship.
  3. Having or full of faith.
  4. Worthy of trust or belief; reliable.
  5. Consistent with truth or actuality: a faithful reproduction of the portrait.


  1. The practicing members of a religious faith, especially of Christianity or Islam: a pilgrimage to Mecca made by the faithful.
  2. The steadfast adherents of a faith or cause: a meeting of the party faithful.

So faithfulness as the definitions¬†stated above¬†is always under one category which is “TO ONE PERSON ONLY” whether it is love, religion, spouse, reality, and even sex.

The reason why I am kind of really pissed off is the way married people act. I am fed up with married men in the malls with their wives next to them while they are busy flirting!! YEAH, flirting and alluring as if there is no body with them!! I mean, I can understand why some singles and looking flirt women almot everywhere. However, what I can’t understand is the married type an moreover, with kids.

I can never forget that day when I was at the library buying some school stuff for my niece. There was this guy who was in his late 40s with his 8 years old daughter. He was buying for her as well and holding her hand in a soft fatherly way while she was jumping out of happiness seeing all those pinkish bags and note books in front of her.

I smiled in the inside for seeing such a pleasant view. What devastated me is when I noticed that he was following me everywhere. I thought that maybe he wants something since he has no female partner with him and is maybe confused with what to buy. He came closer while I was heading towards my niece who was running to buy some stickers from the other side. He came to flirt with me!! He passed by me touching himself and muttering some inaudible words!!

He was doing all that with his girl in his hand, can you believe how sick he is!! No, nothing is wrong with me at all. My abaya is a loose one with no colors or decorations whatsoever. Right, I don’t cover but i never go out with my make up on!! My legs started shaking and I found myself dragging out my niece and leaving that library for good!!

I took her to play because she burst out crying like crazy. I could have done many things to that guy but he was with his daughter!! I didn’t want to shake that good-father-image in her eyes nor to make a fuss. I am a very strong by the way and can do many things about it but I decided to withdraw peacefully!!

When we were about to leave the games section, I noticed that the same dirty-idiot-asshole man was there.  To my shock, his wife and two grown up boys were with him!! Is that the father figure they always sing about!! If the father himself acts this way, what would the kids do then!!

It’s not only this case, I have seen a lot. All by married men along with their wives. No, nothing is wrong with the wife. The wife’s abaya is usually the latest, tightest, with the strongest eye linar and eye shadow and a suffocating smell that she wears. Isn’t all enough you sicko!!

I always pray to God not to let me marry a guy who has one second thought of cheating on me!! It’s the biggest sin ever!!

P.S. 80 % of married men cheat on their wives!! Sad, isn’t it!!

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November 8, 2008 at 7:47 pm (Uncategorized)

This is one of the commercials I will never ever forget in my entire life.


P.S. My dearest bloggers, this is to be worth posted in your valuable blog. It might arise awareness in any

unknowledgeable parents, adults,¬†teenagers, and kids. You won’t waste a penny!!

Let’s reunite against child abuse!!

It gotta stop!!


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November 6, 2008 at 8:41 pm (Uncategorized)



I was supposed to go shopping today since my shopping last night was kind of useless!! Well, I was planning to buy some clothes but I was shocked!! All the shops had “Winter” clothes. Not “Winter Winter” but it’s the kind of clothes you wear when it’s snowing in your area all the year!!

How should I buy such extremely heavy woolen clothes when Winter has just started!! Ok, I understand Winter is approaching but HELLOO, it’s never gonna snow!! Don’t forget we are in Saudi not Canada or Russia or whatever country it is!!

I know some people start shopping for Winter from now. However,¬†what I can’t understand is why the ALL Winter invasion!! You could have brought some Spring or Summer clothes along with the Winter type putting in mind that some people like me hate wearing heavy clothes in Winter!!

So, I was supposed to go shopping tonight but my brother got lazy about it. Due to my killing boredom, my sister suggested that I should watch a good movie. She advised me to watch “Taken”. As obedient and sweet as I am lol, I did. I really loved the movie and couldn’t part the screen for a moment even. However, the movie made me kind of depressed when it was over!!

The reason was that there was some mentioning of Arabs as evils, terrorists, and many other devilish thoughts!!

How can Americans “I am saying Americans due to the origin of the movie” understand that because an Arab was a terrorist, doesn’t mean it runs in all Arabs’ blood!! You’re gonna find the bad and the good in each country even if it was the most religious one!!

This reminded me of many¬† Muslim African Americans friends¬†of mine like Mina, Menelik¬†and Amanda who have been extremely happy due to Obama’s vicotry. Such people have been suffering a lot not because of anything but a stupid racism due to the different color they have!! So stupid for real!! All those people who have been mistreated are happy to the fact that Obama for being a black guy will change the way American people live!! I really wish that his sayings convert into actions not to be sided to the African Americans only but to create a balance and a peaceful environment for US as well as every other nations!!

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Oh God!!

November 3, 2008 at 3:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Oh my dear God, I am trying my best to fight over it. I am really doing my best but problems at work are just getting worse and worse!!

I am so ready to resign but I can’t do that without having an alternative!! I kind of regret missing that job opportunity I had 3 months ago just because I am faithful to my current work!!

Unfortunately, you people are not worth my ambitions, hard work, enthusiasm, passion, and cleverness for my work!! You let me down everyday by the way you react and respond to the worst problems ever by just ignoring them and focusing on the trivial matters!!

I really wish I can get a better job soon!! I have spent 3 years of commitment and faithfulness towards you and I can’t take it anymore if “worse-to-worse” will be overwhelming!!

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