I am bleary, dead, drained, exhausted, rundown, spent, tired out :(

October 20, 2008 at 8:05 pm (Uncategorized)


My dear bloggers, sorry for being somehow away, inactive, or maybe withdrwan. I am just having a very difficult time at work. Nothing related to me but the environment and the corruption happening in front of my eyes. Do you remember my post about my boss being a good guy. Well, still he is but when it comes to management, he is ZERO able to reform anything around and he can be easily manipulated by the bad asses at work!!

I can’t bear hypocrites and double faced people AT ALL!! I have these two workers at work, I won’t say pals or colleagues because I don’t and won’t ever consider them so. Let me tell you about these two workers “Z” and “F”.

“F” SMELLS!! Yes, she smells and her smell acts like insence in the room. Can you imagine that!! She is sharing the office with me along with my friend “N”. Can you believe how it kills me when she comes and talks to me with her face stuck at my face while she smells from everywhere!! I SWEAR, from everywhere. Shall I define where!! I can’t believe it!! She is a girl for God’s sake and she is MARRIED!! How the hell does her husband tolerates such odors!! I am sure he has no smelling sense at all!! Ewwww, how can they get intimate!! This lady is someone who opposes me in everything starting from the way she deals with people and her attitude as well. She is the kind of person who keeps on bragging about things she did or pretended she did. However, these things are the silliest and are mostly related to boosting and showing off!!

That “Z” lady is someone I disgust!! Gosh, I hate her guts! First let me tell you something, she doesn’t smell BUT she is a messy person!! Her used tissues, papers, and dirty cup of coffee is something that makes me lower my head in shame whenever people stop by our office!! “N” my friend and I are lost in the middle with such two disgusting ladies!! Oh, I forgot to tell you that “Z” is in her fourties yet, her mind is that of a 6 years old girl. I am not here to stab her on the back because I would do that in front of her and I am actually doing that!!

Don’t misjudge me, I am not rude or an enemy but there is something you have to know about me. When I hate or don’t like someone “I must have the strongest reasons to do that”, I can’t act hypocrite and treat such people as if I am in love with them!! My friends always say that when I meet such people, a writing on my forhead appears saying “I hate you, can’t you see that you ass”!!

I have a lot to say about these two bitches, I might write that in another post!!

My blog readers, what can you do to solve “smelly” people’s problem!! She comes to work with her hair wet but still smelly!!




  1. Hind said,

    Uff Allah y3eeeenk!
    Well I lack the sense of smell but I think you can suck in your breath whenever she comes to talk to you.. or keep dropping hints. lol ma3rf what people normally do., I’ve never been there 😀
    But I DO HAAATE MESSY PEOPLE! They get on my nerves! 3aiiiiib you’re a grown up you should be tidy and clean and shiney and everything!

  2. Mina said,

    Wow some characters you have at work :0

    If she smells that bad I suggest you invest yourself with nose plugs, or tell her she stinks of something so unbearable you cant describe it into words:P

    Anyways don’t stress yourself sis, Inshallah Khair, hey look on the bright side you could have been neighbours and would have to see her face everyday

  3. hissweetheart said,

    I swear I have tried everything!! I don’t stop saying that there is a smell in the office!!
    You know what she says?? Thanks God I don’t have the smelling sense!!

    If you can’t smell, shall I suffer and smell your bad breath and sweat!!

  4. hissweetheart said,

    I am scented candles and perfumes addicted!!

    Cnadles are lit 24/7!! Can you imagine how that feels like!!


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