Cruelty of step-moms!! I have always thought it stopped!!

October 16, 2008 at 9:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Wednesday, 16-10-2008 will be a memorial day for me. It’s one of the days that made me shed tears of joy and laughter mixed with anger and agitation.

The story started with a mother whom I have known since last year because her daughter is one of our students.  Just by looking at her face, you will be able to perceive a very deep sadness inside her weak heart. Her eyes could tell you of the million gloomy, sorrowful and downhearted stories she has been living ever since she got married to her husband who is her ex now. Her melancholic voice forces you to cry even if you’re living your happiest and the most delighted days ever.

I will call her daughter “Hope” because this girl never gives up. The story started with Hope’s mom and dad getting divorced years ago and Hope’s being in her step mom’s custody. All court visits were useless and the judge being so blind assigned Hope to be living with her dad except for a yearly visit to her mom which lasts for two or three months.

Hope joined our university by secret since her step mom is against it because it is her dream is to pursue her education. Her mom made an arrangement with a colleague of mine and I not to let anybody know about this and never to go back to her dad at all. The mom used to pay Hope’s fees by herself though it was hard for her to afford any but she has never given up.  Since Hope lives with her step mom, it was very difficult for her to attend the classes whilst keeping it a secret.

The idea was to tell her dad and step mom that she has to go for a regular check up. Every time she has a class, she would run back home whenever the class is finished with whatever medicine it is she buys from the nearest drugs store.  Hiding it couldn’t last longer and soon she was discovered. Her mom had to receive many bad names, swearing, and threatening just to let her daughter continue her bachelor degree. After a long fight, the dad being manipulated by his step mom agreed on letting Hope continue. With all the tough time she has faced, she finished her year successfully with excellent grades.

Yesterday, her mom came to my office crying telling me that Hope is feeling awfully dispirited and heavy –hearted. The reason was that her step mom kept on nagging over Hope’s dad that money is being spent carelessly over Hope’s education Moreover, she said that females should be staying at home only to be prepared for marriage. I was devastated to hear that and was hopeless on what to do with that depressed and blue crying mom. She said she has tried her best and so did her family members to convince Hope’s dad to let her continue her education but there was no avail.

Since registration fees are to be deducted after each week after the start of the new semester, she came to apply for a “drop” for this semester and said that she will be paying the rest of the fees just to keep Hope’s dad’s mouth shut for a while.

I couldn’t bear seeing her so melancholic and desolate and so an idea popped in my mind. I told her that I can call Hope’s dad and try to persuade him with a thought in my mind.  The idea was to call him and question about Hope’s absence for a week so far. Moreover, complimenting about Hope’s intellectuality and good manners plus offering some kind of partial scholarship.

The following conversation occurred between Hope’s dad and I:

Me: “Good morning,”

Hope’s dad: “Good morning,”

Me: “This is ….. the supervisor of….. hope I am not bothering you Sir,”

Hope’s dad:  ” Oh, hi. No, it’s OK, anything I can do for you Ms…,”?

Me: “Thanks a lot for welcoming me. I don’t want to make it any longer to you but I am calling regarding Hope,”

Hope’s dad: “……”

Me: “Well, Hope has been absent for a week now and I have been wondering if everything is OK since she hasn’t missed a class at all last year,”.

Hope’s dad: “Yeah, I am sorry I was in Riyadh and got busy and Hope is registering in other courses,”

Me: “Strange!! She came to me a month ago and I advised her on which courses to register and she was extremely enthusiastic about it, anything I can solve Mr.….,”?

Hope’s dad: “…….,” He is silent because he is a big lair. Nothing like that happened at all.

Me: “I want to seize this chance and express my sincere thanks to you and Hope’s mom for brining up such an intelligent and polite student,”

Hope’s dad: “………,”

Me: “By the way, how many hours have Hope completed so far,”?

Hope’s dad: “Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I am sorry I don’t know. “That just indicates how responsible he is!!

Me: “Moreover, Hope was nominated by ….. of the university that she will get a partial scholarship which will extend to full paid scholarship if she pursued her excellent GPA and I don’t want her to miss that since she is one of our outstanding students,”.

Hope’s dad: “ Ms…, I am more than honored to hear such words, I promise you Hope will be back to the university by next week,”

Me: “I am glad to hear that everything is Ok and can’t wait to see her back to receive her books and catch up with her missed lectures,”

Hope’s dad: “Don’t worry; she will be by your office by Saturday,”

Me: “Thanks a lot Mr…, goodbye,”

Hope’s dad: “Goodbye and thanks again,”

Hope’s mom was beside me listening to every single thing that happened between Hope’s dad and I with tears streaking down her cheeks.

I stood up and yelled saying” Hope will be baaaaaaaaaaaaack”.

Hope’s mom fell down on her knees and started praying and thanking God for listening to her prayers. 

She came running towards me and hugged me so tight. I started crying like crazy. That made her cry more but I was touched, I couldn’t hide my tears.

Her prayers for me meant the world to me. She reminded me of my dad and his warm hugs.

 True, some people lament over the loss of their dads but some people wish death for their dads because of the cruel treatment they receive. Every single thing that happens in this world occurs for a reason whether it was a good or a bad thing. Don’t act as if the world stopped, say thanks God for all things you have been giving me.

Hope, keep that bright view of yours and moreover, keep on hoping 😉


See you soon

His Sweatheart




  1. ummadam said,

    subhanallah! when the mom fell down in sujood al shukr, tears flowed from my eyes!

    you handled that beautifully!

    sounds like hope’s dad may have been more in a financial crisis than just being a tyrant.

    step parenting is not easy. the step mom may even be a decent person but liker i said step parenting is a fitnah. i have a step- daughter and will admit i felt more like she was ‘the other woman’ and was jeaolus of her wa authoo billah! factor money spent on her educatio in a country that she may never work in…the step mom probably thought she was being practical.

  2. hissweetheart said,

    Ummadam, the dad is one of the famous known business men. Money is never an issue for him but it’s his wife trust me!!

    I know what having a sep daughter might feel like for you. I haven’t been in such a position but I can picture it from the stories I hear. You might get jealous but trust me such kids are lost, they want to be under one nest with their real parents but the situation is not allowing them.!!

    Heaven is under moms’ feet, you’re a mom for her. I know not the biological mom but they say and it’s true “A real mom is the one who raised up not the one who delivered”.

    I know Devil can haunt us sometimes especially whne it comes to another girl sharing your house and getting some care from your husband but it’s not her fault again.

    I am glad your true vision has been restored and I am sure she considers you as a mom even if you’re not the biological one. If not now, then later. If you didn’t feel so, trust me, she is hiding it inside waiting for you to let her reveal these feelings.

  3. Nader said,

    Sad story with a beautiful ending. I really hope that the father lives up to his word.
    Job well done, hissweetheart. You were courageous to pull such an act, but it was worth the challenge. Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. hissweetheart said,

    Nader, if Hope’s dad is not man enough to fulfill his promise then I am woman enough to do that. I will be his worst nightmare trust me 😛

    Thanks a lot for the encouraging words of yours.

    Welcome to my blog, feel free to drop a line whenever you like 😉

  5. PaLoMiNo said,

    OMG i’m in tears… 7abeebti walla ma testahil what she is going through 😦

    alla eysahel 3alyha enshala o ya36ech 3ala gad neytch ya rab :*

  6. hissweetheart said,

    Only if God says so 😉

    Thanks for the sweet prayers of yours

    Welcome abroad to my blog girl ;D

  7. [[[ x Smiley x ]]] said,

    wow subhanAllah, tis a sad story but the end is wonderful.

    mashAllah u handled that with so much care and love. Very brave of you 🙂
    may Allah Almighty reward you. Ameen.

  8. hissweetheart said,


    Welcome to my blog sweetie 😉

    And ameen for you prayers, I really appreciate it ;D

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