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October 10, 2008 at 10:02 pm (Uncategorized)

I woke up late today though I slept early “Early is 4 am” for me lol. I had a shitty night crying until I got tired and slept. When my mood is a shitty one, my anger arises. I had a fight with mom and was acting so stupid. I was shouting, it wasn’t me I am sure. It was the bad me 😦

5 minutes later, my sister called telling that she is outside and that we are heading to Bahrain. I know we are going here because I have been nagging over the passed month about it but hey, I just woke up!! I don’t want dinner but a cup of coffee will serve me right!!

We left and we were pleased that King Fahd Bridge wasn’t crowded at all!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Oh, do you remember the acccident that happened last Monday on Bahrain’s Bridge? If not, then I am telling you. Last Monday on King Fahd Bridge, one of the  big fans in the bridge’s ceiling fell down on two Bahrain visiotrs and caused the death of one soul and left the second one with severe damages, partial coma they say. Surprisingly, they moved the fans. I was like WTF, they are being removed only when it caused tragedy and loss of souls for God’s sake!!

Our journey began with a movie at the theater. My sisters and I were reluctant on which movie to watch. We had plenty.

The 1st was “Eagle Eye” casted by Shia Labeouf and Michellemonghan.





The second was “Wild Child”.


The third was “Mama Mia”.


The fourth was “Love Guru”.


My choice was the 1st. First its timing was convenient. Secondly, my heart chose it lol. We ordered our usual hot drinks, asked for it to be delivered and went inside a half hour earlier before the movie starts. We enjoyed watching some movies’ trailers. When the movie was about to start we were interrupted by the “tickets guy” telling us that we are sitting in the wrong seats. I was shocked but quiet but my sister didn’t keep her mouth shut. I didn’t want to make a fus when the movie has just started for God’s sake!!

The “Tickets Guy” was followed by three Saudi guys whose seated were we taken. Those effing guys didn’t even have a second though about it because we were three girls God damn it!! Weren’t they supposed to feel shameless for asking us to move or that kind of guys exist only in Utopia!!

I was keeping my mouth shut but I knew if I knew it wasn’t our mistake to sit in the wrong row. First, there wasn’t even a “Ticket Guy” when we entered the hall. My cousin went and called him to let us in. Otherwise we could have done it ourselves without going back to him!! Secondly, the theater’s lights were off when we entered, there wasn’t even a guy with flashlight to guide us. So, we figured out that the seat we were sitting on was the 4th not the 5th since it was really dim.

Sorry Mr.Unknown because I stepped on your feet and was about to fall on you causing your juice to get spilled on your Armani T-Shirt lol. I apologized a lot and he was just giving me those seducing smiles lol. We succumbed and headed to our right row. Before we sat, we were shocked one of us have to sit next to a guy. My sister was WTF. I was laughing telling them that I can sit next to him, he is just and old guy lol. My niece Jana said she will and there she went.

The movie was really awesome. I enjoyed it to the fullest though the guy behind me was laughing like crazy everytime I almost jump out of my seat whenever an explosion occurs lol.. I advise you all to watch it. 

The movie was over and then we decided to my favorite restaurant “Al-Abraj” in Ally Mall. I was craving for their chicken steak. We really enjoyed the food and I took some pics for you 😉

That’s what I was craving lol. Try it with their sweet sauce. It’s awesome. I am already missing it!!

That’s my sister’s dish. It’s called Chicken Keiv. Chicked stuffed with cheese with mushroom sauce on top.

After dinner, we headed back home. We didn’t spend long time there because my niece has her 1st day at the Kindergarten tomorrow “as if we don’t have work” lol.

On the way back to Saudi, I called my youngest sister who told me that mom is upset because of me. I really felt bad that I almost cried. I hate it when anger controls me!! I am a calm person by nature but when I get angry, I become blind!! My mom is the only person who is left to me in this earth after dad. I aways try my best not to fight with her. I don’t do that I swear but I guess it’s anger management issue. Anyways, I reached home, kissed her hair and told her that I am stupid, idiot, dumb, cow, donkey and whatever it is. She smiled and said don’t say that about yourself. I was really glad she forgave. Gosh, I hate the bad me 😦

On a brighter note, my superviosr who was ignoring me called me two days ago. He was like “I am so sorry I haven’t replied to you but I have been busy like a bee,”. He promised to solve it and get back to me with  good news. Two days passed and he didn’t call. Before I left to Bahrain I sent him a message telling him that if my courses problem is not solved then I am not going to work. I can’t go to work like a stupid knowing nothing about my schedule. Afew hours later he called telling me that my classes have been reduced to 3 sessions and that I am officially now “The Department’s Supervisor. YAAAAAAY ;D. I guess it’s  all because of the “New me” at work lol. Well, I have been always playing the obedient employee role. “Ok” “I will surely do it” have been always my answers!! However, work as it’s the biggest teacher ever taught me that was just “Stupidity”. It took me a long time to discover it but I learnt my lesson people lol


P.S. Tomorrow is my 1st day back to work. I am not even prepared. I am just having fun blogging lol. And yeah, if you have seen any of the movies above and you recommend any, please drop a line 😉



  1. Hind said,

    I enjoyed reading your post 😀
    I would’ve watched Mamma Mia! I’ve read/heard a great deal about it and I can’t wait to see it. And ooh I miss Bahrain 😦
    The food looks yummy 😀 even though I’m craving coffee now but I don’t mind having one of those chicken steaks with it. Yum ;p

    Good luck 🙂

  2. Scribbler said,

    have fun at work… and about your mom i’m sorry to hear that happened… just make it up to her 🙂 7aram mama 😦

  3. Aafke said,

    I haven’t seen any of these movies: I have a really bad taste in movies, I like lots of fighting, blood and gore, good against evil, good wins, evil loses!
    What a stupid situation in the cinema. Here the seats are olmost always free, I like to be able to choose my place, and I like to go to older movies, so there will be less people, so I don’t have to sit next to strangers.

    Congrats on your new job hours! You did well!

  4. hissweetheart said,

    You’re such a strawberry pie 😉

    I have second thoughts about Mama Mia but then changed my mind lol. I will be watching it soon

  5. His Sweetheart said,


    Work was totally funless!!

    Yeah, I am making it up all 😉

  6. hissweetheart said,

    Welcome to my world sweet pie 😉
    Yeah, moving from one seat to another especially at the beginning of the movie was a put down!!

    Thanks sweetie 😉

  7. Mina said,

    I woulda gone to Mamma Mia heard its really good:P
    Though they say its not for the faint hearted…

    Chicken Keiv is really yuuum…Good luck at work hope things go smooth for you!!!

  8. hissweetheart said,


    Thanks sugar pum 😉

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