Love me!!

October 29, 2008 at 7:58 am (Uncategorized)

On another note, my brother’s wife to be said YES ;D. I knew it, she won’t find a guy like him. He is my brother, an Angel like me you know 😉



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Engagement to be!!

October 26, 2008 at 3:34 pm (Uncategorized)


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I miss him. I swear I do :(

October 23, 2008 at 5:22 pm (Uncategorized)

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I am bleary, dead, drained, exhausted, rundown, spent, tired out :(

October 20, 2008 at 8:05 pm (Uncategorized)


My dear bloggers, sorry for being somehow away, inactive, or maybe withdrwan. I am just having a very difficult time at work. Nothing related to me but the environment and the corruption happening in front of my eyes. Do you remember my post about my boss being a good guy. Well, still he is but when it comes to management, he is ZERO able to reform anything around and he can be easily manipulated by the bad asses at work!!

I can’t bear hypocrites and double faced people AT ALL!! I have these two workers at work, I won’t say pals or colleagues because I don’t and won’t ever consider them so. Let me tell you about these two workers “Z” and “F”.

“F” SMELLS!! Yes, she smells and her smell acts like insence in the room. Can you imagine that!! She is sharing the office with me along with my friend “N”. Can you believe how it kills me when she comes and talks to me with her face stuck at my face while she smells from everywhere!! I SWEAR, from everywhere. Shall I define where!! I can’t believe it!! She is a girl for God’s sake and she is MARRIED!! How the hell does her husband tolerates such odors!! I am sure he has no smelling sense at all!! Ewwww, how can they get intimate!! This lady is someone who opposes me in everything starting from the way she deals with people and her attitude as well. She is the kind of person who keeps on bragging about things she did or pretended she did. However, these things are the silliest and are mostly related to boosting and showing off!!

That “Z” lady is someone I disgust!! Gosh, I hate her guts! First let me tell you something, she doesn’t smell BUT she is a messy person!! Her used tissues, papers, and dirty cup of coffee is something that makes me lower my head in shame whenever people stop by our office!! “N” my friend and I are lost in the middle with such two disgusting ladies!! Oh, I forgot to tell you that “Z” is in her fourties yet, her mind is that of a 6 years old girl. I am not here to stab her on the back because I would do that in front of her and I am actually doing that!!

Don’t misjudge me, I am not rude or an enemy but there is something you have to know about me. When I hate or don’t like someone “I must have the strongest reasons to do that”, I can’t act hypocrite and treat such people as if I am in love with them!! My friends always say that when I meet such people, a writing on my forhead appears saying “I hate you, can’t you see that you ass”!!

I have a lot to say about these two bitches, I might write that in another post!!

My blog readers, what can you do to solve “smelly” people’s problem!! She comes to work with her hair wet but still smelly!!


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Cruelty of step-moms!! I have always thought it stopped!!

October 16, 2008 at 9:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Wednesday, 16-10-2008 will be a memorial day for me. It’s one of the days that made me shed tears of joy and laughter mixed with anger and agitation.

The story started with a mother whom I have known since last year because her daughter is one of our students.  Just by looking at her face, you will be able to perceive a very deep sadness inside her weak heart. Her eyes could tell you of the million gloomy, sorrowful and downhearted stories she has been living ever since she got married to her husband who is her ex now. Her melancholic voice forces you to cry even if you’re living your happiest and the most delighted days ever.

I will call her daughter “Hope” because this girl never gives up. The story started with Hope’s mom and dad getting divorced years ago and Hope’s being in her step mom’s custody. All court visits were useless and the judge being so blind assigned Hope to be living with her dad except for a yearly visit to her mom which lasts for two or three months.

Hope joined our university by secret since her step mom is against it because it is her dream is to pursue her education. Her mom made an arrangement with a colleague of mine and I not to let anybody know about this and never to go back to her dad at all. The mom used to pay Hope’s fees by herself though it was hard for her to afford any but she has never given up.  Since Hope lives with her step mom, it was very difficult for her to attend the classes whilst keeping it a secret.

The idea was to tell her dad and step mom that she has to go for a regular check up. Every time she has a class, she would run back home whenever the class is finished with whatever medicine it is she buys from the nearest drugs store.  Hiding it couldn’t last longer and soon she was discovered. Her mom had to receive many bad names, swearing, and threatening just to let her daughter continue her bachelor degree. After a long fight, the dad being manipulated by his step mom agreed on letting Hope continue. With all the tough time she has faced, she finished her year successfully with excellent grades.

Yesterday, her mom came to my office crying telling me that Hope is feeling awfully dispirited and heavy –hearted. The reason was that her step mom kept on nagging over Hope’s dad that money is being spent carelessly over Hope’s education Moreover, she said that females should be staying at home only to be prepared for marriage. I was devastated to hear that and was hopeless on what to do with that depressed and blue crying mom. She said she has tried her best and so did her family members to convince Hope’s dad to let her continue her education but there was no avail.

Since registration fees are to be deducted after each week after the start of the new semester, she came to apply for a “drop” for this semester and said that she will be paying the rest of the fees just to keep Hope’s dad’s mouth shut for a while.

I couldn’t bear seeing her so melancholic and desolate and so an idea popped in my mind. I told her that I can call Hope’s dad and try to persuade him with a thought in my mind.  The idea was to call him and question about Hope’s absence for a week so far. Moreover, complimenting about Hope’s intellectuality and good manners plus offering some kind of partial scholarship.

The following conversation occurred between Hope’s dad and I:

Me: “Good morning,”

Hope’s dad: “Good morning,”

Me: “This is ….. the supervisor of….. hope I am not bothering you Sir,”

Hope’s dad:  ” Oh, hi. No, it’s OK, anything I can do for you Ms…,”?

Me: “Thanks a lot for welcoming me. I don’t want to make it any longer to you but I am calling regarding Hope,”

Hope’s dad: “……”

Me: “Well, Hope has been absent for a week now and I have been wondering if everything is OK since she hasn’t missed a class at all last year,”.

Hope’s dad: “Yeah, I am sorry I was in Riyadh and got busy and Hope is registering in other courses,”

Me: “Strange!! She came to me a month ago and I advised her on which courses to register and she was extremely enthusiastic about it, anything I can solve Mr.….,”?

Hope’s dad: “…….,” He is silent because he is a big lair. Nothing like that happened at all.

Me: “I want to seize this chance and express my sincere thanks to you and Hope’s mom for brining up such an intelligent and polite student,”

Hope’s dad: “………,”

Me: “By the way, how many hours have Hope completed so far,”?

Hope’s dad: “Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I am sorry I don’t know. “That just indicates how responsible he is!!

Me: “Moreover, Hope was nominated by ….. of the university that she will get a partial scholarship which will extend to full paid scholarship if she pursued her excellent GPA and I don’t want her to miss that since she is one of our outstanding students,”.

Hope’s dad: “ Ms…, I am more than honored to hear such words, I promise you Hope will be back to the university by next week,”

Me: “I am glad to hear that everything is Ok and can’t wait to see her back to receive her books and catch up with her missed lectures,”

Hope’s dad: “Don’t worry; she will be by your office by Saturday,”

Me: “Thanks a lot Mr…, goodbye,”

Hope’s dad: “Goodbye and thanks again,”

Hope’s mom was beside me listening to every single thing that happened between Hope’s dad and I with tears streaking down her cheeks.

I stood up and yelled saying” Hope will be baaaaaaaaaaaaack”.

Hope’s mom fell down on her knees and started praying and thanking God for listening to her prayers. 

She came running towards me and hugged me so tight. I started crying like crazy. That made her cry more but I was touched, I couldn’t hide my tears.

Her prayers for me meant the world to me. She reminded me of my dad and his warm hugs.

 True, some people lament over the loss of their dads but some people wish death for their dads because of the cruel treatment they receive. Every single thing that happens in this world occurs for a reason whether it was a good or a bad thing. Don’t act as if the world stopped, say thanks God for all things you have been giving me.

Hope, keep that bright view of yours and moreover, keep on hoping 😉


See you soon

His Sweatheart


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Have you heard of “copy cats”!! I thought I did but not until now!!

October 14, 2008 at 6:05 pm (Uncategorized)



I leave it up for you!!               

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The Best Political American Caricature

October 11, 2008 at 9:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Well said Arabs!! Hope it’s more than a saying!!

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Me Bahraining

October 10, 2008 at 10:02 pm (Uncategorized)

I woke up late today though I slept early “Early is 4 am” for me lol. I had a shitty night crying until I got tired and slept. When my mood is a shitty one, my anger arises. I had a fight with mom and was acting so stupid. I was shouting, it wasn’t me I am sure. It was the bad me 😦

5 minutes later, my sister called telling that she is outside and that we are heading to Bahrain. I know we are going here because I have been nagging over the passed month about it but hey, I just woke up!! I don’t want dinner but a cup of coffee will serve me right!!

We left and we were pleased that King Fahd Bridge wasn’t crowded at all!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Oh, do you remember the acccident that happened last Monday on Bahrain’s Bridge? If not, then I am telling you. Last Monday on King Fahd Bridge, one of the  big fans in the bridge’s ceiling fell down on two Bahrain visiotrs and caused the death of one soul and left the second one with severe damages, partial coma they say. Surprisingly, they moved the fans. I was like WTF, they are being removed only when it caused tragedy and loss of souls for God’s sake!!

Our journey began with a movie at the theater. My sisters and I were reluctant on which movie to watch. We had plenty.

The 1st was “Eagle Eye” casted by Shia Labeouf and Michellemonghan.





The second was “Wild Child”.


The third was “Mama Mia”.


The fourth was “Love Guru”.


My choice was the 1st. First its timing was convenient. Secondly, my heart chose it lol. We ordered our usual hot drinks, asked for it to be delivered and went inside a half hour earlier before the movie starts. We enjoyed watching some movies’ trailers. When the movie was about to start we were interrupted by the “tickets guy” telling us that we are sitting in the wrong seats. I was shocked but quiet but my sister didn’t keep her mouth shut. I didn’t want to make a fus when the movie has just started for God’s sake!!

The “Tickets Guy” was followed by three Saudi guys whose seated were we taken. Those effing guys didn’t even have a second though about it because we were three girls God damn it!! Weren’t they supposed to feel shameless for asking us to move or that kind of guys exist only in Utopia!!

I was keeping my mouth shut but I knew if I knew it wasn’t our mistake to sit in the wrong row. First, there wasn’t even a “Ticket Guy” when we entered the hall. My cousin went and called him to let us in. Otherwise we could have done it ourselves without going back to him!! Secondly, the theater’s lights were off when we entered, there wasn’t even a guy with flashlight to guide us. So, we figured out that the seat we were sitting on was the 4th not the 5th since it was really dim.

Sorry Mr.Unknown because I stepped on your feet and was about to fall on you causing your juice to get spilled on your Armani T-Shirt lol. I apologized a lot and he was just giving me those seducing smiles lol. We succumbed and headed to our right row. Before we sat, we were shocked one of us have to sit next to a guy. My sister was WTF. I was laughing telling them that I can sit next to him, he is just and old guy lol. My niece Jana said she will and there she went.

The movie was really awesome. I enjoyed it to the fullest though the guy behind me was laughing like crazy everytime I almost jump out of my seat whenever an explosion occurs lol.. I advise you all to watch it. 

The movie was over and then we decided to my favorite restaurant “Al-Abraj” in Ally Mall. I was craving for their chicken steak. We really enjoyed the food and I took some pics for you 😉

That’s what I was craving lol. Try it with their sweet sauce. It’s awesome. I am already missing it!!

That’s my sister’s dish. It’s called Chicken Keiv. Chicked stuffed with cheese with mushroom sauce on top.

After dinner, we headed back home. We didn’t spend long time there because my niece has her 1st day at the Kindergarten tomorrow “as if we don’t have work” lol.

On the way back to Saudi, I called my youngest sister who told me that mom is upset because of me. I really felt bad that I almost cried. I hate it when anger controls me!! I am a calm person by nature but when I get angry, I become blind!! My mom is the only person who is left to me in this earth after dad. I aways try my best not to fight with her. I don’t do that I swear but I guess it’s anger management issue. Anyways, I reached home, kissed her hair and told her that I am stupid, idiot, dumb, cow, donkey and whatever it is. She smiled and said don’t say that about yourself. I was really glad she forgave. Gosh, I hate the bad me 😦

On a brighter note, my superviosr who was ignoring me called me two days ago. He was like “I am so sorry I haven’t replied to you but I have been busy like a bee,”. He promised to solve it and get back to me with  good news. Two days passed and he didn’t call. Before I left to Bahrain I sent him a message telling him that if my courses problem is not solved then I am not going to work. I can’t go to work like a stupid knowing nothing about my schedule. Afew hours later he called telling me that my classes have been reduced to 3 sessions and that I am officially now “The Department’s Supervisor. YAAAAAAY ;D. I guess it’s  all because of the “New me” at work lol. Well, I have been always playing the obedient employee role. “Ok” “I will surely do it” have been always my answers!! However, work as it’s the biggest teacher ever taught me that was just “Stupidity”. It took me a long time to discover it but I learnt my lesson people lol


P.S. Tomorrow is my 1st day back to work. I am not even prepared. I am just having fun blogging lol. And yeah, if you have seen any of the movies above and you recommend any, please drop a line 😉

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Me blabbering

October 8, 2008 at 6:52 pm (Uncategorized)


Am I feeling blue?

Am I feeling down?

Am I just overreacting?

I am really lost. I have different floods of feelings inside me. Yet, I don’t know what is wrong!!

I have many things occupying my mind. I am not sure whether my sad mood is related to any!!

1. My work  is moving to another place. It’s nearer to my house more than the previous location yet, I am not feeling happy about it!! Worse is yet to come I am sure. i know its conditions!!

2.My best friend has been acting weird lately. I have tried my best to be in the picture. Sometimes I feel she opens up to me. Sometimes, I feel we are not that close anymore. She has been sick for a long time. She thought she was getting better but yesterday she texted me saying she is bedridden!! Is it the reason or I am just looking for excuses for her!!. She is traveling to Egypt next Sunday. I was planning for lots of hangouts but now she is traveling 😦

3. My supervisor has been acting weird as well. I know this guy very well. If he kept on hiding, it means a catastrophe is in the way. My 6th sense was just telling the truth. He called and told me about my classes. I was shocked to know the number!! GOSH, 6 classes for God’s sake, each contains 30 students!! Was he effing serious when he thought about this!! I waged in anger and simply burst out in him. He said he will talk to my manager and update me about it. It has been two days till now and he didn’t call!! I called, don’t think I didn’t. I did but his phone was either busy or waiting!!

I am back to work on Saturday. Though I am workaholic but I need more vacation. Half of my vacation was me being ill.

I slept at 8 AM last night or let’s say last morning lol. Why, I stumbled upon this blog for a Kuwaiti girl called “Flana”. She wrote a story about her love story with Flan. She writes beautifully. The story is not over yet. Till now, it’s in her 14th chapter. As crazy as I am, I read all the 14th chapters this morning ;D. No regrets at all except that I will suffer because of my messed up sleeping habits when I am back to work ;D.

I am going to Bahrain this Friday. I can’t wait to see a decent movie. Social of course. I wish I won’t end up with a cartoon movie 😉

My niece Yum Yum “Maryam” has started crawling. Awww, she looks really adorable. I call her “Yum Yum Table” since she is always climbing our dining room’s table lol


P.S. Don’t you think that this pic is very cute ;D? It’s my niece Jana. I adore this shot

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Extreme makeover-Home Edition

October 6, 2008 at 3:09 am (Uncategorized)

This show is by far is the best show ever!!

It’s never about stupid love stories, or never endless episodes of nonsense drama!!

It’s about bringing up a smile to a child, mom, dad, and a whole family!!

Such shows should be given awards instead of silly and idiotic movies and never ending series!!

The host, Ty Pennington is the most amazing man in earth every girl could dream of!! A sensitive, affectionate, compassionate and creative for real!!

A family that has faced hardship has their house completely rebuilt while they are being sent to a 7 days vacation. The usual approach is to tear down the house and redisign it according to the family’s will!! Each family member is to be asked individualy about his dream room annd abra kadabra, it’s done but on a way that exceeds the  human expectations.

The construction is accomplished with the help of a large army of blue-shirted volunteers and a wide array of sponsor-donated products and services.

The family memmbers are to be back after a week with a long bus awaiting in front of the surprise house. Ty comes to welcome and then the best part comes. They all start shouting:

Bus driver, move that buss, move that buss!!

A fairytale dream house is shown and a scene of laughter and tears is drawn in the family’s faces.

I have watched many episodes myself and enjoyed every single bit though I end up crying from the start till the end.

The family that affected me most was “The Byers family”. It consisted of the parents, 2 boys and a little girl. The 8 years old girl was diagnosed with brain tumor since she was 6 years old. Just the idea of a person suffering from cancer makes me shiver then how about a little girl.

What made me love this family more was that the girl herself “Jenessa, aka Boey” had a very strong will and an incridible determination to resist and fight cancer like I have never seen or heard of before even in adults!!

Even in her pain due to the chemotherapeutic treatment, she would run to the other cancer kids in the hospital and calm them by giving them bears and stuffed animals.

After the chemotherapeutic treatment, two months passed with no symptoms of the disease whatsoever. Her hair grew back beautiful and soft like before. She started feeling normal again and able to play with her brothers and her neighbors in the yar or even run. However, her happiness didn’t last. The cancer was back again!! She was devastated with the news that she even prayed for death!!

Ty, as gentle and kinder-hearted person as always heard her message and made her dream of a clean house come true.

Every minute in this episode is worth watching so, don’t waste it!!


Afew months later, in December 28th, 2007, an Angel came and called her name. He took her by her hand and said “Your place is ready, in Heaven above,”.

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