My new boss!!

September 4, 2008 at 2:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Last night, I was talking to a friend of mine, Bassem Kurdi, about the three bosses I have witnessed so I thought of writing it down in my blog!!

The first one was Dr.H. He was truly a great guy that taught me alot. I can never forget his call three years ago to offer me the job I am having now. He didn’t even interview me but as he said he admired my American accent and my enthusism through the phone only!!

It was 3 months only after dad’s death so I wasn’t in the mood for anything new to take place especially a new career!! His words were gentle and sweet enough to ease my pain a bit. I agreed and started working for him. By time, his daughter became one of my closest friends and his wife became one of my mom’s friends too. A few visits at each other’s home took place too and so the friendship got stronger and stronger!!

I spent 2 years with him having a blast. I was really spoiled you can say but that was because I am a very hard worker who mastered all works in no time though most of it wasn’t related to me even!! The bad news came when I heard hat he was resigning!! He didn’t deny it but I didn’t think it would be so quick!!

He left but before called me asking me to take lots of care of myself and to be careful from the new manager. He asked me to treat him so officially and that contacting him via emails will be the best for me!! I said I will and thanked him for everything he gave and did to me me.

My other colleagues were in touch with him but I wasn’t!! He was somehow disappointed and he might have felt that I was talking to him merely because I needed something!! I swear I wasn’t. I was hurt and that’s the thing he didn’t know. I felt that I lost my dad for the second time by losing him but I didn’t tell him so nor anybody else.

The new boss arrived and I wish he never did. Dr.S was and I am saying was because things have changed was a guy in his late 50s. The first thing we knew about him was that he is married to four ladies. Saudi, another Saudi, Moroccab, Malaysian. We then heard that he divorced the latter with the purpose of marring a British one!!

It wasn’t that only. We never felt secured with him. I remember once my friend was really bored at work when she googled his name!! The result was socking!! This effing boss had a scandal that everybody can look up in goggle!! I was the one feeling a sense of insecurity mostly because many incidents happened between us.

The first thing was when I was talking to him on the phone about a problem at work when he told me that he can never forget my voice ever and he can distinguish it from all females voices!!!I was shocked and got mute that time!!

 The second thing was the way he used to close the emails he sent to me. Instead of writing “Best Regards”, he wrote “Keep In Touch!! That really shocked because I know all about business emails or letters. However, I lied to myself saying that he is ignorant!!

The third was when I was checking my MSN at work because i couldn’t log in to my email. I was really horrified to see an add on MSN. YES, it was from him!!  rushed to two of my colleagues and I noticed that they had adds also!! I was really angry and decided to talk to him and ask him why the effing you added me!! However, my friends asked me not to do that fearing that things might turn on us and that we are GIRLS!!

The fourth was when I was attending a meeting. I usuall uncover but because I wasn’t comfortable with him, I had my “lathma” on. The 2nd time we had a meeting, I was really tired so I decided to cover. When I entered the conference room, he was like “Who are you,”!! I was like I am “Sawsan,” So he was like ” Oh sorry but, I couldn’t recognize you with the cover!!!!!!!!!!

 I forgot to tell you that he had his vacation at the end of the August. He called my colleague at work and was telling her that he is traveling!! She wished him a safe flight but was shocked when he said “You know “F”, I am going to Turkey to see Lamees from the Turkish series” Sanawat Al-Dayaa'”!!! I was like WTF is going on inside his mind!! I swear if I were her, I would have said “Oh, I don’t blame you, all teenagers are going there merely to see Lamess so it’s a natural phenomena Dr.FUCKING S,”!!!

Things became worse and we ended up complaining about to the managers manager who promised to kick his ass out because he had seen things himself from this phsychic horny boss!!

I had August as my vacation. So, while I was vacationing, I was told the happies news ever!! We have got a new boss and hopefull that phsychic is to be kicked out!! I was really flying out of happiness!!

A week ago, my vacation was over and I wentback to work. I was my first time to talk to dr.M on the phone!! I swear I felt a sense of calmness crawling inside me from the way he greeted me!! He was such a gentle guy who was talking in a very formal way!! I usually say “Mar7ba” whenver I answer my pgone calls but with him I felt obliged to say “Alsalam Alaikom”!!! I felt it was impolite to say “Mar7ba” to him!! moreover he is an old guy who is really serious at work which is totally my type!!


Dear Dr.M,

I am really glad to work under your supervision. I know it has been afew days only since I talked to you, not even me you in person but I am really thanking God every minute for having you as my boss!! I am really honored to have you.

P.S. thanks god for sending me an angel not a boss!!


See ya later

His Sweetheart



  1. HishMaj said,

    great going!

    dont worry, there are many Dr. Ss (“phsychic horny boss(es)”) everywhere and you arent the only one.

    its high time for everyone to go against such bosses, no matter if you are a male or a female. isnt there something called workers’ rights??

  2. hissweetheart said,

    There should be one like that but howcome we are never introduced to it!!
    It’s my 2nd career and I have never been told that I have the right to complain about my boss if something worong or illeagal was going on!!

  3. Bassem said,

    awwwwwwwww you mentioned me looool

    Good thing that horny boss of yours is gone now… but maybe the new one is a different kind of horny playing the angel and good guy role 😛 j/k don’t freak out

    Inshallah he’ll be good to you and all your colleagues 🙂 it’s very hard to perform well at work if you don’t feel comfortable in your work environment

    and well HishMaj there’s simply no such thing as workers rights here 😛

  4. hissweetheart said,

    Thanks Dr.Mean with ongoing evilish thought LOL

    I thoguht you were telling Hishmaj that we do have workers rights and I was just going to shoot you dead in no time ;D

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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