May I??

August 28, 2008 at 6:53 pm (Uncategorized)

Sorry my dear readers but may I get a moment please?!!


Thanks alot, I am way better now!!

It has been a burden  and I really need to take it off from my chest!!

Allow me to ask one question please. What would you feel if your bestest friend forgets your birthday!! Not once, twice but thrice!!!

“T” and I have known each other for four years now. I am the type of a romantic girl who knows that remebering birthdays is a great event at least for me and for the people I have knwon. I used to be the 1st one to celebrate her birthday with cards, messages, emails and send her gifts as well.

She forgets my birthday every year and I forgive her also. I have deicded not to feel gloomy about it. I didn’t last year. Moreover, I am the one who reminded her with it in a way or two just to save her the embarrassment of not remembering such an event that occurs once a year only!!

A few days ago, we were on the phone when I asked her where are you? She said I am buying a cake. I was like a cake!! What’s the occassion? She said ” A cake that contains 26 candles on top of them,”!!

I was lauhging hysterically. I didn’t believe my ears!! She was laughing too saying;

” Yeah, 26 sweet candles,”!!

I remember calling “A” who is a dear friend of mine too  telling her how I didn’t remind “T” of my birthday this year but it seems she will remember it bcause of the cake even. She was happy for me too.

Today, I went shopping with my sisters. We were waiting for our food to arrive when she called. She greeted me and I greeted her back. We were chitchatting when I told her jokingly “You know “T”, I am 26 today,”!!  Put in mind that before I said it, I intended not to be angry at her for not remembering my birthday. She was like “Oooh nice, nice” and by the way Susu and since we are on the line,”Could you please tell me where is the location of..,”?

I was shocked!! I kept quiet for afew seconds and then I realized that I was crying!! She didn’t even wish me a happy birthday!! Instead she was asking about a certain place!! I am sure she didn’t even notice that I was crying. I was like “I donno though I totally know”!! I was burning inside out!! She was like “Ok, I gotta hang up now,” I interrupted her saying “I am the one who wants to hang up now,”. She was like “why,” I said nothing, I just don’t wanna continue this conversation,”. I was trying my best not to show that I am upset so I asked her “When are you getting back home,”. She was like “NEVER,” in a very angry tone!! I said “Fine,” and so she said “Yeah, like everytime, you start fights,”!!

It’s my freaking birthday for God’s sake!! I asked for nothing but a birthday wish!! Howcome I never forget you birthday and make it a great event!!

I was really surprised how many colleagues and friends of friends sent me birthday wishes. I really felt joy and was jumping out of happiness. Thanks everybody!!


I guess I have to get used to “T” not remembering my birthday otherwise I am gonna end up crying in m birthday instead of feeling cheerful  😦 😦



  1. sawsan said,

    i like your blog 😉

  2. 8bitsofcoffee said,

    Aww shikes =/ you may, you may!
    People are different, some will and some won’t remember your brithday. It’s not related to how important you are to them, it’s just doesn’t fall under the must-do category, you know? Think of all the times ‘T’ was there for you? Friendship isn’t about remembering birthday’s or anniversary’s, it’s about being who you are and being accepted for it, even loved for it. T doesn’t need to remember your birthday to love you.
    Lower your expectation, better yet don’t expect anything from anyone. Trust me that when they do remember it, it will feel so wonderful, and if they don’t then there’s no bother, you weren’t expecting it in the first place.
    And please don’t compare, life isn’t about tit-for-tat. You give for yourself, never expect to recieve. Life would hurt so much less this way. Dissapointment is a killer.
    When you love someone don’t hold back and they won’t hold back in their own special way 🙂
    Mum would properly pitch in right about now and would tell you not to listen to me, bas al7amdillah she doesn’t even know where the on button is 😛

    Happy birthday once again 😀

    hehe and I’m sorry for blabbering on and on 😛 Just your luck! Stuck with an insomniac as a blog reader 😛 hehe

  3. big pearls said,

    Happy freaking Birthday:)

  4. eshda3wa said,

    maybe to her birthdays are not that big of a deal..
    so you should start to enjoy urs
    and not make a big deal out of hers!

  5. hissweetheart said,

    Thanks sweetie ;D

  6. hissweetheart said,

    I don’t usually compare but I was upset I guess. I got used to not expecting it from her but I was pissed off because she altered the conversation in a totally different way!!

    I am not mad anymore. It’s just that I was cheerful shopping, who doesn’t ;D?

    Wise words sweetheart!!

  7. hissweetheart said,

    I don’t think it’s being not important to her more than a lousy memory lol

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