Gule Gule vacation

August 26, 2008 at 9:59 am (Uncategorized)

My vacation is ending soon. Though I am not a big fan of vacations myself since I am workaholic, I don’t feel like going back to work!!!

Moreover, my back to work will be September 1st!! I don’t mind it but what’s bothering me is that my family members will be still vacationing since they work in govermental sector!!

The 2nd reason why I am bothered is because my back to work will be the 1st day of “courses registrations” for my university students!! I am to advise almost 3000 girls on which course to register!! I love doing it because I assist them on which courses to register according to their English level. How, simply because most of them were my students. So, I advise them individually which is tripple tiresome but lovely because I really end up making them satisfied.

Last semester, I was advising with my friend N but she won’t be there because she is going to take unpaid vacation for Ramadan to stay with her sick mom. A third person who worked with us was F and she is the reason why I decided to take all the advising burden myself!! Why, listen up!!

Lots of students had problems in their courses registration because of HER. Advising is a very risky job because a single mistake will ruin everything!! She cared about how soon they will finish their studying and I was totally the opposite!!

Since the studying is in English, British English to be exact, I am very careful in choosing thier courses. Not all of the students are advance in English and so they won’t be able to pursue studying major courses with good grades!! What she did was giving the students condensed courses with one reason in mind “Finishing as soon as possible”. That way ended up with many Fs, million drops and lots lots more!!!

I don’t care if they extended their years of studying if it means having good grades!! That’s why I have decided to do it myself with no interference!!


P.S. Gule Gule is a Turkish sentence I have learned from my sweet friend Nash meaning “Good bye” ;D



  1. big pearls said,

    Enjoy the last few days of your vaccation as much as possible:)

  2. hissweetheart said,

    Thanks alot sweet thing ;p

    Sure I will

  3. Ansam said,

    yeah your vacation is almost over and Ramadan is so close by… enjoy your time to the fullest!
    I had two weeks off and it was very relaxing, I came back to very busy schedule and very busy week… just to give you an idea, a meeting at 7:30am worked till 4:10pm… had another meeting at 4:30ish that lasted over an hour, went back home… didnt have time to change and went out again with family/friends for dinner! I am EXHAUSTED :-S
    yeah… so again, take it easy and enjoy it to the fullest 😛

  4. hissweetheart said,

    Ansam God helps you sweetie!!

    It’s such a tiresome thing wallah!! However, I am sure you can handle all easily ;D

    We girls are known to be much faithful and committed to ork more than our opposite sex lol

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