See ya later

August 7, 2008 at 11:06 pm (Uncategorized)

While we were having a late dinner today at the chalet, we recieved a call regarding our flight reservations. We were supposed to travel next Sunday but the reservations were cancelled!! The onyl avaliable reservation was the one to fly TOMORROW!!!

Can you believe that!! We haven’t packed anything!! Not even shopped enough!! We have so many things that were delaying until a day before we travel!!

The wors part is that we won’t be leaving through Saudi Airline but Al-Khaleej airline which means one thing!! TRAVELING VIA BAHRAIN!!

Tmorrow is what, Friday. Friday is what? A weekened!! This month is what?  A VACATION ESPECIALLY FOR SAUDIS!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! That means spending not less than 4 hours in King Fahd Bridge!!

Add to that, we were at the chalet from the morning till night so, wait!! You are saying tomorrow as in after today!!!

We left at 11 and my sis and I started looking for opened beauty shops, girlie things you can say ;D


We started packing so quickly and we are done but I pray that we haven’t forgotten anything!!


I really feel like writing and describing but I am so exhausted and I will be leaving tomorrow noon which is considered now by the way since we entered a new day!!!


GOSH, alot for me to swallow!!!

Take care and enjoy whatever your doing


See ya soon

His sweetheart


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