August 7, 2008 at 10:57 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi everybody

It’s 1:35 and I am not asleep yet!! My family and I were in a chalet today. We had a great time and the company of my cusions made it greater. Ameer that lil boy made me day. I love his broken Arabic accent because it makes him sweeter and sweeter. He is 5 years old now and he has been living in US with his family for the passed three years.

Being at a young age like him meant not being able to master or even know afew words of his Arabic language. When he started to utter his first words, he was surrounded by Americans and so his first words were “cat” and ” dog”!! His family is spending their vacation here so it’s almost their second month here. Add to this it’s being their first vacation since they left to US for business. His 1st two weeks were a disaster!! He was feeling like being entraped in a new place, new people, and moreover new language for him!! The kids at his age were thrilled to see him but he was a bit withdrwan for not being able to communicate with them unless there was a translator around. A month passed and he started progressing. Not to mention that he was trying his ultimate best to cope and learn as much Arabic words as he can so that he would find a place for him in the picture!!

I met him twice but it was during his withdrawn period so we didn’t talk much. Today, he was totally different. He culd understand what we were saying and moreover, he could use the same context to express himself. Though, his Arabic was broken to a kid at his age but hearing him pronoucnning them was sweet I must admit.

I as well as my family members blamed his mom and dad for the big confusion he was in. We all know that being in the states as well as many English spoken countries means one thing which is, speaking the same language in your daily life. However, that didn’t mean not to speak Arabic at home since our original language is the Arabic language. True we are driven into learning foriegn languages because it is becoming a must nowadays and tru people are boosting  around with it considering it a wowing thingie but that doesn’t mean ommiting our language and totally replacing it with whatsoever language it is!!

Your opinions please?



  1. saudistepfordwife said,

    Don’t sweat it! All of my kids go through an “Arabish” phase. My oldest went to England when she was 3 and we always say, she started speaking English on a Tuesday. It was that quick! Although I’d always said EVERYTHING twice in two languages, like I’ve always done from the beginning with all my kids, she preferred Arabic till we went to England for our degrees then she switched, and preferred English. She didn’t go back and forth, it was one or the other with her. It was really hard for her to switch back to Arabic when we finished and came back to Saudia when she was age 7 and in second grade., although she went to Saudi school in England. She just liked English better.

    Now, my 2 year old son is hilarious right now. He’s late in speaking so we’re just trying to get him to say ANYTHING. I’ve kept it English only (since later I’ll be fighting to maintain his English when he’s immersed in an all-Arabic atmosphere) to prevent any further delays and we’ll add the Arabic after he starts saying actual words. Although he looks 100% Saudi and doesn’t speak yet, already you can tell there’s something un-Saudi about him when he opens his mouth. The other day at the hospital, we needed to draw some of his blood for a test. When the needle pierced his skin he yelled out, “OOOOWWWW” like an American kid not, “AAAYYY” like a Saudi kid.

    Although short-term it may seem like 2 languages are causing major issues like delays and social barriers, all these are temporary and in the end, when they’re older and have gotten past this, everyone will be happy they speak two languages so well.

  2. hissweetheart said,

    True Saudistepfordwife

    It is a huge problem for kids ESPECIALLY when they are to live in a country for a while, get used to its language .Then bomb go to anothe country and heyy start using our language otherwise you will be odd!!

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