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Not you my dearest. It’s goodbye to wordpress.

See ya at my new blog :

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I know it’s mean but I love it ;D

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My Butterfly Award

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*tra ra ra ra ra*

And the winner is *His Sweetheart*. Let’s cheer her everyboy with some of her favorite songs and on top of them “To Love a woman” by ryan Adams.

 Yahoooooooooooooo, I need a dancer people! I wanna someone to dance with while this song is playing hehe

His Sweetheart on the stage holding the mic “Thank you, thank you, I am really speechless” “I wouldn’t have gotten this award without  my twin sisters. They are the kids kisser  Zara  and the one I will meet and have lunch with one day. my sweet pie Gone Bonkers. Thank you babes, you’re the best ;D

This award has to be passed on for another ten coolest blogs. Let me choose, let me choose!

I think it’s O.K to award back the two lovely girls who awarded me, right. You better say right because I really love them 😉

So the ten coolst blogs I have seen are:

1. My bugger who stopped bugging me  😦 Zara

2. Gone Bonkers. The girl whom I am very interested to meet because I really love everything about her.

3. Another Penelope. The mysterious girl who has a very white heart and has a lot to say but doesn’t know to who.

4. bliss who is a real bliss sent from Heaven

5. Mina. A very honest and a sweet gal 😉

6.Pinkish, our doctor to be 😉

7.Lili. I really love this girl. Her blog colors are mesmerzing

8. eshda3wa. One of the coolest Kuwaiti girls I have ever known

9.Paige Green. One of the most amazing photoraphers ever ever ever.  She is never affected by stupid photoshop and computerized pictures. Her pics are simply breathtaking. She promised to take my wedding photos when I get married lol

10.Naseem is a male blogger I am getting to know. A very gentle, educated and a lovable guy. He takes amazing photos too. Naseem, check out Paige Green photos and you will fall for her trust me ;D.

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Books hunting

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One of the greatest things that happened to me lately is that I returned back into reading stronger than before. When I say stronger I mean finishing a book in 3-4 days lol.

So, so, so, two weeks ago, I finished reading “If I should Speak” by Umm Zakiyyah. Hher way of writing is simple and moreover impressing. Islam prevails in all of her books with quotes from the Quraan. The book is followed by a continuation in another book of hers called “A Voice”. She has two more books which are “Footsteps” and “Realities of Submission”.


Last week I finished reading “Alchemist”  by the famous writer Paulo Coelho. Everybody made a huge fuss about it saying that it’s the bestest book ever. I read it and would you believe me if I said it bored me?! I admit some parts of it were mesmerizing but overall, I thought it would wow me!

I read two of his writings last year and I really loved them, the latter more than the first. They were “Eleven Minutes” and “Veronika Decides to Die”. Veronika’s story will be on TV soon but I don’t think it will be any nearer to how amazing it is in the book. I am intending to read more of his work after I am done with my own readings because this author is one of a type.



Today, I have started reading “The Littler Prisoner” by Jane Elliott. Oh my God, I can’t describe how sad the story is and how tortured the poor girl is. I kept on reading it today and was choking knowing how illtreated she was with her mom aknowledging all that. I have earlier talked about another story that I read which was about the torture of a little boy here but “Little Prisoner” suffering can never be compared to it!


I have been feeling so happy today and I don’t wanna ruin my mood whatsoever. Why, it’s because a bunch of books were shipped to me from Canada by a sweet friend of mine. I can’t wait to finish “The Little Prisoner” till I read them all.

To read list are :






I wish I can finish each in one week so I can start another good read after 2 months lol.

Crazy I know ;D

P.S. Guide me to good reads please 😉

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Ya rab

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“What we think about and thank about we bring about”

I am positive I will get what I have been aiming for.

Pray for it to come true my dear friends.

Gifts will be sent to you 😉

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I have missed you, I will always do!

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Dear Dad,

It has been almost three years now. I still can’t believe you’re in a garve, away from me and your dearest family. So many new things occured after you left. You died 4 months before I moved to my new job.  3 new kids came into our family. I am sure you remember that F my sister was pregnant in her 8th month when you passed away. She was devastated after you left. She got pregnancy diabetese and the baby was in a critical situation. She didn’t care though because she cared about you only and only you! Peach came to life a month after alive and kicking. I cried a lot when she was born because you wanted to see her a lot.

She looks like you in her fair complexsion. She has your small rounded face and deep bright eyes like yours. Her hair is even soft like yours.

My nephew Mohammed came to life a year after you left. I am sure you would have loved him a lot because is so lovable, huggable and kissable. He has a great sense of humor exactly like yours!

Maryam is the latest edition to our family with her round black eyes , thick eye lashes and the most seductive laughter ever!

Peach mom is pregnant in her 4th month now, can you believe it! Oh, just a few days ago, we discovered that Maryam’s mom is pregnant as well. Maryam is still young I know, she has just started walking, I know you would have said that but it just happened!. Let’s hope it’s a baby boy this time so that she can stop.

No dad, I am still single ;). I haven’t met Mr.Right yet you can say. Do you remember when you said that my dowry will be million Riyals because I am so precious!! Do you remember telling my mom that since I was loved by your dad the most, I must be loved by everybody as well whenever she had a fight with me! Do you remember how I used to put the prayer carpet to my grandad before he even asked for it!?

Oh, M my eldest brother has finally agreed to enter the golden cage. We proposed my cousin K. The engagemnet will be in two months and we have been crazy making up ideas for it. Ahmed my brother is graduating to be a Nutrition soon and R my sister is growing up so fast!

I know it has been three years already. I admit, I finally accepted the idea of your departure and that you’re no longer here. But still, I can’t mention your name and talk about you even if I have the strongest desire to talk about you. I keep you anonymous though everybody knows I mean you! I just can’t utter the words!

Your room is still closed since that day. I can’t even look at its door when I pass there. I am still unable to sit on your armchair in the living room neither touch it. I just can’t daddy.

I gave your watch and glasses to my youngest sis R the day you died. She is really attached to them. I haven’t seen her so attached to something in my whole life ever. They still hold your smell, your touches and everything about you.

Mama is back into smiling again. Gosh, I love seeing her laugh. I even allow her to cut jokes on me whenever I go shopping just because I enjoy her laughters. She misses you the most I am sure. 40 years of marriage will never be forgettable.

I honestly didn’t believe that things will change after you left. But the thing that didn’t change is that I still consider you my biggest role model ever. You’re the book that has been nourishing me with life and will always do.

 I still miss you waking me up in the very early morning to go and have breakfast with you. I miss your knocks on my door the most whenever you know that I am upset. Your patting on my hair telling me that you love me and care about me will never be erased from my memory.

I really miss you, I miss rubbing your back when you take a shower telling me you can’t reach the buttom of your back. I know it was a line and that you just wanted me to spoil you. You deserved it alot my sweetheart.

I miss applying shampoo on your hair and making strange hairdos with it which make us both laugh hysterically. I miss ironing your thobes and perfuming you every Friday while getting ready to go to the mosque.

I would do anything, anything, anything it takes me just to have you back..!!

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Figure will not be repeated

January 7, 2009 at 7:22 pm (Uncategorized)


The title is broken English I know. However, I kept it this way on purpose because it wasn’t written by me so, it’s copy rights ;D.

A former student of mine came to my office yesterday telling me about her assignmnet. It was an essay and the topic was the following: Write an essay about a tutor you admire and explain why.

She said that I came to her mind the moment she read what is it about. She loved to share it with me to tell me that I am her biggest role model ever and that her dad gets jealous from me. I was out of words, merely speechless. I found myself hugging her and thanking her for everything.

I went home and the 1st thing I did was checking my email. I started reading it and suddenly it was raining cats and dogs. I was really touched by her sweet words and her simple way in writing which meant the world to me.

Her name is Noor and she is the sweetest thing ever. I want to make it memorable and so I am posting it here.

                                           Figure will not be repeated

      During our lives we meet many people; some of them pass in your live without leaving any memories about them or any impact. Unlike some people that you will never forget them, they forced you to remember and admire them to the rest of your live . One of these people in my live is my tutor Sawsan.

    She has a beautiful way of teaching us and make us love to learn. She taught us how to depend on our own selves . And she know how to make the lesson fun not boring by letting us participate , answer , discus issues and talk freely  with her in  the class so we don’t feel in the time with her.   

    Away from teaching she is like our friend, sister and likewise a mother. And if any one of the student ask her for advice or want her to lesion to her problem she will lesion and try to help. It is enough for me to see her smile to feel comfortable. 

     At the end I wish that some one will admire me and wrights about me . 

                      I couldn’t but reply ;D

Dear Noor,
               It’s true no one have written about you but I am sure you’re  loved. I myself admire how amazing your spirit is, how wonderful your character is, and how cooperative and loving your soul is. I can never forget your enthusiasm in my classes. You were and you’re still one of a kind. Though you’re considered an old student of mine but you still come to my office to greet me and make me happy by telling me about how good your grades are. I was really touched reading your sweet words about me. I am glad I made that lovely impact on you sweetheart. It’s you and you’re colleagues who make me this way trust me.
P.S. I will always be there for you
Thanks millions

P.S. I admit I hate my work but those girls make it the world to me  

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Honesty Tag

January 5, 2009 at 8:08 pm (Uncategorized)


I have been tagged by sweet Zara to write about  the ten honest things about me and tag another seven lucky bloggers.

1. I am a very frank person. I say whatever I see right even if the situation forces me to lie! My openness shocks people. Some consider it rudeness but hey, I don’t need to change me for their sake!!

2. I get emotional so easily. Any touching thing can make me cry. Everybody made me a chewing gum when I cried the moment our maid came hugging me saying goodbye. Call me sensitive, I will say “Honored to be,”! Sensitiveness is what makes people white-hearted.

3. I detest Egyptians. Wait, not all for I have a good Egyptian friend of mine who is pure. However, I hate their lies and hypocrisy. It’s an honest tag, right ;D?

4. I am a very optimistic person. I love to build my future with my own hands, never leave it for the way it is to be. I am very good at encouraging people not to give up and teach them how to be sanguine.

5. I am a country girl, proud to be lol. I hate the shake it, shake it music!

6. I have the widest imagination ever. My imagination is my getaway whenever I feel blue. They say dreams are for free so, why not seize the chance ;D

7. I am very romantic by nature. I am my friends escape for romantic steps and gifts as well. My hubby will be the happiest guy ever. He better watch out not to piss me off because I get easily upset.

8.  I tend to hide my feelings and keep quiet whenever someone upsets me. I choke with my own words and become unable to express my feelings. When I want to open up to my friends, I firstly text, make sure they read it and replied and then I can discuss it later.

9. I am junk food freak ;D. American fastfood is my best lover lol. Oh, I hate rice especially kabsa.

10.  Stary cats scare me the most. I freeze when seeing them next to my door. I stay like a baby doll inside my car for 20 minutes sometimes waiting for them to leave.

11. I know it says 10 but I feel like writing this. I forget and sometimes forgive those who have wronged me. Oh, I have a svery strong memory but at the same time a very losuy one when it comes to unimportant memories. My mind tend to erase things that have no value to me which piss my friends a lot lol.

I tag

Bliss, Hind. Mina, Nani-37, vixen, Fatima, another penelope


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I am Loving it

January 3, 2009 at 7:39 pm (Uncategorized)

I was hungry the other day, it was lunch time and I don’t eat rice by nature.
So I was thinking about what to order. I had many places in mind but was
thinking about the fastest in delivery. “Mcdonald’s it is,” I said. So, I grabbed
my mobile and started searching for their toll free number. I called and heard a feminine voice!!

I hung up and was like which number have I dialed!!

I called again and the same voice answered. This time I was sure it’s the right number!!
So, I was like “Hello, am I calling Mcdonald’s or what”!!
The girl:” Yeah, wanna order,”?!
Me: “@-@,”!!
The girl: “What’s your order please,”!!
Me still in shock, throws the phone at my sister and ask her to listen to the voice,”
My sister: “What, who is it,”!?
Me: “I swear I don’t know,”!
My sister: “What, you’re the one who called,”!
Me: “I know but I am sure I dialed Mcdonad’s number,”!!
My sister throws the phone at me “Deal with it,”!!
Me: “Hello,”!
The girl “Yes, this is Mcdonald’s, how can I help you,”!
Me: “Big Mac please with extra french fries,”
The girl: “O.K, thank you calling,”
Me: “You’re welcome and sorry for making it long,”!!

I hung up and shouted “Mcdonald’s has started hiring Saudi girls,”!!
I can’t believe it, does it mean Saudi is developing!! Is it no more teaching and medicine now?!

I was rally happy and decided to call later and tell her I am proud of her courage but I fell asleep lol

P.S. I  am loving you more now Mcdonald’s 🙂

P.P.S Thanks for everyone who asked bout me in my absence. This problem of getting into my wordpress lines is getting on my nerves!

P.P.P.S I will be doing the tag soon Zara ;D

P.P.P.P.S. I have missed ya!

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I am happy, happy, happy. No, flying out of happiness ;D

December 30, 2008 at 7:19 pm (Uncategorized)


My dear bloggers,


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of those who read my previous post and prayed for me. Thank you fo those who commented and thank you for those hidden readers of mine. Afew hours ago, I heard the best news ever regarding my work “hopefully the best as I wish”. Our new manager is a a very nice guy that I know. He got somehow into our university and was really supportive. My friend and I had this feeling that he will be our boss but he never confesses. Today, it was finalized horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrray ;D

*crossing fingers* Thanks God!

Did I say earlier that I love you?! Even if I said it, I will keep on saying it over and over ;D



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